Supreme Inner Alchemy Microcosmic Orbit and Sexual Alchemy (Basic, Healing Love & Tao Yin)
WEEK 2: January 13 – 19, 2019

The Basic Retreat is training for beginners and intermediate level practitioners, and those desiring a review of first essentials. During the primary meditations will be studied: Supreme Inner Alchemy Awakening Healing of the Tao, Back to the Body Wisdom (Inner Smile & Creating Cycle), Emotions Wisdom, Sex Healing Delete, Compose & Recycle Negative emotions, Love Vibration that Healing, and Loving Energy that Heals.

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Fusion of the Five Element I, Tan Tien Chi Kung and Tao Yin.
WEEK 3: January 20 – 26, 2019

The Fusion practice focuses on balancing negative and positive emotional energy and channeling the earth and universal forces using the eight forces of the Pakua. Negative energy is transformed and made to blend with positive energy which is then fused into a pearl of pure life-force energy.

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Fusion II & III and Tai Chi Chi Kung I Meditation grows & intensifies
WEEK 4: January 27, 2019 – February 2, 2019

Fusion II & III and Tai Chi Chi Kung I Meditation grows & intensifies the Good Virtue Energies forming a Compassion Pearl in the Creation Cycle using the organ colors. The student learns how to detoxify the organs and glands by opening up the Thrusting Channels; and protecting themselves forming psychic Belt Channels drawing in the Heavenly and Earthly forces.

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Tao Garden Darkroom Lesser Enlightenment of Kan & Li Creating & Building the Immortal Fetus
WEEK 1: February 3 – 9, 2019

Fusion Practice seals off body (energy) for K&L (Internal Energy Maps). K&L manages the polarity in physical plane (water & fire). Taoist Theory Of Energy Resonance Fields (Breathing in – Breathing out) from the Wu Chi to the Human.

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Tao Garden Darkroom Greater Enlightenment of Kan & Li Earth, Moon, Sun; Soul & Spirit Alchemy
WEEK 2: February 10 – 16, 2019

Greater Kan & Li Darkness Retreat (Greater Enlightenment) Prerequisites: Lesser and Greater Kan & Li
Greater Kan & Li: Always using the energy relationship of Yin and Yang inversion, activate the cauldron at the Solar Plexus these practices increase to an extraordinary degree the amount of energy that may be absorbed into the body directly from Heaven and Earth.

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Tao Garden Darkroom Greatest Enlightenment of Kan & Li Planet, Star Soul Alchemy
WEEK 3: February 17 – 23, 2019

This internal alchemy formula is Yin and Yang power mixed at a higher energy center. It helps to reverse the aging process by re-establishing the thymus gland and increasing natural immunity. This means that healing energy is radiated from a more powerful point in the body, providing greater benefits to the physical and ethereal bodies.

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Tao Garden Darkroom Pi Gu Energy Fasting Lesser Kan & Li Retreat (Chinese language)
February 24, 2019 – March 2, 2019

The practices of the Lesser Enlightenment of Kan & Li involves cleansing and rejuvenating the glands and organs using neutral energy (steam) generated by the inverting and coupling of the primal polarities of Fire and Water.

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Training in Chinese Language in Guangzhou, China from March 22 – 24, 2019

Training Schedule:
3 days workshop Taoist Basic Training: Healing Love, 6 Healing Sounds, Inner Smile & Microcosmic Orbit Meditation

CONTACT: Sunwei <>


Australian Workshop at Brisbane, Australia 2019
Thursday, March 28th , 2019 – Tuesday, April 2nd , 2019

Master Mantak Chia returns to Brisbane, Australia to teach about a practical system of self-development that enables people to complete the harmonious evolution of their physical, mental and spiritual, bodies through a series of ancient Chinese meditative and internal energy exercises. Phone: 0401584415


Master Mantak Chia Workshop at Copenhagen, Denmark 2019
April 5 – 11, 2019

Grand Master Mantak Chia is coming to Denmark. Master Mantak Chia is the founder of the Universal Healing Tao System, which taught worldwide to tens of thousands of Tao students.

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Mantak chia in Berlin, Germany – European Spring 2019
April 12 – 18, 2019

A simple basic and effective Taoist practices for transforming negative energy into positive, removing the the obstacles in your energy field. More advanced practice of transmutation of negative energy is covered the Fusion of the Five Elements.

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Master Mantak Chia Workshop at Milan, Italy 2019
April 19 – 25, 2019

After more than 20 years, Universal Tao Italy, the Association of Italian Instructors, has the honor and the pleasure of organizing the Italian tour of Maestro Mantak Chia in Italy. Maestro Mantak Chia will teach directly some of the basic practices of the Taoist internal Alchemy system, an integral part of the Universal Tao system. You will work directly on the core of the system: The Emotions, the mind, the vital energy (Chi), the body and the soul.


Mantak Chia in Paris, France – European Spring 2019
April 26, 2019 – 2 May, 2019

In correspondence to the five elemental forces in nature on Earth, there are dominant forces that affect us from other planets of our solar system. We can balance ourselves by drawing in the appropriate primordial forces from the planets: Mars—fire, Mercury—water, etc. The Tao also recognizes the eight primary forces of the universe, which include the five elements. Each of these forces is represented by a unique trigram combination of three yin and yang lines.

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May 2nd, Master Chia in Paris with Lilou Mace and will be discussing Healing Love.
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Mantak Chia visits Madrid, Spain
May 3 – 9, 2019

In Master Mantak Chia’s workshops in Madrid, the main basic Taoist practices will be learned, including the inner smile, the 6 healing sounds and the Microcosmic Orbit, and the Chi Kung Iron Shirt and Love Healing techniques (Taoist sexual alchemy), as well as such as Tan Tien Chi Kung and Tai Chi Chi Kung

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Mantak Chia Tao Workshop in Dublin, Ireland – European Spring
Friday, May 10th – Thursday, May 16th, 2019

Supreme Inner Alchemy – Basic Workshop Inner Smile, Six Healing Sound, Iron Shirt and
Sexual Alchemy – Healing Love that Heals, Cosmic Healing & Wisdom Chi Kung.

Contact: Máire Ní G


North America Spring 2019 Master Mantak Chia in Los Angeles
All workshop are 2-days, 9:30 am – 5:30pm $300, Early Bird Price is $275 Seating is limited.

May 18 – 19, 2019 Qi Gong Basics
May 20 – 21, 2019 Healing Love Practices: Energy that Heals
May 22 – 23, 2019 Stem Cell Qi Gong

Contact: David Twicken Tel 818 839 1689
Email: Email


North America Spring 2019 Mantak Chia in Portland, Oregon
Saturday, May 25th – Monday, May 27th, 2019
Master Chia has taken a long journey discovering the Tao through his adolescence, adulthood, marriage, fatherhood and retiring years to reveal these interesting, informative and intriguing nuances.

Pre-Registration Contact: Jon Weston
Tel: (503) 794-2717


Mantak Chia in San Francisco

May 31, 2019 – June 6,2019

In order to activate the Primordial Force, we need to purify the organs and learn grounding to the earth. The most powerful force that can be used to support us is the primordial force of Earth. Taoist practice is involved with the yin/yang, the PH balance of acid and alkaline. It is also the balance of negative and positive emotions. Master Mantak Chia will teach how to do this in San Francisco.


North America Spring 2019 Mantak Chia in New York City, New York

June 7 – 20, 2019

QIGONG MASTER MANTAK CHIA, author of dozens of the world’s bestselling books, videos & other educational materials on qigong and other Taoist health practices returns to New York City in 2019.

CONTACT: Sharon Smith Tel: 212-243-6771


Mantak Chia Tao Workshop in Shanghai, China
Saturday, September 07 – Monday, September 09, 2019
Wisdom inner Chi Gong & Fusion of the Five Element I

Contact: Sunwei  Email:


European Fall 2019 Taoist Workshop in Moscow, Russia
Thursday, October 03, 2019 – Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Grand-Master Mantak Chia is offering a unique opportunity to train and to learn from a living Tao Master.
Master Chia helps you to get in touch with your internal energy (Qi) and shows you how you can use it to improve your health and well-being or the health and well-being of others.



Mantak Chia in Amersfoort, Netherlands 2019
Friday, October 11 – Thursday, October 17, 2019

The Inner Smile is a practice that focuses gratitude and joy on the internal organs to resolve the physical and mental tensions that can lead to illness. Master Mantak Chia shows that the internal awareness produced by the simple yet powerful Inner Smile meditation practice flushes the organs of poisonous negative energy that may be blocking chi energy flow in order to nourish the entire body.

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Mantak Chia visits London,UK from Oct 18th – 24th, 2019

Nowadays our minds are out and overworking, our Brains are meant to control the nervous & hormone systems when they are so far out of balance it effects the whole system. The Tao discovered the Inner smile , 5 elements combined with our 5 major organs with the creating cycle while growing, developing and multiplying for more chi and optimal health.

The Columbia Hotel – The Windsor Suite
95 – 99 Lancaster Gate, London, W2 3NS


European Fall 2019 CNT Community Program in Lausanne, Switzerland
Friday, October 25, 2019 – Sunday, November 3, 2019

THIS WITH THE FOLLOWING 3 public program clicks:

● Program English    Program Deutsch     ● Program Français

Contact: Rentao Ravasio  Tel. 076-332-39-39


European Fall 2019 Taoist Workshop in Lausanne, Switzerland
Friday, October 25, 2019 – Sunday, November 3, 2019

THIS WITH THE FOLLOWING 3 public program clicks:

  • Public Program English    Öffentliches Programm Deutsch     ● Programme Public Français
  • Contact: Rentao Ravasio  Tel. 076-332-39-39


    European Fall 2019 Taoist Workshop in Constanta City, Romania
    Friday, November 01, 2019 – Thursday, November 07, 2019

    Contact: Alina Alexandrov 

    Iulian Alexandrov –  +40786963203
    Alina Alexandrov –  +40762285090


    Mantak Chia in Frankfurt, Germany, European Fall from November 8 – 12, 2019

    CONTACT: FRANKFURTER RING  Tel (49)(69) 511-555 Email:  Website:


    Taoist and Tantra: Sex, Energy & Ecstatic Love with Master Mantak Chia and Charles Muir in Friday, January 05 – Sunday, January 15, 2020 – In this seminar you will learn esoteric and exotic practices of sexual love, which transforms sex into a profound, loving meditation overflowing with energy, passion and intimacy. Now you can learn from the foremost teachers of Tantra Yoga and Taoist lovemaking as they teach the ancient secret arts of sacred sexuality from China and India.

    Early Bird Incentives booking before May 10, 2019. Complementary: Bio blood Assessment and Micro Current Therapy and 5 drawings to win a Tantra Session with our expert team of Tantra Practitioners.