Everybody is welcome to attend any or all of these workshops, but if you would like to become a Chi Nei Tsang practitioner, here’s the pathway:

For each level of CNT, you first attend the training. If you attend online, you need to find afterwards a CNT certified Teacher and practice with him/her the hands-on techniques that Master Chia taught in class. This hands-on practice can be done in 2 days, with 5 or 6 hours a day. Only after this practice can an online student begin to collect case studies.

You then need to collect a required number of cases and practice the techniques of that level. Please note that becoming a CNT 1 certified Practitioner is a prerequisite before you start any other level. If your goal is to be certified, you should start with CNT 1.

  • CNT 1 70 case studies
  • CNT 2 70 case studies
  • CNT 3 30 case studies
  • CNT 4 30 case studies
  • CNT 5 30 case studies

Example 1 : to collect 70 case studies, treat 12 people 5 times = 60 + 10 more by treating a few people once or twice

Example 2: to collect 30 case studies, treat 4 people 5 times = 20 + 10 more by treating a few people once or twice.

To collect all your case studies, we recommend finding about 20 people to treat : family, friends, close clients; each person 4 or 5 times to see results. You can massage for free or charge a small fee and explain that you are in the education process and not fully certified.

For certification After sufficient practice and collection of your case studies, you then attend the same CNT workshop a 2nd time. You must do this one live with Master Chia or another CNT Senior Instructor, because that’s when you will be evaluated for certification, along with your case studies.

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