Master Mantak Chia now teaches the Inner Alchemy Levels IV, V, VI, and VII in the Darkness Retreat facility at the Universal Healing Tao Center and Tao Master School at Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort. He taught Lesser, Greater and Greatest Kan and Li in 2002-03. Sealing of the Five Senses was added to the schedule in 2004.

Take advantage of our Darkness Retreat technology here at Tao Garden. Participants stay in the absolute darkness atmosphere during the full week(s) of their training. This yields the best results due to the natural changes in the biochemistry of the brain, the relaxed atmosphere, enhanced inner focusing and the enriched energetic atmosphere of group meditations led by Master Mantak Chia. Share the subdued excitement of experiencing newly discovered realities in an ambience of friendly camaraderie among kindred spirited participants from around the planet.

‘Dark matter’ is not dark. The “dark matter” that one encounters in the prolonged Darkness Retreat is matter that is void of charged particles and therefore cannot be seen with our normal vision. It can interpenetrate with visible matter. Think of it as ‘atoms’ which are held together by a ‘force’ other than electromagnetic force and that these ‘atoms’ are not visible to our normal vision, yet they can interpenetrate with visible atoms. Varieties of finer matter exist not only in the world without, but they exist in man also. Our subtle bodies and subtle matter are composed of various forms of uncharged “dark matter.” Time-space relationships are dependent upon the type of matter one is conscious of or experiencing. The sense of time and space associated with these various forms of subtle matter are different from that associated with visible matter.

When one acquires an awareness of his/her subtle bodies, there is light galore, but it is not the light seen with our physical body’s eyes. There are objects and scenes of magnificent beauty and distinct beings in beautiful light body form as real in appearance as people in our physical form. There are infinite fascinating possibilities that one may experience. In the Darkness Retreat you will learn and practice techniques that make it possible to experience the universe from the perspective of your subtle bodies. You can observe the “dark matter” with your “dark matter” subtle body vision. You may see within and/or beyond.

Explore your unique and wondrous possibilities within—whether it be journeying through DNA memories, having a spontaneous healing occurrence, profound emotional revelations, lucid dreaming, inner light experiences, seeing in other dimensions through the inner ‘third eye,’ or perhaps flying beyond the highest mountains and out among the stars. Fascinating and inspirational new experiences arise in Tao Garden’s comfortable ‘five star’ Darkroom Retreat accommodations.