A majestic loop out of emptiness

Darkroom Introduction 2014 Video by Master Mantak Chia

Darkroom Introduction 2017
by Master Mantak Chia

I see and feel deeply all of the time.
I hear and feel differing tones in voices.
I am sad and euphoric as I descend and climb,
hearing the most minuscule colours of one’s choices.

A hard voice reflect one’s obsession with mechanics,
as wheels are turning without displacement.
The mind reflects different jobs with all its antics.
Return to emptiness, a resounding effacement.

My ego is on the run from the Tao

My beloved ego is on the run.
It left my pure body behind
and took my sweat, a megaton
How can one, for years, be so blind?

A place in the group you shall have!
I will impose all my former visions.
Are you willing to cut my maze in half?
In no time, you can abandon all conditions.

Pure vital water has cleared my past
A new beginning honours my roots.
Motherly earth carries all, at long last.
A loving celestial fire is amongst its fruits.

Amongst fellows

I hear the rustling of heavy cloth at midday,
in an office with people and random noise.
What is above is below. I say without decay:
“The ego is a non-existing door, I am in poise.”

Impersonal beings wearing heavy coats,
they surround me and keep me awake.
Easy lost in action as the mind floats,
what is now crystal clear used to be opaque.

Light and dark in the sun and moon,
extra-ordinary life forms are reaching out.
As the heartfelt earth turns, I commune,
exalting states melt any remaining doubt.

I am your servant, suspended between;
as the heavens and the earth pull equally.
It took me 43 years to arrive here, serene.
I am amongst fellows again, in secrecy.


A requiem is a borderless happening,
a moist riverbed that used to be dry.
As a son, I used to be your father, fathoming.
The earth harmonises just in time, as I pass by.

Defend your calmness vehemently.
Others will try to throw you out of kilter
and grab your vigour dominantly.
If that happens, the inside gets bitter.

Fan your compassionate non-burning fire.
That’s what keeps the infinite gates open.
There is no other secret as you go higher
and …respect your own smile. It’s unspoken.

Kind regards
Stefan Lux

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