Dear Master Chia

I was in Chiang Mai recently to research the use of technology by Traditional Practices and was fortunate to have Mr. Dennis Huntington avaiable for interview. He was most helpful despite the personal tragedy that had so recently happened and I am so grateful for his willingness to assist despite that. You do have loyal and conscientious people around you, congratulations.
In the process, I learned of how your practice utilizes cutting edge technology to achieve results that took a lot more time in the practices of old.

Qi Gong

I have been in Qi Gong practice since 1987 with a Taiwan teacher who also resides in Monterrey Park, California. Through his late grandmother, I was inducted into the Tao at that time which became a life defining process.

My initial thrust was to compile data for an article that the editor of IONS, the Institute of Noetic Sciences, asked me to write about the work I was doing in Thailand for one of your largest philanthropist in the country.

In the process, my background in having been the recipient of the first technology transfer from M.D. Anderson Cancer Research Center for pharmaceutical commercialization in the early 90’s has cauesd me to be intrigued by your observations on the neuropharmacology process in the Dark Room Retreats.

I am sure you will find that I had written about your activities objectively and without judment which will perhaps cause some inquiries from the US. My plan is to send it on to one of the major magazines for reprint after the first issue.

In Conclusion

I will be in and out of Thailand including Chiang Mai where an ongoing probiotics R&D based on herbs involves my client. It would be great if I could learn more about the beneficial effects of your work, particularly the Dark Room experience.

I am a graduate of the Mystery Schools under Gay Luce who has cited you in the past. I expect to see her in the IONS conference in Palm Springs this July 11th. You might check out their website for some really thought provoking speakers and workshops.

With hopes of meeting soon,
Annabella Morelos-Chan