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Higher Level Practices

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Mantak Chia

Mantak Chia is the founder of Universal Healing Tao, a much-loved system of personal cultivation and spiritual development, practiced all over the world for the last 40+ years. He is the only person to be awarded the Qigong Master of the Year award twice and has taught tens of thousands of students the ancient Taoist practice. A true Taoist Master of our lifetime.

What you will get

E-booklet made by Master Chia.

With highlighted slides from his teaching. So you may concentrate on listening and practice more.

Recorded version of this seminar.

If you can’t be online full course you have 1 month to watch full seminar again.

LIVE meditation together with the Master and hundreds meditators. 

During the seminar we will often practice together.

LIVE Question session with Master. 

You may ask questions live before the end of each session. And during the seminar a team of Senior Instructors will support you.

Accredited hours 

towards Instructor certification.

Extra training

As a Bonus every morning you will have a live Qigong session with UHT Senior Instructor

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Week 4-7: Feb 6th - Mar 2nd (€330 discount)


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Lesser Kan & Li: Feb 6th - 9th


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Greater Kan & Li: Feb 13th - 16th


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Greatest Kan & Li: Feb 20th - 23rd


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Sealing of the Five Senses: Feb 27th - Mar 2nd


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Darkness Technology ~ Taoist Techniques for Enlightenment

All ancient civilizations went into the dark. There they found truth, wisdom and enlightenment. Following the path of ancient Taoist sages, Mantak Chia created the largest and most advanced darkness facility in the world at his home, Tao Garden. Darkness provides the perfect laboratory for Inner Alchemy practices. Previously these teachings were limited to small numbers, but now for the first time these teachings are accessible online and Master Mantak Chia will guide you through the higher level practices as you recreate a darkroom in your own home.

In the darkness you can enter a primordial state - accessing spiritual and psychic realms of consciousness and reuniting with your true self. You become a conductor of universal energy as the darkness activates the deepest centres of the brain, the glands in the Crystal Palace. The essence of the Darkness practice is giving birth to the soul and spirit, by coupling the Yin and Yang energies of the body in the Kan & Li meditations.

Biochemistry: The darkness environment dramatically alters the chemistry of the brain, especially the neuro-endocrine systems, which govern consciousness and regulate body functions. More melatonin is produced, which quietens the organs as finer and subtler realities of consciousness are accessed. Eventually the brain synthesizes the ‘spirit molecules’ DMT and 5-MeO-DMT, facilitating the transcendental experiences of love and compassion.

Creating Your Own Darkroom Experience

–Use blackout blinds or curtains to block out all the light coming in from outside

–Alternatively tape any type of black material over the windows for the duration of the darkness retreat, sealing out any light sources

–Wear an eye mask

–Wear dark sunglasses between sessions to maintain reduced light to the brain

–Wear ear plugs when you do the practice to remove excess distraction of background sound

How does Pi Gu Energy Fasting Differ to Other Fasts?

Pi Gu is an ancient Taoist way of energy fasting that is used during higher spiritual practices. It literally means “to abstain from grain”. The need for food decreases but the body’s energy increases. It is much more than fasting though, as it includes Qigong practices, energy meditations and specific ways of chewing food. Pi Gu is like a ‘middle path’ fast as some food is ingested. You eat less as your Qi increases. There are dangers associated with more radical fasting as the body can experience real physical trouble as stress hormones are produced. The immune system of the body can be weakened and sometimes never really recover. Pi Gu however, involves slow and repetitive chewing techniques of mixing oxygen and nitrogen from the air. Thus, we combine physical energy (from food) and cosmic energy (from the air) to nourish the self. As a result less food is needed and Qi can be drawn in from other sources as you practice Qigong and energy meditations.

TaoIst Darkroom Detox Set

Mantak Chia has prepared a complete detox programme for you. After years of experience in healing and and experimenting with detox programmes, he expertly chooses the highest quality herbs and supplements. He has been using this programme for 15 years with no bad side effects and it will help to completely detoxify your body. Herbal teas will help clear out the lymphatic system, chlorophyll will cleanse your blood, red clover will detox your kidneys and liver. Boosting digestive health is a key component of this detox set and it will help to remove parasites from your body and cleanse your colon, supporting a healthy microbiome. After detoxing your body you should nourish yourself with vitamin and mineral sources ~ all of which are included in your detox set. The Pi Gu pill is a specially made elixir ball of herbs and fruit that it is a meal in itself.




    Weeks 4- 7 of Winter Retreat | Advanced Higher Level Inner Alchemy Practices

    Bonuses: Free Mantak Chia E-book for each workshop

    Pre-requisites: Weeks 1 - 3 | Inner Alchemy Basics, Sexual Alchemy & Fusion

    Week 4 | Lesser Kan & Li | Feb 6th - 9th

    Kan & Li translates as Fire & Water - it involves the alchemical process of steaming and internal coupling - the beginning of the return to the Tao.

    Learn to:

    •Transform Sexual Energy into Spiritual Energy

    •Harness the energies of Earth - Sun- Moon - Planet Alchemy

    •Give birth to your soul body

    Week 5 | Greater Kan & Li | Feb 13th - 16th

    In Greater Kan & Li, we continue the delicate refining process of transforming the pure organ energy and the beginning of the path to Immortality.

    Learn to:

    •Open the heart centre and connect to astral energy

    •Give birth to your Immortal Spirit Body

    •Integrate the North Star & Big Dipper into the alchemical process

    Week 6 | Greatest Kan & Li | Feb 20th - 23rd

    Greatest Kan & Li offers the opportunity to unite with the Tao - achieving true immortality by allowing past and future, Heaven and Earth, to become one.

    Learn to:

    •Collect Cosmic Light at the heart center

    •Refine your soul and spirit

    •Draw limitless energy and power from the Cosmos

    Week 7 | Sealing of the Five Senses | Feb 27th - Mar 2nd

    Turning inwards creates strong consciousness with powerful possibilities. By using the combined forces of the the Big Dipper, Planets & Star Alchemy you seal the senses

    Learn to:

    •Strengthen your senses and organs

    •Transfer your senses to your Energy Body

    •Delete illusions for an undisturbed view inside

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