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Schedule | 09:30 – 11:30 Paris Time

Bonus Session 11.30am - 12pm Paris time

Date | 19th of September 2020

Mantak Chia

Mantak Chia is the founder of Universal Healing Tao, a much-loved system of personal cultivation and spiritual development, practiced all over the world for the last 40+ years. Through the practices of the Universal Healing Tao, you can learn to reduce stress and create harmony and balance in all aspects of your life -- physical, emotional and spiritual. Learning from Grandmaster Mantak Chia is a very special experience and many people sense a shift in their own life-force/vitality. We are in a new paradigm in this moment as we embrace the online world fully. Many of you are taking the time to work on personal development - to try something new or something you've always wanted to do or to commit more deeply to the practices you know and love. This is the perfect time to dedicate yourself to improving your life right now! The Tao is simple, yet profound and complete. Enjoy and use this time at home to receive these profoundly transformative teachings from Mantak Chia, a true Taoist Master!

19th of September 2020 Free Live Webinar: HOW TO BE HEALTHY AND HAPPY


What you will get

Accredited hours

towards Instructor certification.

Recorded version of this seminar.

If you can’t be online full course you have 1 month to watch full seminar again.

LIVE meditation together with the Master and hundreds meditators. 

During the seminar we will often practice together.

LIVE Question session with Master. 

You may ask questions live before the end of each session.

  • Enjoy this gift from the world’s most famous Taoist Master Mantak Chia - a FREE Webinar on how to be Healthy and Happy. It is Mantak Chia’s wish that everyone in the world has the opportunity to learn the Inner Smile and understand how to work with their own energy, and in this way the world will be a happier, more peaceful place.

  • The Tao means “The Way” - the way of nature and the Universe. It is a very practical system offering physical, emotional and spiritual balance. Universal Healing Tao practices are like master keys that open all doors. It gives you tools for deep inner inner work bringing wisdom, harmony and extraordinary transformation.

  • Just like we nourish ourselves with food everyday, we can learn to nourish ourselves with energy. Transform negative life-draining energy into positive life-giving energy with some very simple steps. Master Mantak Chia is a fountain of knowledge, a leading resource in the ways of these ancient practices. He has said many times “there are no secrets”. He offers you these carefully held secrets from thousands of years ago, so that you can transform your energy, your self, your life.

During this free promotional webinar you will learn introductory practices to:

  • Awaken chi energy/life force

  • Connect with Wisdom & Healing Light

  • Learn how to recapture lost energy

  • Learn to love and heal yourself

  • Understand the power of your sexual energy

  • Learn about sexual energy techniques that can improve your health and longevity

  • Some tips to become multi-orgasmic

  • Try something new. You’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain. Perhaps you’ve heard of Mantak Chia before or seen some of his Youtube clips - over 50 million views! Speak to him directly - ask your burning questions in the Live Video Q & A at the end.

  • We welcome you to join us and experience this live energy transmission with Master Mantak Chia - be healthier and happier with the Tao!

Meet the Instructors 11.30am - 12pm Paris time * Bonus Session *

You’ll get an opportunity to meet some Universal Healing Tao Instructors that have trained directly with Master Mantak Chia. Hear their story of how the practices have impacted their life and their inspiring insights of how teaching has deepened their connection to the Tao.

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