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Foundation Practices & Chi Nei Tsang

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About Mantak Chia

Grandmaster Mantak Chia is the foremost Taoist Master in the world. He is the only Qigong Master who received the Qigong Master of the Year Award twice. He is the author of 60 books and has 49 years of teaching experience - both online and offline. Students of Master Chia especially like the clarity of the explanations, a lot of practice during his classes, slow pace and energy transmission which you can feel even online.

Welcome to Master Mantak Chia’s Online 7-week Summer Retreat from July 8th to August 22rd, 2022. A Complete Taoist Guide to a Better Life, the online class with Grandmaster Mantak Chia.

Join one or several weeks and learn to transform your health, feel more love and gratitude in your life and overcome emotional burdens that bring you down.

Master yourself to develop a deeper connection to your body and awaken your internal power through external techniques. Renew your life and energy to become wealth and well-being and experience Mantak Chia’s special energy transmission that helps accelerate your transformation and feel Qi as you do the practice with him.


This Retreat is for you if you:

  • Are looking to boost your energy levels, to reduce anxiety and to get rid of strong emotions (Week1-3)
  • Would like to master your sexual energy to give you more vitality and brain power (Week1-3)
  • Are a body-worker/ energy healer/ holistic therapist and would like to gain a professional qualification (Week4-7). Learn more about certification steps below.

Why go online?

There are so many benefits to doing these workshops online:

— Save money on travel and accommodation.
— Save time! You might not be able to get time off work or family for extended periods of time, so this is a more convenient route
— You’ll receive the recordings and can catch up, or join the workshop Live and watch the recordings at a later time.


What will you get?

  • E-booklet made by Master Chia.
    With highlighted slides from his teaching. So you may concentrate on listening and practice more.
  • Lifetime access to Recordings
    If you can’t be online you have lifetime access to watch full seminar again.
  • LIVE Q&A session with Master.
    You may ask questions live before the end of each session. And during the seminar a team of Senior Instructors will support you.
  • Extra training
    As a Bonus every morning you will have a Recorded Qigong session with UHT Senior Instructor

Certification hours: 4h per day.

Certification for CNT practitioners:

– Week 4 and 5: for certification you should take the classes online, start collecting case studies, attend the same week online or live and then to connect with a Senior Instructor for evaluation.

Case Studies: you have to collect 100 case studies (we recommend to massage 20 people: family, friends, close clients; each person 5 time to see results). You can massage for free or charge a small fee and explain that you are in education process and not fully certified.

Week 6 and 7: you need to be certified as CNT I practitioner, only then you can get certified as practitioner for CNT 2 and CNT 3.

– For those who have done some CNT training previously: Book a 4-day online CNT seminar course and use it as an extra support and development of your CNT techniques. You can enjoy upskilling and learning directly from Grandmaster Chia. You can later complete the certification process once your case studies are complete and get assessed by a Senior CNT Teacher.
NOTE: you can attend any workshop, certification is not mandatory

Each workshop is 4 days training on Friday-Monday / 4 hrs per day:

Weeks 1 – 3 | In Depth Inner Alchemy Practices | Beginner-friendly

Week 1: 8-11 July Supreme Inner Alchemy I Inner Smile, Six Healing Sound, Microcosmic Orbit & Cosmic Primordial Qigong
Week 2: 15-18 July Supreme Inner Alchemy II Healing Love, Multiorgasmic & Iron shirt I
Week 3: 22-25 July: Fusion I, Tan Tien Chi Kung and Tao Yin

Weeks 4 – 7 | Advanced Practices | Taoist Art of Healing

Week 4: 29 July - 1 Aug Cosmic Healing and Buddha Palm
Week 5: 5-8 Aug CNT 1 Internal Organ Massage & Micro Current
Week 6: 12-15 Aug CNT 2 Chasing the Winds, Golden Elixir Qigong & CNT 5 Life Pulse Massage
Week 7: 19-22 Aug CNT 3 Healing Harmony Toksen & CNT 4 Karsai Massage


Daily Schedule (Paris Time)
Friday to Monday

  • 08:00 - 08:45 am Morning Qigong (playing recording)
  • 09:00 - 13:00 LIVE Lecture with Mantak Chia+Q&A session
  • 20-00 - 21:00 Evening tao yin session (playing recording)

Weeks 1 - 3 | In Depth Inner Alchemy Practices

Week1 | July 8th-11th | Supreme Inner Alchemy I Inner Smile, Six Healing Sound, Microcosmic Orbit & Cosmic Primordial Qigong

how to meditate photo

Learn how to:

  • — Transform stress into vitality
  • — Balance your emotions
  • — Develop grounding and feel centered

These foundational practices will bring you back to your body wisdom and awaken your Qi/life-force energy. Inner Smile: Use the power of smiling to activate the relaxation response in the parasympathetic nervous system. Get rid of the negative emotion and rebalance the positive emotion.

Six Healing Sounds practice has a special sound for each of the organs, the special healing color, positive emotion and special position for each sound—these will help you to restore good health and will help with the connection to the primordial force.

Microcosmic Orbit: Opening Qi flow in the energy pathways. It will help draw in more primordial force from the earth through the soles of the feet up to the spine and from the universe through the crown to combine in the lower Tan Tien (abdominal area), the heart and the brain.

Cosmic Primordial Qigong has a traditional name “wuji gong” which translates as “develops skills for entering the Supreme Mystery.” It puts a deep emphasis on spiritual connections and is uniquely powerful.

Week 2 | July 15th-18th | Supreme Inner Alchemy II Healing Love, Multiorgasmic & Iron shirt I

qiqong meditation photo love healing

Learn how to:

  • — Recycle your sexual energy to increase health & longevity
  • — Improve your quality of life and love-making
  • — Become multi-orgasmic

Sexual energy provides an extremely powerful means for physical rejuvenation and accessing a higher spiritual energy. Master Chia unveils how to recycle your life-essence in order to increase longevity, improve your quality of life and love-making. More sexual energy will help to attract and multiply the primordial Qi. Men learn how to control ejaculation and to transform the sexual energy into Qi and then transform it up to spirit force. Women learn how to control menstruation and transform the blood into Qi and likewise transform it up to spirit force.

Mantak Chia’s most popular class!

Week 3 | July 22nd-25th| Fusion I, Tan Tien Chi Kung and Tao Yin

qiqong meditation photo

The Fusion of the 5 Elements Meditation is the next step on the path of Taoist meditation. A traditional Taoist internal alchemy practice, you will learn to take your transformation of negative emotions to the next level to nourish your higher spirit.

Tan Tien Chi Kung: Cultivate and condense chi in the lower tan tien. Pack chi power in all 9 areas of the tan tien and the associated organs, kuas, tendons and ligaments using the Dragon and Tiger Breath and 11 animal exercise postures.

Tao Yin: A Taoist yoga that stimulates Qi flow in meridians affected by each exercise. You will learn to coordinate deep breathing, Qi, mind and body for deep sensing. Be more relaxed and refreshed. Induce elasticity of tendons, ligaments and associated muscles. Condition the spine, psoas muscles and patterns of movement for health and inner development.

Weeks 4 – 7 | Advanced Practices | Taoist Art of Healing

Week 4 | July 29th - Aug 1st | Cosmic Healing and Buddha Palm

cosmic healing photo

You’ll learn how to:

  • — Channel energy to heal the body - on yourself first and then learning how to heal others
  • — Project Qi to detoxify and rejuvenate major organ systems
  • — Root sick energy into the earth and disperse it into the Universe to be decomposed and recycled by the planets.

Cosmic Healing I is a practice of channeling pure cosmic Qi for healing. The experience with healing energy can give you a feeling of energetic buoyancy, recharging you with pure Cosmic Qi

Master Chia will teach how to channel energy for healing the body and through working with a partner, how to heal ourselves and others.

Week 5 | Aug 5th-8th | CNT 1 Internal Organ Massage & Micro Current

chi nei tsang massagge

You’ll learn how to:

  • — Release and clear blockages, toxins, excessive heat and negative emotions deep within
  • — Release long-held stress in the body for optimum vitality
  • — Strengthen the immune system.

Chi Nei Tsang is a Taoist organ detox massage, with a focus on the abdominal area. It’s famous for its exceptional effectiveness and immediate benefits - one of the most powerful treatment modalities available. It removes physical and emotional blockages to return body systems to healthy functioning. Each organ contains part of the primordial force. When an organ's accumulated negative emotions and toxins are released, the organ can more effectively draw in the primordial force and regenerate itself. These can constrict the flow of chi, eventually resulting in physical ailments.

The “CNT Microcurrent” is TAO innovative 2016 Therapeutic Treatment Technology which combines Microcurrent Electrical Therapy, Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation and Taoist Chi Nei Tsang Therapeutic Massage.

Massage tools for this week are optional, you can purchase them here.

Week 6 | Aug 12th-15th | CNT 2 Chasing the Winds, Golden Elixir Qigong & CNT 5 Life Pulse Massage

Chi Nei Tsang

You’ll learn how to:

  • — Chase the 10 winds, discharging them from the body
  • — Activate the acupressure points and pulse points
  • — Project good Qi into the vital organs and glands
  • — Diagnose organ health by reading pulses

Advance with Chi Nei Tsang 2 which makes great use of the elbow technique working mainly with the trapped winds of the body. This eliminates blockages of Qi in the body and improves lymphatic and blood flow.

Golden Elixir Qigong contains 11 postures that develop and utilize the healing power of saliva, long considered by Taoists as a key component for optimum health. Life Pulse Massage details abdominal massage practices to open restricted blood vessels, direct blood flow to specific areas for healing, release arterial tension to rebalance high or low blood pressure, and detoxify individual organs and body systems.

Massage tools for this week are optional, you can purchase them here.

Week 7 | Aug 19th-22nd | CNT 3 Healing Harmony Toksen & CNT 4 Karsai Massage

toksen wood massage

You’ll learn how to:

  • — Use mechanical and sound vibrations to work on fascial and muscular tissues
  • — Open the body's meridian lines to facilitate the movement of Qi
  • — Give a genital massage to release accumulated toxins, remove congestion and improve blood flow

CNT 3 Toksen is performed with the use of wooden tools that create resonance and vibration for healing. It is a muscle-tendon-meridian massage. Throughout the massage sections in this course you will use the hand techniques (finger presser, twisting & spiraling, hand scooping & wave techniques) used in Chi Nei Tsang I to open up and release the blockages in your body.

Chi Nei Tsang IV is a medical genital massage to improve sexual organ health and overall wellbeing. It reveals that blood and Qi often flow side by side throughout the body. Areas of slow or congested circulation lead to blockages in the flow of vital energy and toxin accumulation in the body. You will learn the practice of Chi Nei Tsang V Life Pulse Massage to clear the blockages, revitalizing cardiovascular function, detoxifying the organs, and restoring the flow of blood and chi throughout the body.

Massage tools for this week are necessary for practice, you can purchase them here.

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Week 1: 8-11 July Supreme Inner Alchemy I Inner Smile, Six Healing Sound, Microcosmic Orbit & Cosmic Primordial Qigong

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Week 2: 15-18 July Supreme Inner Alchemy II Healing Love, Multiorgasmic & Iron shirt I

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Week 3: 22-25 July Fusion I, Tan Tien Chi Kung and Tao Yin

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Weeks 1 – 3 In Depth Inner Alchemy Practices

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Week 4: 29 July - 1 Aug Cosmic Healing and Buddha Palm

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Week 5: 5-8 Aug CNT 1 Internal Organ Massage & Micro Current

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Week 6: 12-15 Aug CNT 2 Chasing the Winds, Golden Elixir Qigong & CNT 5 Life Pulse Massage

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Week 7: 19-22 Aug CNT 3 Healing Harmony Toksen & CNT 4 Karsai Massage

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Weeks 4 - 7 Advanced Practices

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What languages will be workshops translated into?
We will provide translation to any language if there are more then 10 students requesting a translation at the special field during the checkout. You will be offered a full refund in case your language group is not complete and canceled.
I cannot join online Q&A session, can I ask my questions in advance?
Yes, we will send you a form for your questions in advance, so you can watch Mantak Chia answers in recordings
How can I ask my questions during the class?
You'll be able to ask questions by text using Q&A in Zoom. Senior Instructors will reply back and during Q&A session Master Chia will reply to your questions.
What if I can’t join all of the workshops Live?
No problem at all, you will receive the recordings and can catch up after. You will have access to stream them in a high resolution as long as your subscription is valid. Just join in Live whenever you’re available.
Cancellation policy
If you would like to request a refund for an online event before it begins, email us at [email protected], so we can make a full refund. Refunds are not available after a seminar begins. If you can't attend due to some serious reason and the event has already started, email us at [email protected] we will consider rescheduling your reservation to another event.
I can't find an email with my link for a LIVE online workshop. What should I do?
You will receive the link for joining the workshop from [email protected] in your email 1 day before the workshop starts. If you didn’t receive it:
- First, search your inbox for an email from [email protected] Make sure you use the same email box you purchased a course with. Note, that some email domains like,,, and may block zoom e-mails)
- Please check all your email folders: spam box, promotions,etc.
- Check that you have enough storage space in your mail box, delete at least 100 mails to clean your mail box. If you still have no luck connecting your course, please contact us at [email protected]
What software do I need?
For participation you can use your pc or smartphone. We use Zoom sofware, which is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and for Android and Apple. You can dowload Zoom for meetings here. Please check our Student Online guide with Q&A.
How long will I have access to the Workshops?
You will have lifetime access to recordings of the workshops.
Live Workshops
Live Workshops are online LIVE events organized in Zoom. You can ask your personal questions during a LIVE Q&A session with Mantak Chia.
How to Attend Online Seminar with Master Chia
More information hereHow to Attend Online Seminar