Review Classes (May/June 2021)

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Review Classes (May/June 2021)

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Tues 19:00 CEST/ Paris time (except June 15th - at 12:00)

Wed 12:00 CEST/Paris Time

Thurs 19:00 CEST/Paris time (except June 3rd - at 12:00)

Each class = 1.5 hrs

Can’t join Live? Don’t worry, all classes are recorded and you can catch up after

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UHT Senior Instructors

You are in good hands with our senior instructors. They have all undergone intensive training with Master Mantak Chia - they are experts in their field and have helped Master Chia evaluate instructors at Tao Garden training retreats.

June 22nd: Bone Breathing & Vibrating the Bone Marrow - Jutta (19:00 CEST)


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June 23rd: Sexual Kung Fu - Weightlifting for Men/Women - Walter & Renu Li(19:00 CEST)


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June 24th: Cosmic Vision Techniques - Julius (19:00 CEST)


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All 18 Review Classes (€153 off)


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Tues 19:00 CEST/Paris Time

Wed 12:00 CEST/Paris Time

Thurs 19:00 CEST/Paris Time

Each class = 1.5 hrs


Week 1 Tai Chi 1 May 18th - 20th Deepen into the Form & Corrections

May 18th, Tue: Tai Chi 1 Form Part 1 - Step by Step Sequence - Sharon

May 19th, Wed: Tai Chi 1 Form Part 2 - Inner Structure - Walter

May 20th, Thurs: Tai Chi 1 Form Part 3 - Essence of Tai Chi - Olivier


Week 2 Tan Tien Qigong May 25th - 27th

May 25th, Tue: Developing Qi Pressure in the Tan Tien - Rabbit, Crane & Bear - Thomas

May 26th, Wed: Animal Exercises : Swallow, Dragon, Eagle & Rhinoceros - Walter

May 27th: Animal Exercises: Monkey, Elephant, Bull & Horse - Julius


Week 3 Tai Chi 2 June 1st - 3rd

June 1st, Tue: Tai Chi 2 Form Part 1 + Step by Step Sequence - Jutta

June 2nd, Wed: Tai Chi 2 Form Part 2 + Inner Structure - Andrew

June 3rd, Thurs: Tai Chi 2 Form Part 3 + Principles of Fa Jin - Andrew


Week 4 Iron Shirt Qigong 1 June 8th - 10th

June 8th, Tue: Embracing The Tree + Mechanics of Rooting + Qi Belt - Sharon

June 9th, Wed: Turtle, Buffalo, Holding the Golden Urn - Andrew

June 10th, Thurs: Golden Phoenix Washes Its Feathers, Iron Bridge + Daily Practice - Fabienne


Week 5 Primordial Qigong & Tendon Nei Gong June 15th - 17th

June 15th, Tue: Primordial Qigong - Step by Step Sequence - Walter

June 16th, Wed: Primordial Qigong - Inner Structure - Walter

June 17th, Thurs: Tendon Nei Gong - Olivier


Week 6 Cosmic Vision & Bone Marrow Nei Kung June 22nd - 24th

June 22nd, Tue: Bone Breathing & Vibrating the Bone Marrow - Jutta

June 23rd, Wed: Sexual Kung Fu - Weightlifting for Men/Women - Walter & Renu

June 24th, Thurs: Cosmic Vision Techniques - Julius

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