Winter Retreat 2023
Darkroom Retreat & Pi Gu Detox

In-Depth Taoist practices

Workshops Series from January to March

Tao Garden classes with legendary Taoist Master Mantak Chia

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About Mantak Chia

Grandmaster Mantak Chia is the world’s foremost Taoist Master. He is the only Qigong Master who received The Qigong Master of the Year Award twice. He is the author of 60 books and has 49 years of teaching experience —online and onsite. Students of Master Chia especially like the clarity of the explanations, the many repetitions of practice, and his slow pace.

The classes with Mantak Chia are unique, thanks to his ability to transmit energy to his students, online or in the classroom. Many students practicing with Master Chia not only witness the wisdom of primordial violet light during his Energy Transmissions but also begin their initial healing processes.

Grandmaster Mantak Chia welcomes you to Tao Garden for the Winter Retreat in January – March 2023

It is the most awaited event for anyone willing to try and experience in-depth Taoist practices. Learn to reduce stress and create harmony and balance in all aspects of your life – physical, emotional, and spiritual.

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During the Retreat, you will get:

  • Powerful practices guided by Master Chia from over 50 years of deep practice and teaching,
  • The chance to experience the legendary Darkroom and Master Chia’s energy transmission.
  • The opportunity to ask Master Chia all your questions during a Q&A session,
  • Lifetime access to recordings of the workshop.

This Retreat is for you if you are:

A beginner looking to transform your health, vitality, emotions, and sexual energy under the guidance of a legendary Taoist teacher (Weeks 1-4)

Wishing to become an Associate or Certified Instructor (Weeks 1-4, see certification steps below)

Looking to experience Advanced Taoist meditations and spiritual transformation through higher level practices (Weeks 5-8)

Looking to experience complete stillness in the darkness to reset your biological clock and to access higher states of consciousness and wisdom (Weeks 5-8)

Certification steps: Learn more

About the Winter Retreat and Darkroom Retreat


Weeks 1-4 are Taoist Fundamentals – the internal work of Taoist practitioners called Inner Alchemy. You will learn how to awaken Healing Energy through the Tao practices: breath work, meditation, and energy cultivation practices. Weeks 1–4 aid the development of a powerful energetic flow for psychological and spiritual health and balance.

Weeks 5-8 are for those who wish to experience Advanced Taoist Practices. It is traditionally taught by Grandmaster Chia as a Darkroom Retreat and Pi Gu Detox

In the darkness, you can enter a primordial state —accessing spiritual and psychic realms of consciousness and reuniting with your true self. You become a conductor of universal energy as the darkness activates the deepest centers of the brain, the glands in the Crystal Palace.

Pi Gu Fasting Diet includes Qigong practices, energy meditations, and specific ways of chewing food. This Darkroom Pi Gu state gives tremendous healing power.


Week 1. 12-17 January | In-Depth Inner Alchemy Practices | Awakening Healing of the Tao | Beginner-friendly


  • - Thu 12 January, Tao Garden | Introduction
  • - Workshop: Fri 13 – Mon 16 January
  • In-Depth Inner Alchemy Basics | Awakening Healing of the Tao
  • - Tuesday | Review class with Instructor

Practices include Inner Smile Meditation, Six Healing Sounds Meditation, Microcosmic Orbit, Three Fires and Six Directions, Wisdom Qigong, Iron Shirt and Passing Energy. These foundational practices will bring you back to your body wisdom and awaken your Qi (Life Force). You will learn how to activate the Three Fires (Tan Tiens) circulating the Qi as it passes through your body channels.

Wisdom Qigong uses Taoist techniques to double or triple your mind power and gain vitality in your body and organs. You will learn how to connect with your abdominal brain to reduce energy loss. In the Iron Shirt Qigong, you will learn standing postures, muscle locks, and breathing techniques to direct internal power to the organs, the twelve tendon channels, and the connective tissues (fasciae). You will perfect your body, increase performance, fight disease, and lay the groundwork for higher spiritual work.

You will learn Passing Energy — the practice of activating the student's Microcosmic Orbit by the teacher. This practice is taught only during the Winter Retreat’s Week 1.

Week 2. 19-24 January |Sexual Alchemy, Loving Energy That Heals | Beginner-friendly

qiqong meditation photo love healing


  • - Thu 19 January | Introduction.
  • - Workshop: Fri 20 – Mon 23 January | Sexual Alchemy
  • - Tuesday | Review class with Instructor

Sexual Alchemy (Healing Love): Learn how to cultivate, circulate and store sexual energy. Men learn how to control ejaculation, transform sexual energy into Qi (life force) and then transform it into spiritual force. Women will learn to control menstruation and transform the blood into Qi.

The Single and Dual Cultivation practices in the Aroused & Unaroused State conserve and transform sexual energy while refreshing and rejuvenating the body’s vital functions. Ovarian and Testicle Breathing techniques, Scrotum and Ovarian Compression, Power Lock, Big Draw, and Valley Orgasm enhances sexual fulfillment and physical improvement as vital energy is exchanged with one’s partner with the indiscriminate loss of emotional and sexual energy.

Week 3. 26-31 January | Fusion I, Tan Tien Qigong and Tao Yin

qiqong meditation photo


  • - Thu 26 January | introduction
  • - Workshop Fri 27 – Mon 30 January
  • - Fusion I, Tan Tien Qigong and Tao Yin
  • - Tuesday | Review class with Instructor

Fusion means mixing and fusing things to create something new. In our Taoist practices, we combine emotions, natural forces, life forces, etc., into one energy we can use.

Fusion of the Five Elements 1 allows you to control the energy of your inner universe to facilitate the connection with the energy of the Grand Universe. You will learn how to capture negative emotions and merge them. You will then learn how to bring in all the positive emotions and combine everything to create a better energy balance.

You will learn how to read the Inner Alchemy Astrology personal charts and understand the wide range of energy patterns. It will also deepen their knowledge of the Five-elements and the Five-element cycles, which are essential for understanding Taoist practices.

Tao Yin (Chinese yoga) coordinates deep breathing, Qi, mind, and body for deep sensing. Tao Yin practice continues as exercises to activate the meridians that control the body’s different organs. The importance of the Psoas muscles and the different vertebral groups that make up the spine is emphasized in a series of exercises that work and strengthen these different body areas.

Tan Tien Qigong is the art of cultivating and condensing Qi in the lower abdomen —the tan tien— the fundamental power storehouse of the body. Tan Tien Qigong contains specific breathing and movement exercises that develop the power of the Qi stored in the body to increase vitality, strengthen organs, and promote self-healing.

Week 4. 2-7 February | Fusion II, III

meditation photo


  • - Thu 2 February | introduction.
  • - Workshop: Fri 3 – Mon 6 February | Fusion II, III, Taichi I
  • - Tuesday| Review class with Instructor

Fusion II, III and Taichi Qigong I, the Good Virtue Energies forming a Compassion Pearl in the Creation Cycle using the organ colors. You will learn how to detoxify the organs and glands by opening up the Thrusting Channels and protecting yourself by forming psychic Belt Channels drawing in the Heavenly and Earthly forces.

Cosmic Fusion II is an advanced level of Inner Alchemy that teaches how to bring the physical body into balance with the energy body and the positive energy to detoxify, nourish, and integrate the physical and the energy bodies with the forces of nature.

Fusion of the Five Elements II allows you to learn to move the “pearl of radiant energy” (created in Fusion l) through your internal organs, multiplying the natural virtues that reside there. With this vital energy, you can open the Thrusting Channel Routes, which run through the center of your body, linking the “energy centers”, and open the Belt Channels, which spiral around the whole body, strengthening the auric field and providing a form of psychic protection.

The Fusion III meditation opens the Greater Bridge and Regulator Channels, Spinal Cord, Head, and Heart, using cutting and drilling techniques to clean out any energy blockages. The student learns to protect the body from external energies by Sealing the Senses and Aura and receiving the higher frequencies of the Universal Force.


Darkroom retreat: Weeks 5-8


Recommendations for the of Darkroom Retreat: basic knowledge of Fundamental practices such as Cosmic Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds, Fusion of the Five Elements, Microcosmic Orbit, Iron Shirt Qigong, and Tao Yin, which bring the body into a state of balance and tuning. A physically fit vehicle is the foundation stone from which to launch astral travel into multi-dimensional orbits and higher cortical activity. If you haven’t already taken Fundamental Practices earlier, we recommend doing so at the start of the Winter Retreat.

During the darkness retreat, you will be completely free from any external light source and all types of animal and dairy protein except for egg-whites to cover your body’s protein and calcium needs. Chlorophylle will be provided daily. Juices, sesame, herbal detox teas, vegetable broth and fruits will be provided to you 3 times per day.

All participants are encouraged to engage in a healthy preparatory diet and bowel cleansing process starting 4 weeks before the retreat. Diet should be rich in Vitamin D, beta-carotene like choleric, calcium (2,000 gm), magnesium (500 mg), and zinc (20 mg/day).

We recommend eating less food 1 week before arrival and check-in at the Tao Garden at least 2 days before the retreat (for additional fee, please contact (for additional fee, please contact [email protected]) to prepare the body, clean the colon and do the recommended blood tests (optional).

Darkroom retreat Program

Week 5. 9-14 February | Lesser Kan & Li and Pi Gu Energy Fasting

qiqong meditation photo


  • - Thu 9 February | introduction
  • - Fri 10 – Mon 13 February | Lesser Kan & Li
  • - Tuesday 14 February | Review class with Instructor

Lesser Enlightenment of Kan & Li involves cleansing and rejuvenating the glands and organs using neutral energy (steam) generated by the inverting and coupling of the primal polarities of Fire and Water. The higher Inner Alchemy Formulas, which traditionally were practiced in caves, are taught in a complete darkness environment, which has been specially created to facilitate the teaching and practice of higher-level Taoist Alchemical Meditation.

Pi-Gu is an ancient Taoist/Chinese fasting method used during higher spiritual retreats. It literally means “to stop eating grains”. The need for food decreases but the body’s energy increases.

Week 6. 16-21 February | Greater Kan & Li and Pigu Energy Fasting

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  • - Thu 16 February | Introduction
  • - Fri 17 – Mon 20 February | Greater Kan & Li
  • - Tuesday 21 February | Review class with Instructor
  • Prerequisites: Lesser and Greater Kan & Li

Taoists believe that the soul and spirit come from the stars and ultimately must return to them to find their origins. To do this, one must first gather and refine the energies of the soul and spirit until they are as pure as the Original Force. By harnessing energy from the Earth, the planets, the Big Dipper and the North Star, we gain spiritual power and the ability to merge with stellar forces. These meditation practices are targeted upon strengthening the body and the spirit on all levels.

You will learn to activate the cauldron at the Solar Plexus and increase the amount of energy that may be absorbed into the body directly from Heaven and Earth.

Week 7. 23-28 February | Greatest Kan & Li and Pigu Healing



  • - Thu 23 February | Introduction
  • - Fri 24 – Mon 27 February | Greatest Kan & Li and Pigu Healing
  • - Tue 28 February, Review class with Instructor

The Greatest Kan & Li meditation connects us with the Solar Body using the Sun, Moon, Planets, and Stars to expand your Conscience with the Original Force, the Wu Chi. You will learn how to build an Internal Steaming Cauldron inside the body reversing the Fire Energy and Water Energy at the Heart. You will then steam and purify the Organs, Spinal Cord, Lymphatic and Nervous Systems, 12 Channels, Crystal Room and the Three Tan Tiens closing with the Pulsing and Turning the Wheel.

The Greatest Kan & Li II meditation focuses on the 4 Heart Chambers connecting with the 4 Constellations, Big Dipper’s 7 Stars and North Star. You will activate the Inner Eye and practice Self Intercourse marrying the 3 Lights by forming pakuas at the navel, crown, mid-eye, and Palms, condensing the Light into an Embryo (Immortal Fetus) and pulsating it with the Solar Body working with their Outer Bodies and their Personal Star closing with Turning the Wheel & Bone Breathing.

Week 8. 2-7 March | Sealing of the Five Senses and Pigu Energy Fasting

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  • - Thu 2 March | Introduction
  • - Fri 3 – Mon 6 March | Sealing of the Five Senses
  • - Tue 7 March | Review class with instructor

The Sealing of the Five Senses formula consists of: Sealing the five thieves: ears, eyes, nose, tongue and body. Controlling the heart and seven emotions (pleasure, anger, love, hate and desire); uniting and transmuting the inner alchemical agent into life-preserving true vitality; purifying the spirit; raising the spirit; stopping the spirit from wandering outside in quest of sense data. Eliminating decayed food and depending on the undecayed food, the Primordial force, is the True Breatharian.

Weekly Schedule (Thailand time)

Thursdays, evening introductions (19.00 – 20.00)

Friday to Monday, 4 hours of workshop with Mantak Chia (14.00 – 18.00)

Tuesdays, Review classes with a Senior Instructor (10.30-12.30)

Wednesday: no workshops

Tickets for Winter & Darkroom Retreat

Prices for Weeks 1-4 are tuition fees only. Please click here to chose accommodation.
Certification steps to become an Instructor: click here
Prices for Weeks 5-8 (Darkroom retreat) include Tuition fee, meals according to Pigu fasting and accommodation in a double room per person.
Early booking prices for Darkroom retreat are valid till 16 Dec 2022
Tao Garden Darkroom's participant. Get a special discount 40% off from treatments below.
1 x Colon Hydrotherapy Open System 30 minute
1 x Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Detox Therapy 50 minute

Week 1. Awakening Healing of the Tao



Week 2. Sexual Alchemy



Week 3. Fusion I, Tan Tien Qigong and Tao Yin



Week 4. Fusion II, III, Taichi I


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Week 1-3 (bundle €130 off)

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Week 5: Lesser Kan & Li

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Week 6: Greater Kan & Li

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Week 7: Greatest Kan& Li

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Week 8: Sealing of the 5 Senses

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Weeks 5-6: Lesser and Greater Kan & Li (bundle €150 off)

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What is included in the Tao Garden workshop price on the site?
The price you see on the site is tuition fee only, accommodation, treatments and meals are not included in the price (With exception of Darkroom retreat). Check the prices for accommodation here and contact us at [email protected] for booking. Note: with booking accommodation at Tao Garden you will have free access to the Saltwater Swimming Pool, Herbal Sauna Steam, Fitness Center.
Can I attend Workshops in Tao Garden if I stay in a hotel/room outside of Tao Garden?
Yes, it is possible for Winter Retreat - in this case you need to pay only the tuition fee mentioned on the site. For the Darkroom Retreat you can book only tickets with accommodation and meals included.
Will I get a certificate of attendance?
Yes, all participants of Tao Garden workshops with Mantak Chia get a certificate at the end of the Workshop. This certificate doesn’t give the permission of teaching. Learn more about certification steps to become a certified instructor: Click here
Where can I find information about restrictions for traveling to Thailand?
Thailand Pass registration is no longer required for all travelers since July 1, 2022. Travelers may now freely travel to Thailand as long as they possess a Proof of Vaccination or a pre-departure COVID test. Please note you might need a visa to enter Thailand. To learn more: click here
Can I come to Tao Garden without attending a workshop?
Yes, you can book accommodation in Tao Garden at [email protected] With booking accommodation at Tao Garden you will have free access to the Saltwater Swimming Pool, Herbal Sauna Steam, Fitness Center.

You can also buy a one-day pass to enjoy our facilities.
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