Darkroom 2020 Week 1: Lesser Enlightenment of Kan & Li Creating & Building the Immortal Fetus

Fusion Practice seals off body (energy) for K&L (Internal Energy Maps). K&L manages the polarity in physical plane (water & fire).

Taoist Theory Of Energy Resonance Fields (Breathing in – Breathing out) from the Wu Chi to the Human.

Early Bird before 30 November 2019
Prerequisites: General Retreat & Fusion I, II & III
All Day Event

Daily Retreat Schedule

Sunday 16

2:00 pm -
Check in to Dark Room
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Introduction by Senior Instructor
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Dinner in Dark Room
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Introduction by Grand Master Mantak Chia (GMC)
10:00 pm -
Turn off the light

During the darkness retreat you will have completely free from any external light source or food consumption and we will be use Pi gu Healing Taoist / Chinese herb also Juices & Sesame, Herbal Detox Teas and Fruits will be provided to you for 3 time per day.

Au Tao Garden : retraite de la Chambre Noire et de Pi Gu : le jeûne énergétique, du 3 au 23

Février, 2020 Semaine 1: Kan & Li – Retraite dans l’obscurité (Niveau 1 – Petit Éveil)

Prérequis: avoir suivi la retraite d’hiver et pratiqué la Fusion I,II et III. Les pratiques du Petit Éveil et de Kan et Li impliquent un nettoyage et une régénération des glandes et des organes en utilisant une énergie neutre (la vapeur) générée par l’inversion et l’action en couple des polarités initiales du Feu et de l’Eau.

Out of the Dark in Friday evening
Retreat check out on Saturday at Lunch

darkroom retreat

Prerequisites: General Retreat & Fusion I, II & III

The practices of the Lesser Enlightenment of Kan & Li involves cleansing and rejuvenating the glands and organs using neutral energy (steam) generated by the inverting and coupling of the primal polarities of Fire and Water. The higher Inner Alchemy Formulas, which traditionally were practiced in caves,are taught in a complete darkness environment, which has been specially created to facilitate the teaching and practice of higher level Taoist Alchemical Meditation.

What is Pi gu? It is an ancient Taoist/Chinese way of fasting that is used during higher spiritual retreats. It literally means ‘to stop eating grains’. The need for food decreases but the body’s energy increases. It is more than fasting, though, as it involves chi kung and enables the practices used in the darkroom.

Pigu Fasting Energy

Pi Gu Chi Kung: Inner Alchemy Energy Fasting
By Mantak Chia and Christine Harkness-Giles

Pi Gu Chi Kung is an ancient Taoist method which centers on a simple diet of fruits, teas, nuts, and eggs paired with special chewing techniques and chi kung exercises. Providing a step-by-step guide, Master Mantak Chia and coauthor Christine Harkness-Giles explain the pi gu diet, provide immortality tea recipes, and illustrate the corresponding chi kung energy exercises.

  • Explains how you do not stop eating with this fasting practice and details the simple pi gu diet
  • Illustrates the chewing and chi kung practices to accompany pi gu, for natural chi energy production
  • Reveals how Pi Gu Chi Kung activates the body’s natural healing abilities, accelerates the elimination of toxins, reduces appetite and cravings, and enables you to draw energies from the Earth and Universe. Order book please click here


  1. Each participant should practice the Cosmic Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds, Fusion of the Five Elements, Microcosmic Orbit, Iron Shirt Chi Kung and Tao Yin, which bring the body into a state of balance and tuning. A physically fit vehicle is the foundation stone from which to launch astral travel into multi-dimensional orbits and higher cortical activity.
  2. All participants are encouraged to engage in a healthy preparatory diet and bowel cleansing process, commencing 4 weeks before the retreat. Diet should be rich in Vitamin D, beta-carotene like choleric, calcium (2,000 gm), magnesium (500 mg) and zinc (20 mg/day).

Darkroom Preparation


Intended ‘Darkroom’ participants with respiratory infections or fever will not be permitted to enter or will be asked to vacate the darkroom.

If you / intended darkroom participant has symptoms of:
• sore throat
• cough
• fever
• shortness of breath


Any recent travel in the last 14 days to mainland China or contact with suspected cases of coronavirus
Please notify reception (apply face mask if available) and alternative accommodation and activities will be organised.


Lesser Kan & Li Session I (4 hrs.) Audio Sounds click here


Lesser Kan & Li Session II (13.9 hrs.) Audio Sounds click here

Greatest Kan & Li Session Audio Sounds

Greatest Kan & Li Session I (6.5 hrs.) Audio Sounds  click here

Greatest Kan & Li Session Audio Sounds

Greatest Kan & Li Session II (12 hrs.) Audio Sounds  click here


  • If you are already registered be sure or ask to download the e-booklet that you may study before your arrival for the Darkroom Retreat. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with Master Chia’s e-booklet in preparation for the Retreat.
  • Bring comfortable clothing.
  • Bring earplugs for sleeping and sunglasses.

Retreat weeks include:

  • Tuition fee
  • Three healthy fasting meals & darkroom supplement
  • Morning – Evening Darkroom Meditation
  • Rates include all applicable taxes and service charges


  • Transportation Service click here.
  • For Simple Room and Standard Room, there is an additional charge of THB 200 /day for air conditioning.

Note A Payments Deposit:
A deposit of THB 10,000 will be charged to your credit card, PayPal or Bank transfer at the time of reservation.
Any fee of payment channels will be deducted from full amount that transferred from guest’s payment.

Guarantee Policy:
Reservation must be guaranteed with one of these cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express

Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancellation has to be notify a month before the retreat starts and there will be 3.5% bank fee deduction.
  • Any cancellation made at least 30 days before the retreat starts, will incur a charge of 1 night’s stay and there will be 3.5% bank fee deduction.
  • Any cancellation made at least 14 days before the retreat starts, will incur a charge of 50% deposit and there will be 3.5% bank fee deduction.
  • Any cancellation made upon arrival, will be non-refundable.
  • This policy is firm and non-negotiable.

* Rates subject to change without notice.