European Spring 2019 Taoist Workshop in Paris, France
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Friday, April 26 - Thursday, May 2
All Day

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EUROPEAN Spring 2019 Mantak Chia in Paris, France

Friday April 26th – Thursday May 2nd, 2019

Forum 104, 104 rue de Vaugirard 75006 Paris

Transform your Stress into Vitality Who an I ? Understand your energies and detox your negative emotions with Fusion 1 & 2

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Paris, France | Friday, April 26th – Thursday, May 2nd, 2018

Friday 26th April

10:30 am – 17:00 pm  Introduction to the Healing Tao.

A day of demonstrations, talks and mini classes given by local Tao instructors.

18:30 am – 20:30 pm Evening Lecture by Mantak Chia

Saturday, 27th & Sunday 28th April

10:00 am – 17:30 pm Taoist Basic Practices: Micro-cosmic Orbit, Inner Smile & 6 Healing Sounds.

Monday,29 th April

10:00 am – 17:30 pm Essence of the 5 Taoist Elements – Who am I ? – Through looking at our own Inner Alchemy Astrology we can understand our energy better and personalize chi kung and the Fusion detox practices

Tuesday, 30th April & Thursday 2nd May

Emotional de-tox with Fusion of the 5 Elements 1 & 2Meditations.

Times :  Master Chia’s workshops start at 10am and finish at 5.30pm with a break for lunch. (finishes 17.00 2ndMay)

Master Chia teaches in English with live translation into French

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