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North America Spring 2019 Mantak Chia in Los Angeles
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Saturday, May 18 - Thursday, May 23
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North America Spring 2019 Mantak Chia in Los Angeles

Friday, May 18th – Thursday, May 23th, 2019

After over sixty years of study, practice and research of the Universal Healing Tao practices Master Chia is excited to share his new insights, discoveries and observations with his students in this workshop. Master Chia has taken a long journey discovering the Tao through his adolescence, adulthood, marriage, fatherhood and retiring years to reveal these interesting, informative and intriguing nuances, and subtleties of these Taoist practices evolving into the Universal Healing Tao System giving his students the fine points, emphasis, and correct focus of the Basic Universal Healing Tao practices for their enjoyment, self-discovery and enlightenment.


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In The Six Healing Sounds Master Mantak Chia explains how the pressures of modern life can cause excess heat to become trapped around the organs, causing energy blockages and sickness. He shows readers how the vibrations of the Six Healing Sounds and their accompanying postures redistribute this excess heat to the cooler regions of the body, thereby stimulating and balancing chi energy and restoring the vital organs. Regular practice of the Six Healing Sounds promotes optimal health for the organs, increased sexual pleasure, emotional balance, and the prevention of illness.

The Inner Smile is a practice that focuses gratitude and joy on the internal organs to resolve the physical and mental tensions that can lead to illness. In Taoism negative emotions–anger, sadness, depression, fear, and worry–are seen as low-grade energy that causes chronic disease and steals our major life force by creating energy blockages.

The Microcosmic Orbit showed practitioners how to establish the descending yin/feminine channel of the life-force energy loop. Within Taoist systems, cultivating feminine energy has always been seen as the key to gaining balance and wholeness.

14 NCBTMB Massage CEU hours in Universal Basic course available for USA Certified Massage Therapists.  NCBTMB-logo
Solla Pizzuto UHT Instructor

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