ONLINE Live Energy Transmission with Master Mantak Chia [European & Russian Event]


Learn Tao Practices for Challenging Times!

Take part in Online Live Courses – with Master Mantak Chia.
Teachings of Grandmaster Mantak Chia go online to let you experience a sense a shift in your life-force and vitality. Explore the teaching of the Grandmaster in the comfort of your own home

These workshops are beginner-friendly

English translated into 6 languages (German, Spanish, Italian, French, Romanian, Russian)

16th & 17th May: Awakening The Light of Healing & Wisdom
18th & 19th May: The Loving Energy that Heals – Transform Sexual Energy into Life Force

Participants can use PC or a smartphone by downloading Zoom software, which is available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS

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Central European Time (CET) i.e. France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Denmark etc.
09:00 – 12:00  | 1 hour  Break |13:00 – 15:00

UK & Ireland, Portugal
08.00 – 11.00  | 1 hour Break | 12.00 – 14.00

Teachings of Grandmaster Mantak Chia go online to let you experience a sense a shift in your life-force and vitality. Explore the teaching of the Grandmaster in the comfort of your own home.

Master Mantak Chia

Mantak Chia is the founder of Universal Healing Tao, a much-loved system of personal cultivation and spiritual development practiced all over the world. Through Taoist practice, you can learn simple techniques to reduce stress, create harmony and balance in your physical, emotional and spiritual self. Dedicate time to heal yourself and improve your life now. The Tao is simple, yet profound and complete.

What You will Get

  • E-booklet made by Master Chia. With highlights from his teaching. So you may concentrate on listening and practice more
  • Recording of this seminar. If you can’t be online during the full course, we give you 1 week to watch the full seminar again
  • LIVE meditation together with the Master and hundreds of meditators. You will participate in group practices during the seminar
  • LIVE Question session with Master. You may ask questions live before the end of each session
  • Accredited hours towards Instructor certification

16th & 17th May 2020: Awakening The Light of Healing & Wisdom

This workshop includes the Inner Alchemy basics of: Back to the Body Wisdom, Inner Smile, Emotional Wisdom, 6 Healing Sounds, Born again process, Microcosmic Orbit, Tan Tien/North Star connection and Taoist 5 Elements theory. These foundational practices will awaken your qi/life-force energy. Explore ways to stay centered and grounded and to cultivate your own life-force.

Taoist methods to:

  • Manage your Emotions ~ release & recycle negative energy
  • Transform Stress into Vitality
  • Strengthen your Immune System
  • Open your Energy Channels
  • Develop Healing Power through Primordial Chi Kung

These foundation practices bring you back to the body’s wisdom.

Healing Light

Immune Activation

Discover how to activate the Primordial Breath, awaken Healing Violet Light and the True Light.

kidney sound

Emotional Wisdom

Learn 6 Healing sounds, Emotion’s Creating Cycle. Get to know how to transform negative emotions
Explore Taoist Inner Smile meditation

Microcosmic Orbit

Microcosmic Orbit

Activate the Primordial Force, Three fires in Six directions. Open the Microcosmic Orbit

18th & 19th May 2020: The Loving Energy that Heals – Transform Sexual Energy to Life Force

Sexual energy is an extremely powerful tool for revitalization and accessing higher spiritual energy. Master Chia unrevels the secrets of recycling your life-essence in order to increase longevity, improve your quality of life and love-making. Feel the loving energy that really heals!

Learn about:

  • Transforming Sexual Energy to Strengthen Your Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Becoming Multi-Orgasmic Man & Woman
  • Sexual Reflexology
  • Dual Cultivation/Harmonious Love-Making
  • The many types of Orgasm for Women & Men
  • Harmony of Yin & Yang / Combing the Energies of Sex & Love
  • Ways to Increase your Creative Power & Wisdom
  • Taoist Techniques for Sexual Healing

Improve Relationships

Learn to control the ejaculation by practicing the External Locking Method (the famous ‘Million Dollar Point’), the Power Lock and the Big Draw

Iron Shirt

Multi-Orgasmic Lover

Open the channels of your body by practicing the Iron Shirt Chi Kung and Microcosmic Orbit Meditation and circulate the Chi-energy in your body

Dual Cultivation

Master Taoist Sexual Reflexology to be multiorgasmic and get full-body orgasms. Awaken your creative mind by gaining sexual power

Daily Schedule

Central European Time (CET) i.e. France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Denmark etc.

  • 09:00 – 12:00  |  Break  |  13:00 – 15:00

UK & Ireland, Portugal

  • 08:00 – 11.00  |  Break  | 12:00 – 14.00


Reviews of this seminar

Live Transmission events

Master Chia is brilliant.
There were a lot of exercises to help us feel the energy immediately.
*Ariana Ramos*

Great format and absolutely invaluable source of information and practical knowledge
*Svetlana Koasacheva*

I have received priceless knowledge and experience here. I spent 1 month learning with Master Mantak Chia and it was one of the best time in my life!
The food was great and healthy. The big natural garden is well maintained. And I was very pleased by reception desk staff’s work.

What software do I need?

For participation you can use your pc or smartphone.

We use Zoom sofware, which is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and for Android and Apple.

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Cancellation Policy

Refunds are not available after the seminar begins

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