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“Opening the Door of Ascension“ Dark Room Retreat At Tao Garden, Chiang MaiI, Thailand (English Only)

Master of Meditation, Daniel Mitel and Agathi Chris are teaching again in the famous Dark Room Retreat at Tao Garden, Thailand. Experience a unique spiritual awakening!!

Master of Meditation, Daniel Mitel and Agathi Chris are teaching again in the famous Dark Room Retreat at Tao Garden, Thailand. Experience a unique spiritual awakening!!

All spiritual traditions have used the Dark Room meditations in order to balance the energy of pineal and pituitary glands and to decode the universal information carried from outer space to our dimension.

The Taoist system refers to the Dark Room as the Perfect Inner Alchemy Chamber. Tibetans used it for healing and Egyptians used the Dark Rooms in the Pyramids as connections with other dimensions. The Essenes used the caves near Dead Sea in Israel to reconnect with their hearts. The Himalayan Masters are using the dark caves of the mountains as places for ascension. The Hesychast Monks living in Mount Athos or Carpathian Mountains from Romania and Ukraine were frequently using the dark caves or dark rooms for praying in the heart meditation and connection with the divine spirit.

When you are in the dark room your melatonin is building up more than usual and when it reaches 15-20mg your body starts producing pinoline (a very powerful superconductor). This is the time when the pineal gland is able to adopt a secondary function of producing the DMT known also as “The Spirit Molecule”.

“Opening the Door of Ascension“
“Opening the Door of Ascension“ Dark Room Retreat Group

At this stage you are able to function consciously from your chakras and the body goes trough a powerful inner healing process. The heart chakra state of true compassion combined with the arousal of the creation energy from the second chakra create a new chemistry and new vibration within the body that happens just in the dark room!

This new special vibration occurs at a frequency of 8Hz and helps you enter the primordial state when the true self and divinity are united inside of you. As Hermes said few thousands of years ago, “As above so below” is happening inside of you! The new vibration helps you to literally conduct the universal energy and cosmic particles are attracted to you magnetically.

You might be able to see clearly the past and the future, the Akashic Records are opening to you in a natural way. You understand the true meaning of existence and you return to the cosmic womb, the Infinite Spirit – the Feminine Energy.

Right from the first day, Master Daniel Mitel will have a powerful meditations that will help you to move your spirit from the brain to the heart in a natural way. For all five days you will stay in your heart; it is a unique period of time when you can live, feel and see just from your heart! The light inside and around you is going to be non-polarised and you will see from the eye of the heart.

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Accommodation options (please note that single room only upon availability)
Single room: 20,000THB/person
Shared room: 14,800THB/person
Triple room: 13,320THB/person

Please note that Tao Garden has a strict cancellation policy and there are no refunds for your bookings.

“Opening the Door of Ascension“ Dark Room Retreat

Each person will sign a consent form, whereby acknowledging the responsibility for being 5 days in light isolation, silence and just with water/juice. Each person must confirm that is free from mental illness or any other delicate health condition, be over 18 years and agree to stay for the full duration of the specified period, without interrupting the process for others.

For more information please visit: The School of the Heart – Dark Room Retreat

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Please contact: retreatreservation@tao-garden.com

Retreat participants are requested to make a minimum deposit of THB 10,000 per person upon booking accommodations. PayPal payment fee (approximately 2.5% – 4.5%) will be deducted from full amount that transferred from guest’s payment.

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Note A Payments Deposit:
A deposit of THB 10,000 will be charged to your credit card, PayPal or Bank transfer at the time of reservation.
Any fee of payment channels will be deducted from full amount that transferred from guest’s payment.

Guarantee Policy:
Reservation must be guaranteed with one of these cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express

Accommodation Cancellation Policy:
Any cancellation made at least one month before a scheduled date will incur a charge of 1 night’s stay.

* Rates subject to change without notice.
** Available from Monday – Saturday

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