Eye Improvement

9 August 2019 /

by Dr. R. A. Richardson

Carry this eye chart so many inches away from you

45 Read it once or twice a day to improve your sight and prevent presbyopia.
40 Presbyopia is poor sight, supposed to be due to advancing age. In reality, like all
35 other kinds of poor sight, it is largely due to a combination of impaired health, disturbed eye
30 muscles and bad habits of straining to re. In nearly all cases of falling sight, or defective sight. It Is possible to restore sight by exercise and training the normal use of eyes and mind to see.
25 When reading. hold this card or other printed matter 13 Inches from the eye. If the letters are not distinct do not strain to see them, but quietly wait and relax the eye muscles; let go, until they become clear.
20 Or close the eyes for a minute or two and imagine you see the letters’ without strain. Then look directly at the letters, changing rapidly from letter to letter without strain. The letter you are looking directly at is blacker than the letters next to it.
15 With Perfect Sight you can see the letters on the other side of this card at twice the distance indicated by the figures above each line, and at any distance between that distance and three inches from the eye. For instance, the letters on the 30-inch line may be clearly distinguished at any distance from 3 inches to 60 inches. If not- Move the card back and forth till you find the distance at which the 30-inch letters appear blackest.
Then look at the O on that line. Now close the eyes and thoroughly relax them. Now imagine a perfectly black O and then look again at the O on the 30-inch line. As soon as the O seems blacker after one such trial, move the card an inch closer next time before opening the eyes. Do not strain. If it strains you to see the 30-inch line use one of the upper lines.

Look at the four dots in t-he corners on the other side of the card. As you move your eyes slowly from dot to dot, from side to aide, or up and down, or diagonally, the card and letters’ will appear to move the opposite direction if you have good control and free motion of your eye muscles. When you close your eyes you can remember the dot perfectly black and distinct if you have seen it perfectly.

If you cannot do this, try to remember a black dot, or to imagine one, and keep looking at the black dot with your eyes open and with your eyes closed you can see it clearly and distinctly. By so doing you will acquire the ability to relax your mind and eyes at will and to see perfectly under favorable conditions. This exercise also stops pain. Learn to look with eyes and mind relaxed. Never Blare. Never strain to see. Straining to read or see unfamiliar letters, words or objects near the eye causes hyperopia (farsightedness) and presbyopia (old-sight). Staring to see unfamiliar distant objects causes myopia (near-sightedness).

Vision is nine-tenths mental and one-tenth physical. For this reason a familiar object is seen more easily than a unfamiliar object. Knowing this, when looking at an unfamiliar object, do not strain to see, but realize that it is the unfamiliarity of the object that makes it hard to see.

Perfect sight will be yours whenever you look directly at what you wish to see, without strain. When your sight is perfect you look directly at each part of the object in rapid succession shifting your attention rapidly and continuously from point to point. When you have once seen an object perfectly you can remember it perfectly and imagine it perfectly at will.

Thus a perfectly black 0 or dot can be instantly remembered or imagined and held before the eyes continuously while they remain relaxed. With Perfect Sight, black objects appear perfectly black, whether the light is dim or bright, and whether they are near or far, and the white background appears white. Nine people out of every ten can be made to see as well as a normal ten-year-old child. Faithful performance of the eye exercises prescribed for you, together with other exercise to improve your physical condition, will give you perfect sight in due time.

Remember that all people cannot cure themselves. They have to have some help from a physician who understands the body from a standpoint of structure and function. It may be that you have some trouble in the intestinal tract or with your spine, or it is possible that you are eating something that is poisoning your system. Remember what is food for one person may be poison for another, therefore, you should study. Learn something about diet and physical exercise. Worrying only makes your condition worse. Find some constructive work to occupy your mind. There is nothing better than reading a good book and studying it. Learn all about how to be healthy, happy and successful.

All Doctors are human. When you see that your doctor is doing all he can to help you you should follow his instructions and make the work easy for him and assure & quicker cure for yourself. He cannot help you unless you are willing to help yourself. The doctor is just as anxious to cure you as you are to be cured. He knows that the quicken you are cured the more boosting you will do and the better his practice will be. All doctors like to be praised). In fact everyone does, therefore, have a good word to say for everything and everyone or else keep still. The whole world loves a booster while knockers are never welcome anywhere. No matter what your lot in life is there are many others worse off.

Keep your troubles to yourself. They are only boresome to other people and no one wants to hear them. Just get busy and do something and you will be happier, healthier and wealthier.

If you cannot read the above fine print do not strain your eyes because the more you strain the harder it will be to read. When you learn how to read the above fine print it will greatly improve your vision because you will have to learn to relax the eyes and mind before you can read it. When the eyes are thoroughly relaxed the blood circulates freely. The venous blood carries away the waste matter and the fresh arterial blood carries the necessary building substance for strengthening the eyes. Slow blinking is a real help to many patients while with other individuals, fart banking may give them a higher degree of relaxation and result in clearer vision without eye strain.

Keep in mind at all times that the harder you try to see, the less you see. With this in mind you will soon grasp the idea of learning how to relax. Through hurry, worry, and fear, the body which is more than 70% fluid is held in a state of tension which results in destruction to cell life and a disintegradation of normal, healthy tissue.

Nervous people are nervous because they do not know how to relax. They do not even know how to sleep profoundly which results in a waste of nerve energy, neurasthenia, insanity, constipation, indigestion, anemia, and many other diseases too numerous to mention.

There is not a single disease that cannot be treated more effectively by natural methods of aiding the body than by the use of drugs which always do more harm than good. The temporary relief derived by the use of drugs is never worth the price it costs. Teaching people how to live and how to think is the only sure way to health, happiness, and success.

Any one of the common diseases may result in a loss of tone to the eyes and a hindrance to normal function. None of our diseases can ever be cured by any line of treatment that does not teach the correct use of the five essentials of life. No treatment is complete or can ever be effective unless it includes the care of the mental, spiritual and physical body.

Variant on Hi Squares – (Myofia)

This exercise is a variant of the HI SQARES exercise, however, I have modified it slightly so that it became more effective for me while working with myopia. This exercise helps train the eyes to use the crossing and focusing muscles together for distance.


First learn how to comfortably do the HI SQUARES exercise so that you can create the third square both while crossing your eyes and using your far vision. You must also be able to hold the visual image while moving the paper closer and further from you. If you can, you are ready to expand the exercise by increasing the distance.

Tape this exercise on the wall next to the eye chart. Now perform the exercises while stepping back from the chart and hold the image. You should do both crossed and far-focus. You can pick up the far-focus by touching your nose on the page between the HI SQUARES and step back. Learn to blink while still holding the image so that you can let your eyes break when needed. It is possible to step back twenty feet while still holding the image. As you train your eyes to work together moving farther and farther from the wall, you may begin to see that after doing this exercise the eye chart is much clearer. (If I have been doing close work and find my sight blurry, I can immediately improve my far focus by doing this exercise.)

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