Simple Chi Kung
By Mantak Chia and Lee Holden

January 2012

Taoist Master Mantak Chia began his training at the age of six and continued studying until he became one of the most respected teachers and practitioners in recent history. For decades he has made esoteric teaching, formerly reserved for the few, available to anyone who is willing to invest time and energy into reading his books, listening to his recordings, and practicing the techniques he teaches. In recent years, he began the process of distilling these complex teachings into simple, understandable beginning exercises, providing entry points for those who are new to these ancient Eastern practices. With this new book, written with Taoist teacher and healer Lee Holden, he offers readers a daily routine which will not only improve physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, but also provide a foundation for more advanced study.

The ability to access and direct chi, the universal energy of all life, is the key to becoming healthier and happier. Chi Kung is the traditional Taoist system for keeping chi strong and free-flowing. Simple Chi Kung begins with a history of that system and an explanation of how and why it works. Once the groundwork has been laid, these authors spell out an easy, common sense protocol designed to tone the body and the mind, and stimulate the flow of chi. It is a whole body workout, beginning with a breathing exercise and ending with stimulation of the bones. As always, Master Chia includes specific guidelines and cautions to insure that readers can safely engage in this practice.

I’ve studied Mantak Chia’s teachings, through his books and recorded materials, for almost twenty years. The rewards of practicing his techniques are enormous. I’m delighted that he and Mr. Holden have created this easy-to-learn, concise Chi Kung routine for daily practice. It serves as both a great starter course and an even better daily maintenance ritual. Thank you Master Chia!

Reviewed by Anna Jedrziewski

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