Dear students,

We are glad you decided to join the online workshops “Qigong – Inner Alchemy Series”! 

On November 4th we are starting the first week of the workshops – Inner Alchemy and Sexual Alchemy Fundamentals – and here is some useful information for you:

1. Your link for the Workshop

All workshops will be online LIVE, and we recommend joining LIVE to feel the energy transmission during the practice.

For participation you can use your pc or smartphone. We use Zoom software, which is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and for Android and Apple. You can download Zoom for meetings here. Please check our Student Online guide with Q&A.

You will receive your Zoom link to join Live workshops of the upcoming week on Confirmation of Attendance on Wednesday, the link is the same for all workshops of the week.

If you can’t make it live, you can always watch recordings at your account at (you have lifetime access to recordings).

2. Daily Schedule (Paris time):

Workshops are taking place from Friday to Monday

  • 08:00am – 12:00pm Workshop with Mantak Chia

3. Access to recordings

You can find recordings at your account at

Usually, we upload recording lessons the next day after the live lessons. We will create an account for you the next day after Live Workshop starts and then upload new videos. 

After new videos will be uploaded in your account you will get several emails:

  • If you don’t have an account at – you will get an email with credentials (your login and password created automatically)
  • Notification that course already available at your account
  • Our personal email just for you with notification and several instructions

We kindly invite you to check our Guide on how to find your login, password and recordings:

4. Certification

To become Inner Alchemy Instructor Level 1 you need a minimum of 40 hours of workshops (Weeks 1+2 of the Qigong Series). After this contact a Senior Instructor for evaluation. It can be done live or online in Zoom.

The evaluation will be: Cranial Sacral Qigong, Wisdom Qigong, 5 Element Qigong, Stem Cell Qigong. You do not have to do all 4 disciplines at once. You can do one or two or three or all 4.

Learn more about certification steps here: Click here

If you have more questions about certification, please contact our senior instructor Walter Kellenberger: [email protected]

5. Recommended products for this workshop to enhance your practice:

You can find here the list of books and tools to enhance your experience:

For participants of Week 4 only we recommend Chi Weight:

You can also buy some of the products in Europe from UHT senior instructors:

France/Belgium/Switzerland[email protected][email protected][email protected]
Italy[email protected][email protected]

6. Confirmation of Attendance

All participants of this Online Workshop will get a Confirmation of Attendance signed by Grandmaster Mantak Chia. Please note that this Confirmation doesn’t give a right to teach.

Please, check that your name and surname of your account at are correct for the certificate of Attendance.

If you would like to change it – please check a step-by-step instructions here: