Decreases the spreading of tumor and cancerous cells, arteriosclerosis, degeneration of bones and cartilage (vertebrate problems), acidosis, diabetes, chronic indigestion, overweight and obesity, high blood pressure and weakening of the heart.

  • Lab Analyses: The cleaned fruit with its dark seeds provides per gram more Vitamin A than carrots, more Vitamin C than oranges, and high amounts of Vitamin D & B, as well an unique enzyme-complex supporting the digestion of protein, carbohydrates and fats. Papain is the most active enzyme of the green papaya and its action in the digestion is more effective than Pepsin and Pancreatin, which is used to stimulate the function of the pancreas. Today due to the higher consumption of meat the support or digestive-enzyme is indispensable, especially because of the high intake of animal protein, saturated fats and simple sugars (monosaccharide) the function of the pancreas to produce and segregate enzyme is no longer sufficient. Protein only gets digested if the stomach produces a sufficient amount of hydrochloric acid, which is essential for absorption of calcium in the body. Only in an acid environment it is possible for the conventional segregate enzyme Pepsin to function well as a “digestive-support”. In comparison Papain not only functions 100% in an alkaline, neutral and acid stomach environment, but further keeps alkaline/acid level balanced throughout the body.
  • Acidosis (hyper acidity of the blood and the body) is the main cause of disease and illnesses due to over consumption of acid-forming foods and indigestible proteins. Due to insufficient production of hydrochloric acid and a daily accumulation of mucous, which means the undigested protein and fat molecules builds up viscous (solid mucous layers) in the arteries, intestinal flora, lymph and muscle tissue. Those mucous layers solidify into crystallizing acid, which cause painful rheumatic conditions, destruction of tissue and nerve endings, accumulation of phlegm in the lungs, bronchi and sinews resulting in allergies, asthma, obstruction of hearing and sight. Accumulation of mucous in the arteries causes high blood pressure. As we grow older the sticky-gluey intestinal flora inhibits sufficient absorption of Vitamin B, which is an essential substance for nourishing nerves and the brain, Vitamin B deficiency leads to depression, weak memory, and the degeneration of the entire nervous system and brain cells. The nerve endings get destroyed through acid deposits in the body; the impulses of the brain can not get to the creating paralysis. The green papaya has a therapeutic value due to its antiseptic quality. It cleans the intestines from bacteria (only a healthy intestine is able to absorb vitamins and minerals (especially Vitamin B-12). Bacteria causes a daily toxemia of the blood and a weakening of the immune system and heart. Papain helps to loosen the solidified mucous deposits without harming the healthy, living cells.
  • The concentrated white-milky juice (Papain-Latex) of the papaya tree and the green fruit was successfully used in treating cancerous tumors and accumulation of pus in the body. For the treatment of cancer they used as well a certain Vitamin B 17 (Laetrile abstracted from the kernels). The same substance can be found in apricot kernels.
  • Famous physicians from Mexico and South America had tremendous results with Papaya Latex. The juice is directly injected into the diseased bone or cartilage tissue. This method of Papain-injection cured patients with active tumors. The combination of Bromalin (enzyme of green pineapple) & Papain is an old remedy of treating inflammation of joints and bone marrow.
  • It is scientifically proven that Papain transforms protein into an essential amino acid called Argenine. Argenine is one the seven essential amino acids, none of which can be produced by the body itself and therefore each needs to be provided by food. Argenine stimulates the production of HGH, a growth hormone segregated by the hypothalamus and which is important for the renewal of cells (DNA arid RNA) especially for the regeneration of the liver, muscle, and cartilage cells. Further, high consumption of Argenine inhibits the growth of cancerous cells, especially in breast and ovarian tissue.
  • The chemical transformation of Papain into Argenine helps to rejuvenate weakened muscle and facial tissue and discharge excess body fats. For overweight people it is ideal to fast using papaya juice and papaya salad. The daily consumption of one green papaya (approximately.500g ) with the skin used as jam or salad helps gradually to discharge solidified mucous and dead cell-tissue due do the unique enzyme Papain. It is best to use the green to yellow-green fruit (still crispy), because Papuan loses it effect upon transformation into fructose. You clean the fruit from the kernels and blend it either into a jam or grate it into a salad. The salad, mixed with garlic, lemon and ground dried papaya kernels is delicious.
  • You can use either the kernels of the green or ripe papaya to make a tea, which promotes digestion (high in Vitamin C). It is recommended to drink 1-1.5 liter of papaya tea one hour after eating the jam or salad to flush out deposits. Green papaya used as a cooked vegetable makes meat more digestible (sliced in pieces with the skin & cooked together with meat). A delicacy is ‘Papaya-Sauerkraut” (lacto-fermented) served with fish or hard to digest proteins & fats to aid digestion.