Welcome to Master Mantak Chia’s Online 7-week Summer Retreat from July 7th to August 22rd, 2023. A Complete Taoist Guide to a Better Life, the online class with Grandmaster Mantak Chia. Click here for book another weeks https://www.mantakchia.com/event/online-summer-retreat-2023/


Friday-Monday, 9:00-13:00 Paris time

Week 7: 18 – 21 August: Chi Nei Tsang III Tok Sen,Chi Nei Tsang V (Life Pulse Massage)

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CNT 3 Toksen is performed with the use of wooden tools that create resonance and vibration for healing. It is a muscle-tendon-meridian massage. Throughout the massage sections in this course you will use the hand techniques (finger presser, twisting & spiraling, hand scooping & wave techniques) used in Chi Nei Tsang I to open up and release the blockages in your body. 

Chi Nei Tsang IV is a medical genital massage to improve sexual organ health and overall wellbeing. It reveals that blood and Qi often flow side by side throughout the body. Areas of slow or congested circulation lead to blockages in the flow of vital energy and toxin accumulation in the body. 

You will learn the practice of Chi Nei Tsang V Life Pulse Massage to clear the blockages, revitalizing cardiovascular function, detoxifying the organs, and restoring the flow of blood and chi throughout the body.


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Here are our answers on the questions you might have:

How long will I have access to the Session Recordings?

— If you can’t join us online, you will have lifetime access to recordings after the LIVE event. 

Can I ask my questions during the session?

— The Healing Session doesn’t include a Q&A with Grandmaster Mantak Chia. However you can write your questions in the Zoom chat and a Senior Instructor will answer you back.