The questions are:

1. What is makes us loose energy? Please, point out the specific reasons of the western way of life.

There are many ways people can loose their energy. In the Tao way we concern a few ways.

Earth Sun Heaven

a. Loosing energy through the emotional, the negative emotion like anger, like fire will burn the wood energy in the liver and change all the hormone and the liver, this will cause malfunction and make more cholesterol, which will affect all the organs especially the heart and the circulation. When the fire burns in the liver it will affect the heart function to work. Any emotional will affect the heart beat and brainwork too hard which is loose a lot of energy.
b. Loosing energy through the absent minded and don’t know how to guarding against the life force (primordial force) that we born from. Very impatience, and shallow breathing and absent minded will loose Life force.
c. Stress creating many malfunctions in our body function and cause to loose much energy.

2. Can you please explain us your method of working the Chi? How can it help us to restore our energy?

In the Universal Tao practice, there are few basic training that will help to keep and increase more life energy.

Inner Smile

a. Learn how to relax with the Inner Smile and lower the upper mind down to the lower mind the heart mind and the Lower abdominal mind, the Navel area.
b. The primordial breath (the breath of life) this will help to change to the lower and deeper breath. Will help bring life force and Chi through out the whole body cells. This will help restore the Life force.
c. The Microcosmic Orbit, Learn how to circulating the life force inside the body and to take in more earth and Universal force to help restore more life force to us.


4. Speak to us about the curative or healing sounds and how they can help us in our daily life.

The six healing sounds is a set of sound, with the hands position, color and negative emotional. With the practice will help cool down the organs calm the heart, help change the negative to positive emotion. This alone will give the body more energy to heal.

Six Healing Sounds

5. Please explain us your meditation about the inner smile and how it can benefit us.

The Inner Smile meditation is a way to learn how to get in touch with the vital organs, and our body, learn smile to reconnect, aware, care and bring the healing energy to our body. The inner smile will help open the heart, which is the major healing power in our body.

6. Please explain us your technique on bone breathing and in which cases it is indicated.

The Bone breathing is one of the Tao major practices to learn how to breathe into the bone marrow. As Tao said Chi (life Force) have to be absorbed into the bone marrow. This will help increase the production of the red blood cells, the white blood cells, and the stem cells. All these are the major life for to carry out our life and healing, and help to restore back our life force.