Spiritual detox is useful to enable us to live our whole self authority. When we are living according to others beliefs, actions, thoughts, habits, words, attitudes, values, emotions (Bathwaves)instead of our own it is helpful to get support and tools we can bring home to our daily living. According to quantum physics, the way to do it is to replace the old way with our new ways and true desires.

Spirutal Detox Mantak Chia

Knowing our true desires by getting in touch with who we truly are and energizing ourselves, brings a sense of well-being and supports us in living fulfilling and satisfying ways. We offer many useful techniques for doing this.

In Conclusion

Examples of our spiritual detox are the Six healing sounds practice, Chi Kung exercises,  Tao yoga, Cosmic inner smile, meditation, Healing Love, quantum life coaching, to mention a few. We can  design a program to help you destress and find yourself.

By Dr. Angela Longo, Lic. Acu, Ph. D

Mind & Body Detox by Yoga

Mind & Body Detox by Yoga

Meditation Mantak Chia