That is what the Tao and goal the Universal Healing Tao System of practices is all about: attuning ourselves to our more subtle ‘quantum structure’ within in order to function in accordance with our innate capacities in the interpenetrating quantum world that we are already a part of. It is a process of returning to our subtle nature as we connect our awareness and consciousness with our chi, the ‘primordial force,’ and the Wu Chi—referring to this subatomic quantum realm with Taoist terms. Darkroom Retreat meditation practices are conducted yearly in February at Mantak Chia’s Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort. They provide an ambience for dips in the ‘Quantum Sea of Light’ in the mother lode of darkness by awakening our inner vision capacities and opening ourselves to the interconnectedness with the universe(s) accessed within.

“Change is constant in nature. … [Reference to the changing states of water] … In the same way, death is a mere transformation, not an end. We need not be terrified of it. In fact, our sentimental emotions are totally irrelevant.”

“So you see,” added Crystal Spring, “that Chuang Tzu is throwing us a diversion. … [He dreamed he was a butterfly.] … He is neither Chuang Tzu nor the butterfly. He is both at once. What is important is not to be deceived by the dualistic question of whether he was one or the other, but to realize that there is some underlying essence beneath it all.”

“Do not fear the sensations you feel during meditation,” concluded Slender Gourd. “Let all phenomena come and go. Even death is a part of such illusion. Don’t identify with phenomena, but instead look deeply into the Tao and its source. Forget the illusion of a separate existence. Cast off this imaginary limitation that separates you from the Way. Let your finiteness merge with the infinite. Far from becoming diminished, you will become infinite yourself. When you have this perception, you will then know the true secret of the sages: The mind of one who returns to the Source becomes the Source.”

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