Marina Drown

Yoga is our relationship with Mantra, Yantra and Tantra.

(Spiritual sounds, visualizations and sexuality) Yoga keeps the Body and Mind together and this opens space to work with our Spirit. Yoga helps to maintain a healthy, strong body and supports us to look and feel younger. These classes are open for everyone. You will perform easy Asanas (positions). You will do different kinds of Pranayama (breathing).

Hand Mudras (positions) are for concentration and storing your energy. Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) for awakening our energy and opening channels with sunshine energy. Who: These classes are open for everyone. time: 90 minutes Private classes are available Your Teacher: Marina is a Yoga teacher, Spiritual Midwife, Rebirther and Universal Healing Tao Instructor. She teaches out of deep experience and with a sense of humor.

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Dip. Ac – Fang Shi

Benjamin Elan

Fang Shi is the ancient Chinese name given to special advisers of the king on matters of health and spirituality.

I guide my clients towards a life of thriving health and spiritual fulfilment, helping them transition beyond old paradigms into physical vitality, deep emotional wellbeing, warm human connection, and a powerful sense of purpose.
In ancient china, health was measured not only by the absence of physical illness, but also by strength of mind and body, emotional balance, vibrancy of energy, integrity of character, connection to one’s family and community, progression on a spiritual path, and the ability to contribute to the greater good.

I work with clients in achieving health in multiple realms of life – Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, and Social. To achieve this, I utilizing a fusion of multiple disciplines including Chinese Medicine, Narrative Therapy, Rewilding theory, Somatic Embodiment, Qi Gong and the Eastern Longevity Arts, Herbalism and many others.

Contribution to community and a sense of belonging are inextricable parts of health. In a world that often overlooks the importance of human connection, I work with clients to establish and strengthen healthy ties with their communities and with the wider human tapestry. Together we explore ways in which contribution can serve as an integral part of your spiritual development.

I also offer consulting services to individuals interested in creating wellness projects of high integrity. I work with clients in building holistic projects that are extensions of their own path to health and reflect the positive impact they wish to have on the world.


About Benjamin Elan, Dip.Ac:

Benjamin has immersed himself in Chinese Medicine for over 15 years. Trained in the Classical Stems & Branches tradition, he is a certified Acupuncturist, Herbalist and Medical Qi Gong instructor. He also holds a Graduate degree in Narrative Therapy and Community Work from Melbourne University.

Benjamin began his journey doing community health work with indigenous tribes in the Middle East. He has since gone on to practice and teach holistic medicine in over a dozen countries. He works regularly with a diverse range of clients from all walks of life – including the likes of Balinese farmers, Silicon Valley Executives, Arab Sheiks and African Refugees.

Through his work, Benjamin continues to explore effective ways for healing that combine therapeutic conversation with energy work, qi gong and social connection. He is currently practicing at the Pakua clinic in Tao Gardens in Chiang Mai, where he offers sessions in Classical Chinese Acupuncture, Narrative Therapy and Individual mentoring. In his free time, he enjoys writing poetry, being involved in the community, and drinking tea with his many friends.

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Quantum Healing

Kelly Wedin

Is there something disrupting you from living the life you truly desire? Do you desire change though unsure how to create the changes you desire?

Do you ever feel like your life is on repeat, the same symptoms/illnesses continue to show up in your life, or you continue to have the same reactions towards loved ones? Are you tired of the repetition of the same patterns showing up? Have you tried several things and nothing seems to work?
Quantum Healing Offers:

  • an awareness of your true self
  • the power of shifting mirroring relationships
  • secrets to living the proudest version of you
  • identifying limiting belief and patters and shifting them
  • living the life you truly desire

How do I know it is possible? I lived a life full of illness, of overwhelming feelings of depression, a life full of patterns that persistently showed up. A life where I was on an emotional rollercoaster until one day I learned this simple way to live an aware and conscious life. Now I am manifesting and living the life I truly desire.

Kelly has a master’s degree in Education and Human Development with over 12 years of teaching experience. She is a student of Dr. Angela’s and is a trained Quantum Coach. Kelly is certified as an Usui Level 1 Reiki Practitioner, a Chakra Healing Artist. She has certifications in UHT basic training with Master Mantak Chia, 5 Element Organs Elixir Qigong with Sarina Stone & Tevia Feng, and Zhong Yuan Level 1 Qigong certification. Kelly is the author of The International Escape. Have lived and taught overseas for 8 years. After Kelly’s own struggle

with chronic illness led her to discover, study, and is now coaching others to live their dream life.

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Certified Instructor

David Ching

Meridians are the energy channels of the organs. By simple touch or with pressure, energy is sent through the meridians, activating, opening up the meridians and clearing blockages allowing for freer energy circulations and flows. The body will be filled with energy that goes where the body needs depending on the body conditioning of the individual. It is possible that the receiver will feel connected to the universe, receive messages or visions. Other possible benefits include : feeling of lightness of the body, clarity in the mind, and also pleasure. With better energy circulations of the meridians, functioning of the organs will be enhanced.
This massage is complementary to Chi Nei Tsang which is a direct massage to the organs.

Duration : 90 minutes
Price : 3100 THB

Optional if the client wants to deal with some particular blockages or pains, 120 minutes 4000 THB
For more information, please contact our Clinic Receptionist at Pakua Clinic or call “3333” from your room.

Pakua Clinic:+66(0) 5392 1211

Spiritual Healer

Karl Eberhard ( Eb ) Foemmel

  • Over 30 years of spiritual practices
  • Over 18 years – Channelling Specialist and Spiritual Healer
  • Since 1995 – Instructor of the Universal Tao of Grandmaster Mantak Chia
  • 2001 – Cosmic Senior Teacher of Universal Tao
  • 2004 – Spiritual Healer of Piotr Elkunovic School
  • 2007 – Sai Baba’s personal Student, received Initiation for Soul Healing

Education: studied theology, philosophy and psychology, gestalt- and family therapy in Marburg, Trier, and Berlin. Over 8 years of psychological practice.

Healing Sessions:

(lying position, hands touch)

Cleaning/strengthening/healing/transforming/charging/moving the body energy with 6 healing sounds, nature and the source powers
Removing blockages (in body and mind) by moving the energy. For some sensitive clients – transformation to establish light bodies (astral/mind/soul)
Liberation the body from spirits who suck the energy
Connecting to the soul body
Giving strength before birth and afterlife (the energy of the body normally splits after death, we bind them together and lead to the Devine

Energy Practice Sessions:

Opening crown chakra and love radiation from the heart
Establishing the love connection with others, making good weather inside
Finding happiness and a reason for living
Raising creative mind power and thoughts control
And much more…

Pakua Clinic:+66(0) 5392 1211

Structural / Chakra Integration Therapy

Dr. Leonard McGill

Body Intuitive Massage

Dr. Leonard McGill has been a natural healthcare physician for 27 years, treating over 10,000 patients. He is the author of the bestselling Chiropractic self-help book of all time, “The Chiropractor’s Health Book” (Crown Publishers, New York), and a Tao Garden Visiting Healthcare Practitioner since 2013.
Clients often feel an influx of healing energy during a session. Many report an immediate sensation of relaxation, better posture and a new ease of movement. The therapy is particularly successful with headaches, neck and back pain, hip and knee pain, and other musculoskeletal conditions. It is a perfect adjunct to such practices and yoga, Thai massage and Qi Gong.

A subtle approach to bodywork, Structural / Chakra Integration Therapy uses the body’s innate healing wisdom in its analysis of a client and their treatment. Several different energy systems are accessed and “tuned” during the treatment.

Often information about the underlying cause of a client’s health challenges arise during a session. This information can be invaluable to clients still searching for answers to their health problems.

Sessions last 30 or 60 minutes, with a great deal of integration accomplished in a short amount of time.

30 minute sessions: Chiropractic re-alignment, chakra balancing, foot reflexology. 1,500 THB

60 minute sessions: Chiropractic re-alignment, chakra balancing, foot reflexology, Chi Nei Tsang, Taoist Cosmic Healing, neck/shoulder oil massage. 2,000 THB

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Akashic Records Consultant, Akashic Tarot Reader, Certified Tantric Journey Educator

Noel Tuan

Noel Tuan is a full time Akashic Records Consultant, Akashic Tarot Reader, Certified Tantric Journey Educator and Kundalini Yoga Teacher in Training. He practices Calisthenics, Qigong and works closely with Astrology, Breathwork, Crystals, Essential Oils, Mantras, Meditation and Sacred Geometry.
Prior to embarking on his spiritual journey, Noel used to be an Investment Banker, Health & Fitness Instructor, Competitive Boxer, Runner and Dancer and Owner of an Organic Raw Vegan Superfood snacks manufacturing business and cafe.

It was through the guidance and support of the Akashic Records, that Noel discovered his true self. The Akashic Records transformed his life. Since 2017, Noel Tuan dedicated his life’s vocation to supporting people with their transformational journey. He does this primarily through the Akashic Records and through DEAR Bodywork.

The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records, also referred to as the “Book of Life”, contain every thought, intent, action and emotion that you and every other soul has ever experienced – consciously or unconsciously – since the inception of dawn. The Akashic Records is the sum total of accumulated wisdom and infinite knowledge of the universe and all of existence.
The Akashic Records are interactive and ever evolving. The records contain information about the past, present, and the possible future. As the strongest determining factor of one’s future is one’s free will, the future can never be defined.
The information that is available will be determined by what the person requires at the point in their life and whether he/she is ready for the information. The Akashic Records are a place of healing and love.
Detoxification of Emotions via the Akashic Records (DEAR) Bodywork
DEAR Bodywork is a combination of the guidance of the Akashic Records and Emotional Detox through Tantric-Tao Bodywork. DEAR Bodywork awakens and releases past trauma such as sexual, physical and psychological abuse. It heals and transforms the body at a cellular level. To do this, DEAR Bodywork accesses the body’s subtle energies to remove negative blockages stored in the form of emotions using ancient knowledge and practices that are combined with new ground breaking insights to create an engineered trauma release technique. DEAR Bodywork enhances spiritual and personal growth, and promote physical well being. It is in order to change the body’s valence from negative to positive to attract positive emotions, positive thoughts, positive decisions and positive experiences to feel joy and happiness.

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Spiritual Healing Treatment

Luna Mandalacorn

Exclusive healing therapy. Will use the power of soft sound waves on the human organs. This is the path to delicate and careful healing. To do this, Luna will be use the shamanic musical instrument – the Moondrum. Also during the treatment, the emotional negative that has accumulated inside you will be cleared. Blocks in your microcosmic orbit will be removed. For this, Luna will use the shaman Sundrum and sunshine energy.

Together with the sound waves, copyright mandalas are actively used. The energy flow emanating from mandalas on canvases is universal and will suit everyone. If you like the pictures, you can buy them at the Tao Garden store with the personal signature of the author.

In addition, you will be filled with the power of sacred cosmic spirits. Luna have secret sigil for each chakra on the wood and work with every chakra step by step. This will make your energy centers more powerful. You will experience the power of life.

Session time – 60 mins.

About Luna Oracle…

  • Healer and Shaman. Abilities were inherited from parents. Active practice more 15 years.
  • Co-author of more than 400 healing mandalas. You can see art on time personal Luna practice, inside Tao Garden Bookstore and Pakua Clinic.
  • Often Luna practices chanting for speaking with spirits and praying time.
  • Regular practice in holy places of power. Pilgrimages were made: Stonehenge, Glastonbury Tor, Angkor etc.
  • Tarot Master and Oracle.
  • Keeps purity of body and soul. Sanctifies newborn children, blesses the union of a man and a woman.

And much more…

Pakua Clinic:+66(0) 5392 1211

Body Intuitive Massage

Marian Brandenburg

Body Intuitive Massage

With 45 years practice in the Natural Healing Arts, clairvoyant Marian Brandenburg provides a unique experience with her highly intuitive touch, powerfully assisting your healing on the deepest levels of Body, Mind, and Spirit. Unlike any massage you’ve had before, Marian empathetically unravels and releases the pain of negative patterns, utilizing a number of her own special modalities as well as Chi Nei Tsang, Deep Tissue, Pressure Points, and Emotional Awareness to effectively resolve imbalances brought on by chronic injuries, stress and trauma.The client is empowered with techniques for a truly transformative experience.


Children Course

Now the ancient knowledge many adults have used to enrich their lives is available for children at Tao Garden. Why wait until they are older to benefit from the wisdom of these practices? Start them early for a lifetime of inner harmony and emotional clarity.
We have designed a holistic program that gives kids the instruction they need to understand that their peace of mind, body and spirit begins from within themselves.
Utilizing such practices as the Taoist 6 Healing Sounds, Inner Smile, Qi Gong, Yoga, Guided Meditation and Visualizations made fun along with Singing, Art, Drama, and other enjoyable activities, they gain confidence knowing they have valuable options to handle life’s challenges they face everyday.
As a practitioner of the Healing Arts for 45 years, Marin Brandenburg came to realize that many of the emotional blockages her clients were experiencing began in early childhood and were being painfully carried into their adult lives.
She knew having a good spiritual awareness and practice can help resolve such inner conflicts as they occur.
And if taught early in life one could avoid the collection of years of disharmony and ill feelings.
Seeing the need for such youthful lessons, she created Chi 4 Children and has been encouraged with how enthusiastically children have responded. They are delighted to gain such practical and useful tools.

Pakua Clinic:+66(0) 5392 1211

Energy Healing for Soul, Heart, Mind and Body


For Emotional Balance Any Sickness or Pain Healing on the Soul-Level Spine- and Back Straightening clearing Radiation clearing Heavy Metal

Spinal column and body straightening
with hip correction
leg length adjustment
straightening of the spinal column
straightening of the shoulder blades
It will help if you have any back – hip – or knee pain

Most blockages which stop the free flow of life energy are on the spine. These blockages are the source of negative energy, which may spread to the body’s organs and cause serious diseases. Any form of mental and physical disorder can be solved using the light energy, all problems of the spine and musculoskeletal system such as:

* misalignment of hips * Unequal legs * Different levels of shoulders

* Axial rotations * Hollow back

Divine Straightening is a onetime process. For severe pain or severe disease post-treatment is recommended.

Radiation and heavy metal lifting
– In all treatments, the body is freed of radiation and heavy metal exposure.
– Following Healing sessions are recommended – very important! – After the back straightening!

Christa studies with Master Chia since 1988 and she is also a Healing Tao Teacher.

Session 60 mins. 6,000 THB Please book at Pakua, call 053921211

Pakua Clinic:+66(0) 5392 1211

Dr Angela Longo

43 years of Chinese acupuncture / herbs and Biochemistry from UCB. from Hawaii she brings the soft aloha of the islands with her many years of study.

Wholey Quantum at Pakua Clinic Tao Garden
1. Detox of old: Beliefs , Actions, Thoughts, Habits, Words, Attitudes, Valves, Emotions…BATHWAVEs
2. How you live Quantum way uniquely (Modern Taoist Way)
3. Painless “Relationshifting”
4. Access Information you ask about in this moment.
Live Mirror-calls (miracles)! • Chinese Herbs and Stem Cell • Rejuvenation
When you desire change and you are not sure what or how?… I read your patterns with a way to transform quickly. And then read your true desires and dreams in your quantum wave pattern that instantly reaches the whole universe…and enables self illumination…! Because we go deeply it can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours or it can be done in parts. Based on Mantak Chia’s Inner Alchemy and the miracles of the quantum world. Also inspired by Gandhi and 44 years of being a TCM DOCTOR and Ph.D biochemist, Associate UHT Instructor. I may suggest Chinese herbal pills to support you if interested…EXPECT MIRACLES…EXPECT MIRROR-CALLS…

Beauty Face-Lift with Energy & Light

No pain No downtime Non-invasive Energizing uplifting No side effects Smooth wrinkles Firms skintone Improve skin texture Minimize puffiness Diminish blemishes

Offer the Ajna light and Neurolight for pineal activation and Brain enhancement. session time 50 min

Pakua Clinic:+66 (0) 5392 1211

Energy Healing Flow

An Jullie

Energy Healing Flow

your full body will be attentively cared and nourished by healing touch dedicatedly performed with meditative and calm state of body mind. A powerful tension-relieving treatment, this invigorating choreographed massage incorporates classic Asian healing modalities (Traditional Thai yoga massage, Chi Nei Tsang, Acupressure) with deeper strokes to clear and detoxify the channels of circulation.
The experience begins with light to medium pressure and then progresses to firmer, deeper, slower strokes designed to release physical and emotional toxins, to balance your unique mind-body type for your deep healing and lasting relaxation, releasing accumulated toxins to enhance the flow of energy in your body and mind, to revitalize, balance, and restore your mind, body, and muscles at the deepest cellular level.
Duration: 90 min/ 120 min (with/ without herbalized oil as your choice)

Ayurvedic Breast Massage

Benefits: Flush toxins through the lymphatic system: clears the lymphatic channels and ensures any toxins in the breast have a pathway to leave the body. Reduce pain – When lymph fluid accumulates in one area, it affects the whole system, causing potential pain and swelling throughout the body. By opening up the lymph channels, breast massage helps to reduce pain not only in the breast, but the entire body. Improve range of motion – with muscle release techniques to open up the shoulders and chest. In those who have had breast surgeries, this can restore range of motion that has been often severely restricted; also beneficial for anyone who regularly sits at a desk, drives a car, or works at a computer. Increase the flow of Prana/Breath: provides the vital function of opening up the flow of Prana in the chest, gently removing energetic blocks around the heart that might otherwise remain unaddressed.

Duration: 65 min

For more information, please contact our Clinic Receptionist at Pakua Clinic or call “3333” from your room.

Pukua Clinic:+66(0) 5392 1211