Karl Eberhard
  • Over 30 years of spiritual practices
  • Over 18 years – Channelling Specialist and Spiritual Healer
  • Since 1995 – Instructor of the Universal Tao of Grandmaster Mantak Chia
  • 2001 – Cosmic Senior Teacher of Universal Tao
  • 2004 – Spiritual Healer of Piotr Elkunovic School
  • 2007 – Sai Baba’s personal Student, received Initiation for Soul Healing

Education: studied theology, philosophy and psychology, gestalt- and family therapy in Marburg, Trier, and Berlin. Over 8 years of psychological practice.

Healing Sessions:
(lying position, hands touch)

  • Cleaning/strengthening/healing/transforming/charging/moving the body energy with 6 healing sounds, nature and the source powers
  • Removing blockages (in body and mind) by moving the energy. For some sensitive clients – transformation to establish light bodies (astral/mind/soul)
  • Liberation the body from spirits who suck the energy
  • Connecting to the soul body
  • Giving strength before birth and afterlife (the energy of the body normally splits after death, we bind them together and lead to the Devine

Energy Practice Sessions:

  • Opening crown chakra and love radiation from the heart
  • Establishing the love connection with others, making good weather inside
  • Finding happiness and a reason for living
  • Raising creative mind power and thoughts control

And much more…

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