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Spring Healing sessions with Grandmaster Mantak Chia

Recordings with Lifetime acccess

World Link Meditation (1h20min)

Primordial Sound Meditation (1h20min)

Cosmic Vision Workshop (4hours)

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Unlock the Potential of Taoist Meditations for Your Inner Healing:


— Receive Energy Transmission from Grandmaster Mantak Chia
— Channel Energy into your energy field for healing
— Enhance physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Master Chia possesses a rare ability to use Violet Light for healing and transmit its power to others.

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The sessions are perfect for:

  • Beginners who would like to discover Taoist meditations and the powerful Energy Transmissions by Grandmaster Mantak Chia
  • Anyone who would like to connect with the Unconditional Love and Healing Energy of the Cosmos
  • Healers, energy therapists, massage practitioners who would like to enhance their healing abilities

About Mantak Chia

blankGrandmaster Mantak Chia is the world’s foremost living Taoist Master, listed as number 18 of the 100 most Spiritually Influential people in The Watkins Review. He is the only person to receive The Qigong Master of the Year Award twice and a significant pioneer in awakening the West to the Way of the Tao and openly teaching the secret methods of Taoist Inner Alchemy for 50 years.

Master Chia published 60 books on Taoist practices, trained tens of thousands of students, and certified nearly two thousand instructors to spread his vast knowledge. Today, he is still devoted to sharing these powerful ancient tools for physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Program of sessions

17 March. World link meditation session with Energy Transmission | Beginner-friendly
Recordings with Lifetime access. Translations into Russian and French
Duration: 1h20 min session


This meditation practice will allow you to link your energy field to that of other people or the Universe. This may be done for various purposes to help others or improve oneself. Whatever the goal, you must first get connected to yourself inside. Connecting your disconnected biotechnology inside allows you to link up with other people.

You will discover how to build your Energy Body. Then you will link with the energy fields of the larger energy fields in the cosmos. Ultimately, you will be able to merge with the primordial Qi, the universe, and the Ultimate Creator.

24 March. Healing session with Primordial sound and Energy Transmission | Beginner-friendly
Recordings with Lifetime access. Translations into Russian, German, Spanish and French
Duration: 1h 20 min session


During this session you will do Inner Smile meditation: you learn to listen to your Inner Voice and get good energy in your internal organs to attract the Primordial Sound. You will go into deep meditation where Grandmaster will guide you to the moment of hearing the Primordial Sound.

This Primordial Sound is the High Pitch sound of the Universe. It can penetrate deep into the cells and clear them out. When you learn to hear that sound it opens an inner pathway that can guide you through your activities in a manner that advances your soul’s progress. You become open to the cosmic vibrations that will guide you.

This session will help to clean the room and your body from bad energies and any kind of curses.

31 March. Cosmic Vision Energy Transmission | Beginner-friendly
Recordings with Lifetime access. Translations into Russian, German, Spanish and French
Duration: 4 hours


During Cosmic Vision workshop you will discover Taoist comprehensive approach to improve your health and thus to improve the vision:

🌀exercises for posture and blood circulation
🌀energetical balance
🌀regular practice routines for eye strengthening.

Practicing a daily eye routine 2 or 3 times a week is enough to transform your vision and eyesight. Grandmaster Mantak Chia will perform an energy transmission so that the eye massage has more healing power.

With these simple practices, you will learn to improve your eyesight and develop a relationship between body, mind, and eyes. It is a fascinating exploration for anyone with eye difficulties or for those wishing to prevent issues with eyesight as they age.

Would you like to improve your eyesight naturally? In the Tao, we emphasize the importance of regular practice routines for eye strengthening.

  • — Transform your vision and eye health
  • — Develop daily eye-strengthening exercises
  • — “See” things more clearly, visually, and also spiritually or intuitively

What is Energy Transmission?

blankThe students participating in Master Chia’s online or onsite classes state that Master Chia helps them to experience the Primordial Light and Sound for Healing. The Primordial Light and Sound are the foundation of Master Chia’s Taoist teachings.

“This light connects everything with one another and can be programmed and sent to anyone for healing. I connect with higher-dimensional energy, compress it, and then transmit it. No matter where people are, they will receive it because we are all connected under the same universe. This light has the power to give wisdom and healing. I will walk them through the entire process.” says Master Chia.

The Violet Light is a high vibrational universal energy from the North Star. We call this the Wisdom Light, high vibrational energy. This luminous Violet Light pervades the entire Universe, connecting everything to one another. It is the only energy that can be programmed for healing, as it can rapidly regenerate damaged organs and nerves. Attracting and storing this energy takes time to learn.

How can you benefit from the Violet Light, then?
Although learning to capture it from the Universe is not easy, you can benefit from the Violet Light programmed by an experienced Taoist Master and sent to you for healing. In such a case, you can feel deep relaxation, bliss, and peacefulness, and the energies within your body will balance out.

Can I feel the Energy transmitted  in recordings?

Yes, the Energy will be effective in recordings for 40 days. You can watch the recordings as much as you wish.



17 March. World Link Meditation with Energy Transmission

RECORDINGS of the session with lifetime access
Translated into Russian and French


24 March. Healing session with Primordial sound and Energy Transmission

RECORDINGS of the session with lifetime access
Translated into: French, German, Russian and Spanish.


31 March. Cosmic Vision with Energy Transmission

RECORDINGS of the session with lifetime access
4 hours workshop
Translated into French, German, Russian and Spanish.
Lifetime access to recordings


3 Healing sessions bundle

17, 24 and 31 March
4 hours workshop
RECORDINGS of the session with lifetime access
Bundle 30 € off



Cancellation policy
If you would like to request a refund for an online event before it begins, email us at [email protected], so we can make a full refund. Refunds are not available after a seminar begins. If you can't attend due to some serious reason and the event has already started, email us at [email protected] we will consider rescheduling your reservation to another event.
What software do I need?
You do not need any special software to watch recordings. You will get an email with your login and password and watch the recordings online on our website.
How long will I have access to the Session Recordings?
You will have Lifetime access to recordings after the LIVE event
Can I ask my questions during the session?
The Healing Sessions on 17 and 24 of March don't include a Q&A with Grandmaster Mantak Chia. However you can write your questions in the Zoom chat and a Senior Instructor will answer you back.

Cosmic Vision Workshop will have a Q&A session with Grandmaster Mantak Chia at the end of the Workshop.
What languages will be Session translated into?
Mantak Chia teaches in English. The sessions are translated into following languages:
- World link meditation: French and Russian
- Primordial Sound: French, German, Russian and Spanish
- Cosmic Vision: French, German, Russian and Spanish