Full Schedule | 2022

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Full Schedule | 2022

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Mantak Chia

Mantak Chia is the founder of Universal Healing Tao, a much-loved system of personal cultivation and spiritual development, practiced all over the world for the last 40+ years. He is the only person to be awarded the Qigong Master of the Year award twice and has taught tens of thousands of students the ancient Taoist practice. A true Taoist Master of our lifetime.

What you will get

E-booklet made by Master Chia.

With highlighted slides from his teaching. So you may concentrate on listening and practice more.

Recorded version of this seminar.

If you can’t be online full course you have 3 month to watch full seminar again.

LIVE meditation together with the Master and hundreds meditators. 

During the seminar we will often practice together.

LIVE Question session with Master. 

You may ask questions live before the end of each session. And during the seminar a team of Senior Instructors will support you.

Accredited hours 

towards Instructor certification.

Extra training

As a Bonus every morning you will have a live Qigong session with UHT Senior Instructor

Free Lecture: Discover the potential of the Taoist healing hands to restore health for you and your loved ones

Would you like to restore your own health and help others?
We invite you to discover the advanced practices of the ‘Taoist Art of Healing’. 
Healing techniques in the Tao use the heart energy, inner power and harmony to attract the cosmic forces for healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level

New Subscription class online

Starting on the 1st of June: Early bird prices now!
Weekly online LIVE classes with Mantak Chia: take care of your health and emotional balance on a regular basis.

Summer Retreat 2022 Foundation Practices & Chi Nei Tsang Online & Tao Garden

July 8th to August 22rd

TAO GARDEN and online

  • A Complete Taoist Guide to a Better Life July 8th – July 25th
  • Week 1: 8th-11th July Advanced Inner Alchemy Level Basics
    BONUS: 3 Fires & 6 Directions
  • Week 2: 15th-18th July Advanced Inner Sexual Alchemy
    BONUS: Sexual Magic & Iron Shirt Qigong 1
  • Week 3: 22th-25th July Fusion of the Five Elements 1
    BONUS: Tao Yin & Energy Healing with Trees
    One week break

Book your place at Retreat Tao Garden

Taoist Art Of Healing — Energy Medicine Series

  • Week 4: Week 4: 29th July - 1st August, Cosmic Healing 1
  • Week 5: 5th-8th August, Chi Nei Tsang I Internal Organ Massage
    One week break
  • Week 6: 12th-15th August, Chi Nei Tsang II Chasing the winds
    BONUS: Golden Elixir Qigong
  • Week 7: 19th-22th August, Chi Nei Tsang III Tok Sen & Chi Nei Tsang IV Karsai Massage

World — Autumn Live Online 2022

Qigong — Inner Alchemy Series | November 5th – 27th 2022

  • Week 1 (Sat-Tues)
    — Nov 5th & 6th: Inner Alchemy Basics
    — Nov 7th & 8th: Sexual Alchemy
    Level I — Inner Alchemy Qigong
  • Week 2 (Sat-Tues)
    — Nov 12th & 13th: Craniosacral Qigong & Wisdom Qigong (2 days)
    — Nov 14th & 15th: Stem Cell Qigong & 5 Element Qigong (2 days)
    Level II - Inner Alchemy Qigong
  • Week 3 Sat & Sun
    — Nov 19th & 20th: Tan Tien Qigong & Cosmic Healing Qigong (Part 1 & 2) 2 days
    — Nov 21st & 22nd: Tao Yin Qigong & Cosmic Healing Qigong (Part 3 & 4) 2 days
  • Week 4 Sat & Sun
    — Nov 26th & 27th: Golden Elixir Qigong (Five Finger Kung Fu) 2 days
~ FREE LECTURE: October 22nd
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