18th & 19th June 2022
Zoom Level 1 IAA Class for beginners or to revise or for CNT practitioners

in English and EN ESPANOL with special references to Chi Nei Tsang

with Christine Harkness and Jutta Kellenberger

if interested : email: [email protected]


Zoom Level 1 IAA Class German/English

with Pavlo Maksymenko and Josefine Reimig

if interested : email: [email protected]

5 element make-up with 5 element percentages;
very favorable, favorable, neutral and unfavorable element energies;
Cosmic ID – 8 Numbers/8 Trigrams for your Ba Zi birth chart, and can be used in meditations and as a mantra;
Organ Energy Analysis – showing the birth energy of our major yin and yang organs;
We can use Master Chia’s 5-Element Nutrition Food List and Principles to correct some of these imbalances;
This analysis is based on birth energies and by comparing the in-coming energy cycles to it we can get an up-to-date picture;
Calculations of clashestrinitiescombinations of the Branch Animals which often explain upheavals in our lives;
Symbolic Stars – extra energies affecting our lives will vary according to quantities of our elements which are verifiable on the percentage pictogram;
Examples of 15-pages personal Chart pdf’s :
– Donald Trump
– Angela Merkel
– Margaret Thatcher

You can now order (see the button above) a short 14 pages pdf guide which explains how you can use your IAA demo chart, and an introduction to the Taoist practices which you can learn to balance your 5-elements

Mantak Chia’s Inner Alchemy Astrology (IAA) is authentic Chinese astrology, known as Ba Zi or Four Pillars, based on the ancient Chinese Solar Calendar. The calculated personal birth chart 5 element data is converted into an energy image, based on 5 element percentages, making chart reading easier. From this image we can work out how best to use Inner Alchemy Practices, both Qi Gong and Nei Dan meditations, to balance and harmonize our lives. Adding on the changing energy cycles, we can see their influence on the path of our lives and adapt our inner alchemy practice accordingly. Traditional Chinese calculations of very favorablefavorableneutral and unfavorable element energies can bring balance to the person’s chart and help us to see where imbalance comes from and how to use inner alchemy practice to harmonize them. Our 5 element make-up and organ energy analysis table can be interpreted as a psychological profile and a medical constitution of the person, showing underlying tendencies, many of which can be modified with practices. Our elements’ strengths and weaknesses show our skills and challenges and consulting the IAA personal chart can explain much about our lives. We can use this knowledge in our relationships with others and choosing our professional avenues. By practicing inner alchemy we enhance skills and energy we need more of, and weaken energies which are negative to us. The difference between ‘ordinary’ Chinese Astrology and IAA, is that IAA can empower you to harmonize your life by working on your inner 5 element core and so you need to have some knowledge or interest in the taoist 5 Elements Theory. This is not ‘doom, gloom and get rich’ predictions.

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