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Ancient Taoist Yoga

Tao Yin is an ancient Chinese discipline that integrates breath control, physical postures, stretching, and meditation to foster physical well-being, mental harmony, and spiritual growth. Its origins trace back to Taoism, a tradition that centers on living in alignment with the Tao, the fundamental source of existence. Tao Yin’s core aim is to balance the yin and yang energies within the body, where yin signifies receptive and cooling energy, while yang represents active and warming energy. Striking this balance is believed to enhance overall health.

Tao Yin exercises are exclusively conducted in seated or lying positions. These positions offer distinctive advantages not easily attainable in standing or dynamic practices like Iron Shirt Qigong or Tai Chi. They encourage improved alignment and movement patterns, which in turn recondition the spine and rejuvenate the body by facilitating the flow of Qi through the body’s meridians. The tendons and psoas muscles gain greater elasticity, and the spine becomes more flexible. By employing the dynamic principle of “finding the straight in the curve,” practitioners strengthen tendons and cultivate their flexibility.

Tao Yin exercises essentially function as moving meditations. They leverage The Inner Smile technique to train the intuitive and aware aspects of the mind, often referred to as the “Second Brain” located in the abdomen. This coordination guides the body’s actions and integrates the subtle power of breath and consciousness into the practice. Through this, practitioners learn to cultivate “Yi,” the mind-eye-heart power, fostering a blend of gentleness and strength. Conscious breathing in sync with inner light enables the release of tension and toxins and revitalizes fatigued or weakened areas during resting intervals between exercises. A well-rounded Tao Yin session concludes with “Yin Meditation.” In this state of profound relaxation, the mind finds tranquility, the Tan Tien (energy center) fills with Qi, and energy flows through the meridians. This can result in either a rejuvenating yang “cell massage” sensation or the refined yin state of inner “embryonic breathing.” This foundational practice serves as a cornerstone for all other practices.

Tao Yin poses.

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Tao Yin is a type of Taoist yoga that stimulates the flow of Qi in the meridians – the energy pathways of the body. It coordinates the breath, awareness and mind-eye-heart power with exercises of the spine to leave you feeling more relaxed and revitalized.

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