If you have a question in your mind, what is the best approach to learn Taoist practices, where shall I start , what path shall I choose, what does Master Chia recommend? Then please allow us to outline a complete journey recommended by Master Chia.

This journey has been embraced by countless students, transforming their lives along the way.

Taoist Academy

Stepping into the Universal Healing Tao system feels like entering a new world, a new realm of profound discovery. Learning process is a journey filled with new experiences, insights, and emotions—a truly exhilarating adventure! In the modern world, education often starts in kindergarten and progresses through various levels like school, high school, and university. Similarly, Master Mantak Chia’s system offers a comprehensive educational path. You begin with essential techniques vital for daily life and gradually progress in the direction of your choosing.

At the core of Taoist practice lies the Inner Smile—a simple yet life-changing technique. Master Chia is always teaching it in his basic training “Awakening your Healing Light”: where you learn breathing techniques and energy meditations like Inner Smile, Healing Sounds, Microcosmic Orbit, among others. Once you establish this foundation, numerous paths await your exploration.

Learn more about Fundamental training.

You may:

  1. Continue your Inner Alchemy journey and learn how to transform Sexual energy
  2. Follow the Taoist path of Immortality by delving into all nine formulas of Inner Alchemy
  3. Concentrate on Qigong forms
  4. Focus on Martial Arts and Tai Chi
  5. Become a Healer through bodywork and massage (Chi Nei Tsang)
  6. Become an Energy Healer through distant energy healing (Cosmic Healing)
  7. Pursue any combination of the above.

Learning Process

There are several ways that you can learn. Attending workshops  at Tao Garden in Thailand offers the most immersive experience. Alternatively, participating online is a viable option. For those with tight schedules, self-paced learning through recorded video courses and books is available.

Participating in live training sessions is crucial because meditating collectively enhances the power of our energy field. Also, Master performs Energy Transmission during his classes. 

Master Chia channels energy directly to participants through his hand and indirectly through his voice and energy field.  You can benefit from this Energy Transmission sent to you for healing. Many students say that they feel deep relaxation, bliss, and peacefulness, and the energies within their bodies balance out.

Upon receiving energy transmission from the Master, whether at Tao Garden or online, the energy will stay with you for approximately 40 days.  Master Chia advises practicing diligently during this period to fully internalize the energy and meditation techniques. Additionally, You can rewatch the recordings for an amplified effect as the energy stays there for 40 days too.

Where to Begin Your Taoist Journey?

Here’s an example of a comprehensive Taoist training path, followed by many students. Although some may skip certain steps, and that’s okay. This path example serves as a guide for those seeking a deep understanding of Taoist practices.

Step 1 – Mastering the Inner Self

Learn the fundamental course, a cornerstone of the Universal Healing Tao system.Many students return to this course annually, recognizing its essential and powerful practices vital for daily life.

You can participate in this course either at Tao Garden or online, offered 2-4 times a year:

  1. In July, during the first week of Summer Retreat
  2. In November, during the first week of Qigong Retreat
  3. In January, during the first week of Winter Retreat

You can find the exact dates of events on Full schedule page.

For newcomers to the Universal Healing Tao system, we recommend attending the November Qigong Retreat. The initial week is dedicated to key Taoist practices such as Inner Smile, Healing Sounds, and Microcosmic Orbit. Alternatively, you can learn the basics course at your own pace. Refer to the available courses for more details.

Step 2 – Mastery of Sexual Energy

Following the foundational training, students typically progress to the second week of either the Winter or Summer Retreat to delve into the transformation and harnessing of sexual energy. They learn techniques to become Multiorgasmic for both men and women and explore dual/couple cultivation of sexual energy.

You can engage in this training at Tao Garden or online, offered three times a year:

  1. In July, during the second week of Summer Retreat
  2. In December’s workshop: Taoist Secrets of Love. Intensive Workshop for men and women
  3. In January, during the second week of Winter Retreat

You can find the exact dates of events on Full schedule page.

The most comprehensive program of Solo and Dual Sexual Alchemy is offered during December’s 10-days workshop.

You have the option to learn Sexual Alchemy at your own pace. Here are the courses available.

Step 3 – Qigong Practice

You can practice qigong at any stage of your Taoist journey. But if you haven’t done it yet, then it is important to start. The most important part is to learn the grounding, a fundamental practice taught in Iron Shirt Qigong. Grounding practice is a very important aspect in your meditation, especially when working with hot sexual energy. Therefore, Iron Shirt Qigong class is often integrated into Sexual Alchemy training.

We recommend learning (in any order):

  • Iron Shirt 
  • Breathwork
  • Tao Yin
  • Qigong Level I: Craniosacral Qigong, Wisdom Qigong, Stem Cell Qigong, 5 Element Qigong 
  • Tan Tien Qigong
  • Buddha Palm 
  • Tai Chi

Iron Shirt Qigong is available for learning 1-3 times a year at Tao Garden or online:

  1. In November, during the last week of Qigong Retreat
  2. During December’s workshop as part of the Taoist Secrets of Love course. 

Other Qigong forms are taught during the November Qigong retreat.

You can find the exact dates of events on Full schedule page.

Breathwork is covered in this online course, complemented by online practice sessions held 1-2 times a year. Moreover, many breathing techniques are incorporated into the basic course from Step 1.

For those preferring self-paced learning, Qigong and Tai Chi courses are also available online. 

Step 4 – Fusion Of Five Elements I

Embark on an exciting continuation of your Inner Alchemy journey with the Fusion of Five Elements. This profound Taoist meditation focuses on purifying your organs’ energy and cultivating an energy pearl. It serves as a foundational practice for constructing an energy body and lays the groundwork for advanced meditations.

To engage in the Fusion meditation, it’s essential to grasp the basics taught in Step 1. Many students typically undertake this course after completing Basics and Sexual Alchemy during Winter and Summer Retreats.

You can learn Fusion of Five Elements I twice a year:

  1. In July, during the third week of Summer Retreat
  2. In January, during the third week of Winter Retreat

Refer to the Full Schedule page for precise event dates.

Additionally, Fusion I is available for self-paced online learning. 

Step 5 – Deepening Your Practice in the Darkness

Since September 2023, Master Chia has been offering fundamental practices in darkness every September. This presents a unique opportunity to delve deeply into your practice, harness Violet light, cultivate Qi, and initiate Inner Alchemy work on your energy body following Fusion I practice.

During September’s Darkroom Retreat, Master Chia guides participants through light and energy meditation for eight consecutive days, transmitting Violet light to enhance your practice. We highly recommend joining this event at Tao Garden. However, if traveling to Thailand isn’t feasible, you can still participate in this meditation retreat from the comfort of your home using a blindfold. Alternatively, you can create your own darkroom within your house(LINK).

Refer to the Full Schedule page for precise event dates.

Step 6 – Cultivate Your Healing Power

By this stage, you’ll have developed the ability to attract and channel universal Qi. Whether or not you’re interested in pursuing a career as a healer, learning healing techniques for self-care is incredibly beneficial. Both Chi Nei Tsang and Cosmic Healing offer valuable tools for self-healing, and who knows, you may also wish to extend your healing abilities to help friends and loved ones in the future.

In Cosmic Healing, you’ll discover how to tap into the Yin power of the Cosmos to create Sacred Water (also known as Holy Water). You’ll learn to infuse healing energy from planets to cleanse and rejuvenate your own body or that of a patient. Additionally, this course includes instruction in Buddha Palm Qigong, a potent technique for opening energy channels in your hands and fingers. Buddha Palm is invaluable for preparing your hands for healing work in both Cosmic Healing and Chi Nei Tsang.

Chi Nei Tsang (CNT), also known as Abdominal Massage, offers a simple yet powerful method to connect with and harmonize your body on a daily basis. Through hands-on techniques, you’ll learn to release tension, detoxify internal organs, and promote health and longevity. There are five levels of Chi Nei Tsang, with CNT I serving as the foundation for all subsequent levels.

You can learn Cosmic Healing and Chi Nei Tsang during the Summer Healing Retreat held every August. Refer to the Full Schedule page for precise event dates.

Additionally, if you aspire to become a certified massage therapist, the process is straightforward. Details can be found here: https://www.mantakchia.com/cnt. While there’s no requirement to complete all previous steps, familiarity with the basics, Step 1, is highly recommended.

Step 7 – Fusion of Five Elements II and III

Building upon the Fusion I formulas, Fusion II and III emphasize the opening of crucial energy channels in your body, such as the Thrusting, Belt, Bridge, and Regulator channels. Through these practices, you strengthen your energy pearl and organs while connecting with the forces of the planets.

You can engage in this training once per year during the Winter Retreat in early February, which marks the last lecture week before the Darkroom retreat commences. Refer to the Full Schedule page for precise event dates.

Additionally, Fusion II and III are available for self-paced online learning.

Step 8 – Darkness retreats

Similar to Step 5, following the completion of Fusion formulas II and III, you have the opportunity to deepen your practice in darkness. During the first week of the Darkroom retreat, Master Chia guides participants through all Fusion meditations, focusing on clearing energy channels and building the energy body. This week is often referred to as “Darkroom Essential Meditations” and serves as the foundation for Kan and Li practice.

It is recommended for everyone as the second level of your Darkness retreats. Most students opt for a two-week Winter Darkroom retreat, encompassing both “Darkroom Essential Meditations” and “Lesser Kan Li.”

Master Chia teaches this level every winter in February. Refer to the Full Schedule page for exact dates of the Darkroom Retreat.

Step 9 – Immortal Tao

Advanced Inner Alchemy practices are imparted by Grand Master Mantak Chia in the Darkroom, following the tradition of Taoist masters who meditated in dark caves to maintain a mind free from distractions. In the absence of light and external disturbances, deeper exploration of one’s inner alchemy becomes possible, leading to extraordinary experiences.

There are 6 levels in total:

  •      Lesser Kan & Li
  •      Greater Kan & Li
  •      Greatest Kan & Li
  •      Sealing of the 5 Senses
  •      Congress of Heaven and Earth
  •      Reunion of Heaven and Man

You can access the lectures of Kan & Li and Sealing of 5 senses with light on, here. These recordings feature slides and explanations by Master Chia.  

And during the darkroom retreat Master focuses on the practice. Please note that the last two formulas are not currently taught publicly.


Here is the shortened version of the steps above

  1. Learn Basic practices
  2. Learn Sexual Alchemy and Qigong
  3. Learn Fusion I
  4. Practice in the darkness
  5. Learn healing practices like Cosmic Healing and Chi Nei Tsang
  6. Learn Fusion II and III
  7. Practice in the darkness
  8. Learn Kan & Li meditations
  9. Learn  Sealing of the 5 Senses

Which Retreats to Attend

Navigating through the steps outlined above may seem a bit overwhelming, as they refer to various events. This is because we aim to show you a most comprehensive learning path. Most workshops at Tao Garden and online are beginner-friendly. The main workshops are the Summer and Winter Retreats. First week of these retreats starts with basics and progresses. The difference between the Summer and Winter Retreats begins after the third week. In the Summer Retreat, Master Chia teaches healing practices, while in the Winter Retreat, it’s about higher-level meditations.

Many students at Tao Garden stay for about 4 weeks to practice essential techniques with the Master. Some committed students stay for the entire 7-week Retreat. If you’re learning from Master Chia for the first time, we suggest starting with the November Qigong workshop. Then, you can explore Sexual Alchemy in December. And if you’re ready for more, you can join the Winter Retreat.

What practices to do daily

Students often ask Master Chia for a daily practice routine, and he happily provides an example. Even with limited free time, doing a practice every day, even if it’s just 10 minutes, is crucial. Consistent practice, no matter how short, brings energy and creates positive changes in life. Quality matters more than quantity.

For instance, if you’re starting your Taoist journey, you might choose Inner Smile meditation as your main practice. Commit to doing it every day for at least 40 days. When you have more time, you can add other practices like Healing Sounds, Tao Yin, qigong, and Tan Tien fire meditation a few times a week.

After completing 40 days of one practice and finding it easy, you can move to the next one. Choose a main practice to focus on daily, even if you only have 5 minutes before bedtime. When you have more free time, you can add any other practices you feel like doing that day.