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One Cloud Nine Formulas

These Nine Formula’s were formerly known as the Seven Inner Alchemy Formulas, because the Microcosmic Orbit and Sexual Alchemy Practice, had been treated as separate practices. Yet to understand the Supreme Alchemy of the Reunion of Man and Tao, which is the Final Opus in this Great lchemical Work, the Microcosmic Orbit and the Sexual Alchemy Practice must be included into One Supreme Inner Alchemy Formula, yielding Nine Formulas of Supreme Inner Alchemy. Only through a correct way of understanding, our practice can lead to fruition. This means that we must view these Nine Formulas together as the Way, and understand how they connect to the Way of the Tao itself.

To understand the Supreme Inner Alchemy of the Union of Man and Tao, means to know the Way. To know the Way, one needs to know the positions of Heaven and Earth, like a man who goes out to hike in the forest uses a compass and a map. To perform the Supreme Inner Alchemy, we likewise need a(n) (Inner) map of our Inner Time and Space, and an inner compass. We must know about the Internal Centres, Organs, Channels, Hormonal Glands, that is we must know the inner landscape and the energy points of the Inner Body. This knowledge is called The Inner Feng Shui, and the inner maps are provided, step by step, in each of the Formulas, and going through each of these, one gets ready to understand the Feng Shui of the Inner Brain and the Alchemy of developing the Inner Compass.

1. Formula — The Microcosmic Orbit 

The first Formula, The Microcosmic Orbit, provides the Inner Feng Shui of the body’s North-­‐‑South Axis and the Heaven and Earth Polarity, the Yin and Yang each flowing their natural direction, from which the Microcosmic is the result. Thus each consecutive formula of One Clouds Supreme Alchemy, introduces a more complete map of the Inner Body. When the Knowledge of the Inner Feng Shui, learned in the practice of Internal Alchemy, is applied to so called External Practices, like Chi Gong exercise, that Chi Gong Practice also becomes Inner Alchemy. In Chinese language, Inner Alchemy is called ‘Nei Dan Gong’, 內丹工, which spells ‘internal-­‐‑elixir-­‐‑skill’ and as is such contrasted by ‘Wei Dan Gong’ or ‘external-­‐‑elixir-­‐‑skill’. The term External Alchemy (Weidan Gong) is normally used for material or physical things, like Chinese Medicine, Chi Gong Exercise and Martial Arts, but each of these can become Internal as well, if the wisdom gained from the Inner Alchemical Work is applied to the Outer Alchemical Work. In the Higher Formulas, the distinction between internal and external becomes problematic, to be replaced by a multi dimensional view of things, where different levels can be experienced at the same time. The boundaries of Inner and Outer are transcended, once we enter the realm of Spiritual Alchemy, 內丹術 -­‐‑ nèi dān shù.

One Cloud’s First Formula of Supreme Inner Alchemy, involves the Three Treasures, Heaven, Man and Earth, and their cosmic relationship. It teaches practitioners the first level of the Inner Feng Shui: the Microcosmic Orbit, an Inner Alchemy Practice in which the practitioners learn to circulate their Chi, or Life Force, along the Meridians of the front and backside of the body, known as the Governor and Conception Meridians. ^ This First Formula is as simple as it is supreme, teaching us to become aware of the Earth beneath our feet and the Heaven above our Crown; to place the tip of our tongue on the roof of the palate, to connect the Major Yang and Yin Vessels of the Body. Then we relax our mind and focus our abention downward into the body. As our mind relaxes, the Chi or bio-electric energy can flow down from the head (Yang=red), to connect into the Yin Vessel at the tip of the tongue (Yin=blue). Ader some practice the flowing down of the Chi can be clearly felt in the forehead and tasted on the tongue, first a tingling sensation like touching a babery. This is followed by the distinctly sweet tasting saliva, the Inner Alchemical Nectar, which is produced as the Chi flows down from the Pineal Gland into the Yin Vessel , activating all the glands of the Endocrine system.

blankThe Microcosmic Orbit continues to flow down from the Throat Centre to the Heart, Solar Plexus, Navel and Sexual Centre. From the Perineum, it connects to the Yang Vessel at the Tail-and Sacrum Bones, flowing up along the spine back up to the Crown, completing one round of this Microcosmic Orbit. The Perineum also connects to the soles of the feet through the leg channels, completing the Earth route. The Earth Force enters the leg channels at the beginning of the Kidney Meridian, in a point (K1) at the centre of the sole of the foot, called “Bubbling Springs”. Our micro-cosmic relationship with the Earth is such, that what we bring to Earth, must bounce back to us. Through the Internal Practice of Chi Gong Postures, it is possible to raise our awareness to the Chi particles as they are bubbling up from the Earth. Such practices are taught along with the First Formula, as the Microcosmic Orbit is applied to Chi Gong practice, and students first learn to circulate and store the energy in their own body (Iron Shirt Chi Gong I) and later to absorb energy from outside and to discharge energy.

Relating Inner and Outer Feng Shui.

The Inner Alchemical Micro-cosmos (of the Body), in relation to the ‘Outer’ Alchemical Macro cosmos, define the placement and axis of the Body, the Heaven and Earth poles, the Up and Down and the North and the South. Now as soon as we start to move the body, the axis shids and thus East, West and the intermediate corners come into play. With these Eight Directions and the Zenith and the Nadir (the Up and Down), there are ten macro-cosmic dimensions to which the micro-cosmos of the body relates. Being in movement, the body exchanges energy with the Forces of the Ten Directions, and through harmonising the body’s movements with this natural flow of energy (Chi), the Practice of Tai Chi Chuan is born. ^ The Formula of the Microcosmic Orbit thus teaches us the Secret, that the Human is one of the Three Treasures: Heaven and Earth, and Human. It teaches us about the Union of Heaven and Earth, and their relation to the Human, who physically, mentally and spiritually has been born from the Alchemical Marriage of Father Heaven and Mother Earth. The Human Body is a micro-cosmic reflection of the macro-cosmos, as can be seen from the upright stature of a human being: the crown of the head connects to the Heaven, and the feet connect to the Earth.

In Taoism it is said that “what comes down to Earth, has to go up to Heaven, and what comes up to Heaven, has to go back to Earth”. In the Human Body, this ‘Great Heavenly Cycle’, is reflected in the ‘Small Heavenly Cycle’, or Microcosmic Orbit. The Way up to Heaven (the Mountain) naturally corresponds with the spine, and the back side of the head, and the Way down to Earth (the Valley) with the front side of the body. The back side of the body is hard (yang) and the front side is sod (yin) According to their nature, it is natural for the Yang to flow up, and for the Yin to flow down, hence the Yin gathered to create Earth, and the Yang to create Heaven.

The Inner Feng Shui of this Formula, teaches the Governor and Conception Vessels and the Stations, or Points along the vessels through which the Microcosmic Orbit travels. It also teaches how to connect through the Crown with the Source, following the lead-­‐‑light to the North Star and the Big Dipper and beyond, into of the Birth of the Universe from the Wu Ji. This Formula thus already prepares the Student for the spiritual practices of the next formulas. Auxiliary practices like the Inner Smile and the Six Healing Sounds, are taught as part of the First Formula, because they help the Microcosmic to flow, and to refine and cultivate our Inner Elixir, our 內丹 Nei Tan.

Understanding the Way of Tao. The First Formula teaches us to understand the Feng Shui of Heaven and Earth, the Macrocosmic Cycle of Yin and Yang, and its appearance in the Human as the Microcosmic Orbit. To understand the following Formulas, we need a basic understanding of Taoist Cosmology and the Ontology of the Yin and the Yang, the Origin of the Five Elements and their dynamics. Luckily, the Nine Supreme Inner Alchemy Formulas faithfully follow the Way of the Tao and that means that we just need to follow the Tao Teh Ching, how from having create created the One, the TAO gives rise to the complete universe:

When Wu-­‐‑Ji, the Primordial Deep, the Womb of the Mysterious Mother, became pregnant of itself and from its fullness created the One, from the One was created its other, the Two, and so Yin and Yang came into being. And as the Two created the Three, Universal Love was introduced between the Yin and the Yang, which makes one Yin and one Yang, or one Yang and one Yin, and even two of the same, Yin or Yang, stick together. Thus at Creation the ‘Three Pure Ones’ʹ arose, that is the Heavenly Force, The Earth Force and the Cosmic Force. The Cosmic Force pervades the Universe as the presence of Universal Love, creates and maintains galaxies, stars, planets and is drawn in by the Sun and the Moon to draw the energy of myriad galaxies into the energy field of the planet Earth.

The Three Pure Ones control all creation and so three Yin combine to form Earth, and three Yang combine to form Heaven. As Father Heaven and Mother Earth unite, the Five Elements are born, and again the Three Pure Ones control the process of their manifestation. In Taoist tradition it is said that the Three Pure Ones control the Five Element Star, which shines light of Five Colours, and in turn controls 400 Billion Galaxies. According to Taoist cosmology the Three Pure Ones further continue to steer things in heaven as well as on earth, ruling the myriad galaxies and our own galaxy, which centers around the polar star. The Three Pure Ones are reflected in our body as the Three Elixir Fields or 丹 田 Tan T’ʹien (Tan = Elixir; T’ien = Field): the lower (our root), middle (our abdomen) and higher (our chest and head), which corresponds to our existence as Physical, Mental and Spiritual Beings.

2. Formula — Supreme Inner Alchemy

In Taoist tradition, it is said that the Three Pure Ones present the ‘Return to the Tao’, directly ader the split of the Wu Ji into Yin and Yang. As we know, the Cosmic Force makes Yin and Yang stick together, and permeates the Universe as the Presence of Cosmic Love. In the Microcosmic World of the Human Body, the Three Pure Ones manifest as the Three Tan Tien’s or the Three Elixir Fields, and the Inner Alchemical Process of the ransformation of 精 jīng, Sexual Energy into 氣 qì Life Force, and Life Force into 神 shén, Spirit. As such, the Sexual Alchemy is about the transformation of the Material into Energy, and Energy into Spirit, but also about the transformation of Spirit into Energy and Maber, hence procreation the creation of bodies.

The conception of a Human Being, is like the coming together of the Three Forces, the Heavenly Force, the Earth Force and the Cosmic Force. When our parents come to Unite in Love, the Yin and Yang orgasmic energies cross over and the Cosmic Force manifests as Universal Love, initiating the Way of Return to the Tao. At that Moment, Creation is repeated and the Heaven and Earth Forces drawn together, mixing with the Hereditary Prenatal Chi of the Ancestors, which is transmibed through the parents. This whirling spiral of cosmic forces uniting, is called the Primordial Force. From the moment of conception on, we continue to draw in Chi from external sources, from the Three Forces and the food we receive from nature. At birth, we start to breathe the ‘Later Heavenly Breath’, as we take in energy from the cosmic elements. Ader birth, when the umbilical cord is cut, the Prenatal Chi is stored with the Primordial Force in the Lower Tan Tien, between the Navel, Sexual Centre and Kidneys. It is called the ‘Original Chi’, because, once we are born, we cannot replenish this energy anymore, and as we mature, we start to lose more and more of it. Our Original Chi, or our Essence, 精 jīng, starts to leak out, first, at the onset of puberty, through menstruation and child birth in women, and ejaculation in men. Later, factors of ageing, unhealthy lifestyles and stress, can further diminish our Original Force.

We can do nothing about this leakage of Life Force, unless we know how to practice and understand the Supreme Sexual Alchemy. This Opus divides into two Practices of Single Cultivation, Female and Male, which unite in their supreme accomplishment, the Dual Cultivation. Men learn to ‘Tame the White Stallion’, to control the loss of life force through (unnecessary) ejaculation and to transform the sexual energy into Chi (life force) and then transform it up into Spirit. Women practice to ‘Slay the Red Dragon’, to control menstruation, transform the Blood into (Milk and Milk into) Chi and likewise transform it up into Spirit. Through practices such as the Testicle Breathing and Power Lock (for men), the Ovarian Breathing and Orgasmic Upward Draw (for Women), Adepts are taught to draw up the Jing, the Elixir, into the Microcosmic Orbit. Each station of the Orbit refines and transforms the Elixir, and thus the transformation into Life Force and Spirit is realised.

blankThe Sexual Alchemy Practice, performed on the Path of Supreme Inner Alchemy, is in fact a spiritual practice as well as a ‘physical’ practice, since it activates and regenerates the Original Force, yielding the Elixir of Physical Immortality, and at the same time prepares the Immortal Foetus for the Spiritual Practice. The Elixir of Physical Immortality is further cultivated in physical practices like Chi Gong and Tai Chi, the Immortal Foetus is nurtured and developed in the following Formula of One Cloud’s Supreme Inner Alchemy.

3. Formula — Fusion of the Five Elements

The Fusion introduces the Dynamics of the Five Elements, which connect the Microcosmos of the Body, with the Elements, Energies and Directions of the Macro- cosmos. This Formula teaches the Inner Feng Shui of stablishing a Cauldron and Forming the PaKua, and the Inner Alchemy of transforming negative emotional qualities into neutral energy, by fusing the Five Elemental Essences of the Organs together, following the dynamics of their polarity. This means that Elements which would otherwise clash on grounds of their ‘opposite’ dynamics, are fused in the Inner Alchemical Cauldron, to yield the ‘super element’, the Virtuous Elixir called the Pearl. The Five Elemental Essences are drawn from the Organs into collection points, and then spiralled into the spinning centres of the Four PaKuas, one on each side of the Cauldron. These energies mix with and are transformed and protected by the Elemental Forces of Nature, the Planets and the Eight Primordial Forces. The Five Elemental Essences are transformed into a Pearl, from which are produced Virgin Children (Virtue Energies) and Protective Animals.

In the practices of Fusion II and III, the Inner Feng Shui of the Central Channel, the two Thrusting Channels, the Belt Channels and the Psychic Channels, is taught. Then the Inner Alchemical Practice of Circulating the Pearl through the Channels is introduced. The Central Channel runs from the Crown to the Perineum, and passes right through the centre of the Cauldron, which for this Formula is established at the Navel Centre. The two Thrusting Channels run parallel to the Central Channel, on a line from the Eye to the Testicle or the Ovary, both right and led. The Central Channel and Thrusting Channels can be used to quickly transport Energy from the Perineum to the Crown and vice versa, and they are used in the Higher Formulas of the Kan & Li, to move the Cauldron to the Higher Centres. The Belt Channels run all around the Body, and offer psychicprotection, together with the Eight Psychic Channels, called the Bridge and Regulator Channels.

Once the Channels have been prepared, a special Pearl is produced in the Cauldron, which can be brought through to the Central Channel into the Crown, from where it is projected ‘out’ to form the Soul and Spirit Body. This Pearl contains the Seed for our Immortal Foetus, and must be impregnated with Essential Chi from the Liver, to yield the Soul Body. These practices are continued in the next three Formulas, which entail transmutations of Water, Kan and Li, Fire, taking place in the Cauldron at different locations in the Body and ever higher intensity.

4. Formula — Lesser Enlightenment of Kan & Li

Lesser Enlightenment of Kan & Li, in fact an Inner Sexual Alchemy practice, deepens the process of Reunion with the Primordial Force. It nourishes, raises and develops the Immortal Foetus, ader its Alchemical Conception in the Sexual Alchemy and the Fusion practice, has taken place. The Heart stores part of the Primordial Force. When these two combine together, they will form a more complete force. This process establishes a powerful ‘steaming’ effect in the Cauldron at the level of the Navel Centre. This steaming is used to cleanse, purify strengthen the organs and brain to beber abract the Primordial Force. Our Immortal Foetus is established in the Tan Tien. The Elixir of Immortality is prepared by reversing the usual sites of the Water and Fire Element in the Body: normally the Fire in the Body is up, and the Water is down. Following their natural course, the Fire will flare up, and the Water will leak out and dry up. By placing the Fire under the Water and cooking the Elixir, this formula actually teaches us the Secret of the Fountain of Youth.

5. Formula — Greater Enlightenment of Kan & Li 

This Formula teaches a further Reunion with the Primordial Force. Another Cauldron is established at the Solar Plexus to draw on the Yin and the Yang forces of the Sun, Moon and Planets, and to intensify the steaming process, begun in the Navel cauldron. Our Immortal Foetus is impregnated with Earth Chi from the Spleen, and our Spiritual Embryo is formed.

The steaming process purifies the organs and helps us achieve emptiness; it also sodens and clears the Thrusting Channel for our Embryo’s passage to the Heart. Since the forming of the Soul and Spirit bodies is part of this Opus, other Immortal Practices, such as Self Intercourse, Astral Flight, Domestic Animals, Virgin Children and the Twelve Channels, Gathering the Pill, and transferring the Consciousness to the Energy-­‐‑ and Spiritual Body, are taught under this Formula.

6. Formula — Greatest Enlightenment of Kan & Li

In this Opus the Cauldron is moved up to the Heart Centre, also known as the Middle Tan Tien. Again the reversal of the usual sites of Water and Fire, and the coupling of the Fire with the Water, by placing it under the Cauldron, will lead to a more intense cooking and steaming. The Spiritual Embryo is impregnated with the third essential Alchemical ingredient, 神 shén, or Spirit, which resides in the Crystal Palace, in the centre of the brain, thus receiving the influx of our Higher Consciousness or Spirit.

If conditions are right, our Inner Child is born from the Womb of our Heart in an ocean of bliss. The Soul Body is Yin, and the Spirit Body is Yang. The Soul Body serves as an earth cable, absorbing the Yang energy from the heavenly ‘wire’ down into the Body and the Cauldron. It also absorbs Yin energy from Earth, to balance the Yang energy absorbed from the Heavenly Bodies and our Spirit Body. The Celestial & Stars, Soul and Spirit Alchemy, belonging to this Formula, is performed by manifesting the intention to connect to relevant Heavenly Bodies, and abracting the Cosmic Primordial Forces needed for the our Inner Alchemical processes, to the appropriate locations of our body. Thus the development of our Energy (Soul) and Spirit Body, is furthered.

7. Formula — Sealing of the Five Sense

Another Cauldron is established at the Mid-Eyebrow point. It unifies the five Shen, the five streams of personal consciousness that operate through our senses, with the five forces of the collective Stellar Self. These personal and stellar essences are fused in the upper tan tien in the cauldron at the mid-­‐‑eyebrow point. The pure open space connecting the three tan tien cauldrons (at the navel, heart and mid-­‐‑eyebrow) is integrated. This stabilises the celestial axis. Profound peace and different spiritual qualities continuously manifest from this activated core and radiate sonically into our physical becoming. Our Senses are the openings of the Spirit. If we constantly leak out and drain our Spirit, depletion will drive our Spirits out into the world, racing ader new experiences and babling with others on the marketplace over what is rare to find, only to be led with more hunger.

Their Spirit lost, emotions take up residence in our organs instead. Anger occupies the mansion of the Hun Spirits, and frustrates the Liver; Hate sebles in the Heart, restricting the Shen and what may go wrong next, eats at the Spleen and starves the Yi spirit; Sadness chases away the Po Spirits and depresses the lungs; Fear distills itself in the kidneys, drying out the Zhi Spirits. Our original Spirit, Shen, has only one last refuge: the brain. Given over to cunningness instead of truth, the Heart then goes mad.

As it says in the Tao Teh Ching:
“Five colours blind the eyes. Racing and hunting madden the heart. Pursuing what is rare makes action deceitful. The five flavours dull the palate, the five tones deafen the ears.”

8. Formula — Congress of Heaven and Earth

This practice integrates the Early Heaven or formless Self with the Later Heaven (Earth) physical Self. Here the Self identifies with two dimensions that coexist and co-create: the “formless form” of our being and the “substantial form” of our becoming. These two polar dimensions of our greater Self engage in cosmic sex. They couple in order to reopen the portal to their Original State, or “Pre-Self”.

This pre state or Primordial Heaven is called Hundun, the primal chaos‐unity that preceded the “big bang” of the cosmic egg cracking open. The Three Originals (San Yuan) of Heaven, Earth, and Humanity are gathered in the three body cauldrons as original Jing, original Qi, and original Shen. This three-­‐‑tone harmonic chord is resonated with the fundamental or original tone of time and space. Consciousness then stabilises in the axial centre where our true multidimensional nature can now be embodied. This is symbolised by a tonal double vortex spinning faster than the speed of light within the void of space. Into this is fused our inner sage’ʹs immortal presence, the quintessence of humanity meditating in the centre of a spiritual black hole. We must enter this portal to complete our journey of Return to the Origin.

9. Formula — Reunion of Man and Tao 

This stage is the integration of the eight previous levels of consciousness into the experience of living simultaneously in the present moment in all dimensions, from physical linear time to spirit’ʹs eternal time. This state cannot be fully known or defined conceptually for others. Perhaps it might be conceptualised as the experience of living fully in the Wu Ji, the Supreme Unknown. The true achievement of the authentic or Immortal Self, a permanent state of grace known as Wu Wei, effortless action, or spontaneous action without acting. Creation (of the manifest) and Return to Formless Origin seamlessly complete each other. Abainment of this ninth level is spontaneous, and happens when the inner will of our immortal sage within has reached complete alignment with the Tao. It usually occurs only by direct transmission from the Tao to the mature and receptive Adept, unless these Nine Supreme Inner Alchemy Formulas are practised together…

Master Chia teaches the Supreme Inner Alchemy Formulas during the Summer and Winter Retreats, which are held at Tao Garden every year. The higher Inner Alchemy Formulas, which traditionally were practised in caves, are taught in a complete darkness environment, which has been specially created to facilitate the teaching and practice of higher level Taoist Alchemical Meditation. These Darkness Retreats are only taught during the Winter Retreats, which will be held early February each year.

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