Tan Tien Qi Gong

Tan Tien Qi Gong is the art of cultivating and condensing chi in the lower Tan Tien, our fundamental power storehouse of the body. Known as the Ocean of Qi to the ancient Taoists, this lower abdominal area holds the key to opening the body and the mind for the free and continuous movement of Qi. Tan Tien Chi Kung contains specific breathing and movement exercises that develop the power of the chi stored in the body to increase vitality, strengthen organs, and promote self-healing.

Movement 11: The bull strengthens the back of Tan Tien.

Five Element Qi Gong

This easy-to-follow Qigong involves extensive movement and breathwork that activates all of the internal organs and soft tissue related to the Five Elements, opening the joints, relaxing the muscles, and releasing tension and strain that build up from everyday living. Experience ways to activate your diaphragm with breathwork and build up the connection to your all-important Tan Tien for energy storage. Five Element Qigong is perfect for beginners and ideal as a warm-up to more advanced practices. The best way to start your day!

Wisdom Qi Gong

This practice teaches the art of meditation and physical rejuvenation. Opening the brain to be filled with the knowledge of the Universe, by increasing our own mental capacity. Wisdom Chi Kung is a simple and highly effective method which prepares the mind for higher levels of Universal Tao knowledge. A New Approach to Healing In combination with Universal Tao healing systems such as the Inner Smile, Laughing Chi Kung and Chi Nei Tsang, Wisdom Chi Kung prepares the practitioner for increased understanding of how to heal the body with an empty mind. Techniques for Increasing Mental Alertness, Memory, Clarity and the Ability to Maintain this for a Lifetime Meditation that will connect with the Universe. Unlike other meditations, Wisdom Chi Kung teaches to connect with the universal energies, expand our awareness out, but charge the body with this energy, not to loose sight of the physical realm. 

Bring The Wondering mind back with the breath into the Tan Tien.

Golden Elixir Qi Gong

Golden Elixir is the fountain or water of life. It is the combination of saliva, hormonal fluids, and external essences that when mixed together become the Elixir of Immortality. Saliva has long been considered by Taoists as a key component for optimum health. Taoists believe that this Golden Elixir is not only a physical healing agent, but also is a major transformative agent in preparing for higher spiritual work.

Golden Elixir Qi Gong contains twelve postures that develop and utilize the healing power of saliva. Ten of these involve gathering energy and forces through the body’s hair, which acts as a negative-energy filter and can also be used to store surplus positive energy. Taoists regard the hair as antennae extending out into nature and the universe. By utilizing the practices in this book, readers can develop self-healing abilities and establish a better connection to the universe as a whole.

Dragon gazes at the pearl.

Craniosacral Qi Gong

Craniosacral Qi Gong refers to a fusion or integration of Qi Gong principles with Craniosacral Therapy techniques. Exploring the connections between Western craniosacral therapy and Qi Gong, Master Chia details movement exercises, breathwork practices, self-massage techniques, and focused meditations from Taoist and other wisdom traditions to release and harmonize the flow of energy in the body and optimize our potential for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Reverse Breathing Technique.

Buddha Palm Qi Gong

The Cosmic Qi Gong is also known as Buddha Palm. We train with the Empty Force practice in connection with Cosmic Healing to learn how to project Qi through the space in the Cosmos, the space between your hands, and to project Qi through the space to those who need it. Usually, when we touch the student, we pick up sick energy. This practice will teach you how to ground the sick energy to the earth and disperse it into the Universe to be decomposed and recycled by the planets.

Cosmic Qi Gong consists of four sets of simple postures and movements for absorbing the life force energy of nature and the universe. By practicing this art, you can learn to take color-healing Qi from space into yourself or to direct it from the source straight to others for healing. Each of the four sections of Cosmic Chi Kung develops a different type of energy mastery. Each section begins and ends similarly, yet has different movements in the middle part.

Buddha Palm Application

Stem Cell Activation Qi Gong

For more than 5000 years Taoist Masters discovered that our body has an amazing regenerating, repairing and rebuilding power. By gently using a hitting technique to the body and organs, the old, sick and damaged cells will be broken down and then completely repaired by your stem cells. The body will then send its resources to repair them, but only when damage occur. Stimulating and strengthening the immune system is the key to maintaining a healthy life. Stem Cell Qigong is also known as reprogramming the DNA.

Master Chia, showing how hitter application.

Cosmic Vision

In the West, problems with eyesight are treated separately from overall health, usually with prescription glasses or contact lenses. But Eastern systems of holistic healing view the eyes as mirrors of physical health. Eye problems reflect problems with the internal organs, most specifically the liver and kidneys. The Art of Cosmic Vision offers Taoist healing sound exercises for strengthening the liver and kidneys as well as seven internal Chi Kung exercises and Dao-Yin self-massage practices for toning the organ meridians. It also provides extensive dietary recommendations, including a complete Ayurvedic analysis of the three main nutritional body types.

Eye Xerciser

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