Immortal Inner Alchemy Teachings of Master Mantak Chia

Mantak Chia Inner AlchemyAre you looking for clarity, meaning and purpose in life? Would you like to cultivate health, healing, happiness and higher-self development in your life? Would you want to transform the frustrations of stress and tension into vitality for a full life, plus access reality-based experiences of the spiritual dimensions within? Universal Healing Tao instruction, masterminded by Master Mantak Chia, provides a complete set of personalized tools to enable you to achieve your goals. Whether a complete novice or an intermediate wandering truth-seeker, you already have the resources in you that you need to reach your goals. You just need to learn how to cultivate them, simply, step by step.


Master Chia is the founder of Healing Tao in USA, Tao Yoga in Europe and Universal Healing Tao System and Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort. Tao Garden is a worldwide center for Taoist training and holistic healing, detoxification and rejuvenation. Located in the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas in the northern Thailand countryside near Chiang Mai, Tao Garden offers year-round Taoist training plus complementary health services. Both TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Ayurvedic modalities are integrated with limited Western medical services. Additionally, the Health Spa offers a full range of Thai Massage, Ayurvedic Massage, Chi Nei Tsang and Karsai Massage, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and yoga. Also: there is two large swimming pools, two herbal steam baths, gym and other recreational facilities. Guests enjoy their time at Tao Garden in the beautiful surroundings of nature with fresh air, good water and delicious organic diet. Our motto: good heart, good intentions and good Chi!

Universal Healing Tao practices are designed to cultivate a balanced life of love, health, longevity and spiritual evolution. It is a complete system for our integrated physical, energy (emotional), mental and spiritual bodies. The focus is on developing and refining our life energy, chi—our bio-electromagnetic lifeforce—for self-healing and life enhancement. Tao means way: the way of nature and the universe, the natural way. The way of the Tao is a process of ‘returning’ to Wu Chi, the primordial all-conscious void. Whereby, the practitioner consciously senses the personal Chi within the body, and then the Chi of Earth, nature and the Universe. We establish a relaxed, healthy base of life in our physical/social environment. At the same time, we strive to achieve spiritual independence and merge into oneness with the Wu Chi.


Human Primordial Force

Taoist history goes back to the time when everybody was living in nature and in caves. They discovered what we call the Wu Chi, the Original Force or Primordial Force. In those times, the Chinese started connecting with nature and feeling the forces of nature. “In the Taoism of my lineage,” says Master Mantak Chia, “the origin goes back to the Wu Chi, the Supreme Natural Power in the universe—in Western terminology, God. It means ‘nothingness,’ but it is filled with ‘Dark Matter,’ the subtle sub-atomic entities.”

Humans also store part of the primordial force. Starting from the beginning of conception when the egg and sperm come together in the first cell. This cell has the power to draw the primordial force down, combine with it and form what comes to be a human. Just as when the first cell divides and multiplies, the subsequent copies from the original retain the capacity to draw in the primordial force. The practice of the Inner Smile and the Six Healing Sounds will help to reunite with this force.

When the human body is formed, the sexual organ cells store part of the primordial force. The heart stores part of the original spirit (Yuan Shen) of the primordial force. The right kidney stores part of the primordial force that supports life and gives more life. When we combine our love, compassion and orgasmic sexual energy, a harmonizing resonance effect arises at the synergistic frequency of 8 Hz. In this state of activation, our cells will draw in the primordial force and a process of cellular intercourse occurs. DNA is transcribed in the nucleus and translated from RNA in the cytoplasm. Cells divide and combine, giving birth to new and improved cells. This cellular intercourse will also occur when we have stored enough of this combined sexual energy (jing) and then combine it with love and compassion energy. The kidneys store part of the primordial force and connect with the earth force, which also has the same 8 Hz frequency.

There are many rooting Chi Kung practices in Taoism to help ourselves to be energetically rooted into the earth in order to access its primordial force. Earth force is combined with the universal primordial force so that it is a source of the major force that is closest to the quality of human force. The Heavenly Primordial Force and the Earth Primordial Force combine with Human Original Primordial Force (such as the combination of creative life forces at human conception of the first cell). Thus, we can give our new cells’ DNA the support of the creative life forces that nurtured our first cell—original reproductions, but genetically enhanced versions through the power of ‘positive personal engineering’.


Primordial Force and Dark Matter

primordial force Inner AlchemyThe whole Taoist practice is involved with how to evoke the primordial force in order to be reunited with it in our body, Primordial Force-an aspect of Dark Matter-fills the whole universe. Dark Matter is about 96% of the universe, and the other 4% is our physical universe. Each galaxy is a part of the Primordial Force, especially our galaxy, our solar system and our planet Earth. Our sun and Earth are part of just one solar system out of 200 billion combinations of star and planet solar systems in our Milky Way galaxy.

The Taoist understandings state that our Earth is the energy center of the galaxies of our universe. This point of view is supported by the most advanced scientists of today in the field of quantum mechanics. According to quantum theory, one quality of subatomic particles is ‘non-locality.’ Thus, with zero-point fluctuation as the underlying mechanism acting on quantum entities and causing one entity to affect the others—it means that every part of the universe can be in touch with every other part instantaneously. These scientists believe that the ‘Zero Point Field’ is the all-pervasive ground state throughout the universe.

So, it really doesn’t matter where we are—we are still at the center—and each person is at the center of the universe! We are well-positioned and well-suited for the all-important process of drawing upon the primordial force for our life maintenance, refinement and evolution. Fortifying ourselves with this essential resource enables us to manifest the amazing wonders of our human birthright. And so, according to the Tao, the universe sends energy to us and to Earth so the earth can support life. Our earth stores a major part that we need in order to fulfill our birthright. Our planets also have a lot of influence on us, and all the planets store some of the elemental qualities of Primordial Force that we need to access in order to complete our inner alchemy transformation.

Mantak Chia’s Master, Yi Eng: Inner Alchemy Practice

Inner Alchemy Master Mantak ChiaIn my lineage, we call ourselves the ‘Inner-Alchemy-Just-Practice Taoists.’ People in this lineage usually learn from many systems—such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity and the science of today’s world. Highly refined states of inner experience and consciousness are the birthright of all humans and are accessible by all! Inner-Alchemy-Just-Practice Taoists combine all the things that are effective. They take out what is not necessary, including all rituals and ceremonies. They go to the mountains, practice and come down to teach and help people.

My master, Yi Eng (I Yun—means White Cloud) finally decided to go to the mountain and practice things in this way. He was practicing and searching for all the masters in the mountains. Finally, he met my master, and he learned the whole system that he passed on to me. The Master gave no initiation, no celebration, nothing at all—just pure practice.

The nine levels of Taoist internal spiritual cultivation that I teach were originally transmitted to me by my Master, Yi Eng. It took many generations of Masters to refine their amazing experiences into nine practical stages of inner alchemy. He told me to teach these to Chinese first and then to Westerners. White Cloud left his body at age 96.

Integrating Immortality

Sexual Essence, Inner Child and the Immortal Spirit Body

Some may find it interesting to hear that spiritual development can go hand in hand with a loving, respectful sexual relationship as well as for solo cultivation practice. And further, that the sexual energy generated in the process is a critical element for spiritual development. One learns to cultivate, control, conserve, refine and store sexual energy in the body in the basic practices. From there, there are more refined Inner Alchemy practices that enable Universal Tao practitioners to grow and attain their Immortal Spirit Body. It begins with the Fusion I,II and III Chi energy body (soul) practices.

Through Inner Alchemy processes, one refines immaterial (sexual energy essence and healthy positive energy) generated from material (physical body) and sources of Earth, nature, planets, and the universe. A practitioner can become energetically ‘pregnant.’ By intention one can create and nurture a crystalized energy ‘fetus’ (using the physical analogy). With loving attention and care from the upper hierarchy of meditation practices-Lesser, Greater and Greatest Kan and Li, and Sealing of the Five Senses-one feeds, transfers consciousness and trains this energy body to grow like a healthy child.

The goal is to have time to accomplish the energetic refinement and crystalization of one’s true spiritual self, referred to as the ‘Golden Light Body’ (Golden is a reference to the high value accorded to this attainment, not necessarily its permanent color). It doesn’t happen by whim or chance. It takes time, patience and commitment. Therefore, Taoists value a healthy, happy, emotionally balanced life and longevity to support feeling good and to be willing to persevere with this higher inner alchemy process. The process is further refined in the practices of the Congress of Heaven and Earth and then the Reunion of Heaven and Man. The Golden Light Body is one’s immortal vehicle for spiritual freedom and independence. It transcends the limits of the physical world of time and space-while still living in the here and now. The goal can be attained and experienced in this lifetime. It is the ultimate meaning and purpose of life!

Using White Cloud’s structure, I have added my own refinements based on study with many masters as well as my studies in Western anatomy, astronomy, astrology, medical science and of the advancements in the field of quantum sciences-combined with my experience of over sixty years of practice and teaching.