Inner Alchemy II  is taught under three main categories:

  • Multi-Orgasmic Man        
  • Multi-Orgasmic Woman        
  • Multi-Orgasmic Couple  

Inner Alchemy II is a component of Master Chia’s broader teachings on Taoist practices. It can be regarded as a continuation of Inner Alchemy I: Awakening the Healing Light of the Tao. It focuses on transforming and harmonizing sexual energy to enhance health, vitality, and spiritual growth and aims to cultivate and refine sexual energy. It emphasizes techniques for harnessing and cultivating sexual energy rather than dissipating it. This involves learning to separate orgasm from ejaculation for men, a practice often called non-ejaculatory sex.Taoist philosophy places significant importance on balancing yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) energies within the body. 

Inner Alchemy II seeks to harmonize these energies by guiding them through specific energy channels. The practice involves opening and clearing energy channels (meridians) within the body, which allows the sexual energy to flow freely and benefit various aspects of physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Sexual energy is transformed into higher forms of energy through powerful breathing techniques. This transformed energy nourishes and strengthens the body, mind, and spirit.

Inner Alchemy II can also be integrated with other Taoist practices, such as the Microcosmic Orbit Meditation and the Six Healing Sounds from the previous week, to create a comprehensive energy cultivation and well-being system.

While Inner Alchemy II has physical and health benefits, it can also be seen as a path to spiritual growth and enlightenment in Taoist philosophy. Practitioners can attain higher levels of consciousness and connect with the Tao, the ultimate source of all existence, by refining and directing sexual energy.

Multi-Orgasmic Man

Cultivating Male Sexual Energy

Cultivating Male Sexual Energy practice aims at non-ejaculatory practices. Men train in techniques that allow them to experience sexual pleasure without ejaculating. The idea is to separate orgasm from ejaculation to conserve and circulate sexual energy within the body. In this way, semen is retained, and sexual energy is harnessed, transmuted, and circulated throughout the body’s energy channels.
Testicle Breathing and testicle massage practices are essential to solo male cultivation. By consciously engaging with testicles, male individuals can promote vitality, well-being, and spiritual growth.

Testicle Breathing

Multi-Orgasmic Woman

Cultivating Female Sexual Energy

Master Chia imparts two primary practices to empower and cultivate sexual energy in women. The first is Ovarian Breathing, a technique that can reduce menstruation duration, reduce cramps, and concentrate more life-force energy into the ovaries, enhancing sexual vitality. The second practice, the Orgasmic Upward Draw, can be practiced individually or with a partner. Proficiency in this practice can lead to experiencing a total body orgasm that surpasses the conventional vaginal orgasm, all while preserving life-force energy.
Additionally, Master Chia teaches two more preparatory exercises. The first involves the use of a jade egg. This exercise serves to fortify the urogenital, pelvic diaphragms and vagina, as well as the glands, tendons, and nervous system. The second is breast massage, which transforms sexual energy into QI, activates the gland system, and increases the energy flow to the breasts, thereby helping to break down congestion to support breast health in the future.

Breast Massage

Multi-Orgasmic Couple

Multi-Orgasmic Sexual Alchemy for Couples

In the Taoist tradition, the Yin, or Female principle, is often called Water, while the Yang, the Male nature, is called Fire. When the Fire and Water of our parents unite, our life is created, and an individual being is born from the Womb of the Mysterious Mother.

The human condition resembles Fire and Water since Water reflects the Feminine and Fire the Masculine. Both are perfect in themselves but not stable. We need to balance the one with the other to produce a perfect relationship. Learning the Taoist sexual practice of “Dual Cultivation’, is about cultivating a perfect relationship between Man and Woman. Fusing the Fire and Water together produces a Healing Love, which can enhance the Life Force of each partner. 

In this section, Master Chia explains the Eight Benefits and the theory of Dual Cultivation, along with many exercises to complement the subject. Apart from learning from Master Chia himself, a ladies-only jade-egg application class is also available with a female instructor.

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