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Beginnen Sie Ihre spirituelle Reise mit Meister Mantak Chia

Meister Mantak Chia war der einzige, der 1990 und 2012 vom Internationalen Kongress für Chinesische Medizin und Qi Gong zweimal als Qigong-Meister des Jahres ausgezeichnet wurde, und ist in The Watkins Review 2012 auch als Nummer 18 der 100 geistig einflussreichsten Personen aufgeführt. Meister Mantak Chia ist der Gründer des Universal Healing Tao Systems, wie es weltweit Dutzenden von Menschen beigebracht wird Tausende von Studenten des Tao.
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So here’s what this system has given me… I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 1983, which had caused a spontaneous fracture in my 5th thoracic vertebrae. After I began studying the Healing Tao, I never again broke a bone, and, within a year of my diagnosis, my bone density actually increased. Every other year, I get checked for osteoporosis.
Dena Saxer, L.A.
Hello my Dear Master Chia! First of all I want to wish you Happy New Year, and wish that more and more students will meet your heart and light, I can say that I am good now, this condition is good, I have pain sometimes but I can handle with that, of course because I meet You my dear Master! Only thing I miss is Tao Garden but I hope so if I have any chance I will be visit Tao Garden again.
Miroslav, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
My name is Alex, me and my wife want to say thank you for amazing place “Tao Garden” where one day ago happened birth of our fantastic baby girl! We call her Stefani and we already use all energy of nature of that place doing baby yoga outside! We’ve been all over the world and didn’t see so peaceful place like “Tao garden”, that’s why we decided to go here for this special moment!
Vlada, Alex and Stefani
I have come upon Master Chia’s Taoist practice in my old age, and find it the most satisfying and enriching practice of all those I have encountered in a long life of seeking and practicing.” – Felix Morrow, Senior Publisher “..the generation of sexual/bio-electrical energy as suggested by Mantak Chia.. is the path I have personally followed and experienced for over seven years. The other [path] is through the various practices described by Aleister Crowley ..” magistertempli