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Taoist Female Workshop • Chinese & English | 21-26 November 2023

Sunwei Female workshop teach in Chinese language [provide English translation]


Taoist women have been practicing for thousands of years. Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching revered the feminine energy and regarded the female genital organ as the “root of heaven and earth,” “the door of all wonders,” and “still like water.” So the Taoists think that women are great and mysterious.

However, due to various reasons, women lose a lot of essence. How to restore the damaged body and mind of women, harmonizing qi and blood, stopping the loss, Taoism has a complete set of practice.    At the end of the year 2023, let us together in 21-26 November time, in the Tao Garden, common practice, Yang Sheng female energy.

Check in : 21th  // Check out : 26th at noon or 27th
Morning practice: 7:30-8:15am
Evening meditation: 7:30-8:30pm
Teaching days: 22nd-25th and 26th November
10:00-13:00   Morning Lecture
16:00-18:00   After noon Lecture
19:3020:30   Evening Exercise and Meditation
26 November finish at 12:30 

You will learn :
~~ How to use Ancient Chinese Taoist tool transform inner negative Chi to positive Chi. balance inner organs.
~~ “Huangdi’ Inner Classic” . captive Zheng Chi to avoid the invasion of evil influence
~~ Taoist Female inner alchemy
~~ Standing Qigong
~~ Spontaneous move Taiji
~~ Taoist energy Sitting
~~ Enhance and transform Sexual energy into female Inner Pearl
~~ Taoist Quanzhen Branch practice for women: look back the baby of your self and use your true Chi provide for your true self.

Tuition :1399$ /person
for 3 people or more:.999$/person

For more information please contact Sunwei [email protected]