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Jasmuheen Darkroom 2024 Retreat: 7-18 March & 12 Sept-6 Oct

Retreat Focus: This is a very intensive retreat with 12 days and 9 nights of in-depth training with a small group of like-minded individuals and Jasmuheen, with a focus on alternate internal feeding systems for increasing the inner plane pranic flow for individual enlightenment and the freedom from human limitations agenda.

During this retreat we will on many issues such as immortality, eternal youth, ascension & enlightenment, service in the world today, telepathy & enjoying the higher dimensions of creation plus whatever else the group divinity downloads through the daily discussions and meditations. There will also be periods of intense silence and solitude plus deep daily meditations and physical system energy work.

  • Darkroom #1 – 7th-18th March 2024 – International Mixed with Chinese
  • Darkroom #2 – 12th-23rd September 2024 – Sacred Women’s Gathering with Chinese translation
  • Darkroom #3 – 26th September-6th October 2024 – International Mixed

Contact Anjie – [email protected]

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