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Anoula's Darkroom Retreat | Meeting the Divine as Darkness in April 2024


9 days retreat: April 1st to 12th 2024  ||  12 days retreat: April 1st to 15th 2024

  • Becoming divine – the divinization of our whole being;
  • Light work in connection with the chakras;
  • Learning how to hear the messages from God;
  • Enhancing the rising energy;
  • Healing;
  • Clairvoyance etc.
  • Giving yourself a chance to really meet who you are;
  • Entering unusual states of openness and perception;
  • Liberating karma and knots tied in the past;
  • Letting healing take place and allowing it to happen;
  • Waking up to one’s own True Nature…

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Retreat into Darkness