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Tao of the Sacred Feminine 5 - 9 January 2024 with Aisha Sieburth

Awaken and reconnect the sources of feminine vitality to reconnect body, soul and spirit !
For beginners and advanced levels / Taught in both English and French

The ancient Tao is a shamanic art for opening and channeling the Yin & Yang Elements of Nature in the body. The Sacred Feminine invites you to unfold your healing power for cleansing and strengthening your life force. Through practices of self-massage, inner alchemy chi gong, meditation and dance, your feminine essence regains its natural fluidity and strength for awakening your inner goddess.

· Strengthen, anchor and align your life force
· Transform emotional healing into greater self understanding
· Rejuvenate pelvic power and increase sexual vitality
· Harmonise yin and yang, feminine and masculin energies
· Balance your feminine cycles and/or menopausal transition

Please register for this course directly on this link:

Please reserve your room and meals directly with Ms Nok at Tao Garden:
[email protected]