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Universal Healing Tao® Chi Nei Tsang®

Agreement with course participants of Chi Nei Tsang Training   

I am aware that the following rules are intended to protect the standards of the Universal Healing Tao Chi Nei Tsang industry and ultimately protect my work and reputation as a Chi Nei Tsang student, practitioner or teacher.

  1. In practicing Universal Healing Tao Chi Nei Tsang, I am committed to following and respecting the rules and ethics I have received in training.

  2. I am aware and acknowledge that the logo and the term Chi Nei Tsang are protected by trademark law and are registered trademarks of the Universal Tao Germany Foundation and/or its licensee Grandmaster Mantak Chia:

Chi Nei Tsang (word): International Registration No. 1 466 499 for Australia, China, Japan, Switzerland, Thailand, USA, (pending);

Chi Nei Tsang (word): German trade mark No 30 2019 000 918

Chi Nei Tsang (word): EU trade mark No 012852323

Chi Nei Tsang (Logo): EU Trade Mark No 010899649

Chi Nei Tsang (Logo): American Brand No. 85727082

  1. In order to use the trademarks it is mandatory that I am a certified Universal Healing Tao CNT Practitioner and/or Teacher.

  2. Only following certification, I may use the logo and the term Chi Nei Tsang for any kind of advertising, unless the trademark owner informs me otherwise.

  3. I am aware that in the event of an infringement I infringe the rights of the trademark owner and may be prosecuted accordingly.