November 26 2018 – February 16 2019

by Marian Brandenburg BODY INTUITIVE MASSAGE

With 45 years practice in the Natural Healing Arts, clairvoyant Marian Brandenburg provides a unique experience with her highly intuitive touch, powerfully assisting your healing on the deepest levels of Body, Mind, and Spirit. Unlike any massage you’ve had before, Marian empathetically unravels and releases the pain of negative patterns, utilizing a number of her own special modalities as well as Chi Nei Tsang, Deep Tissue, Pressure Points, and Emotional Awareness to effectively resolve imbalances brought on by chronic injuries, stress and trauma.The client is empowered with techniques for a truly transformative experience.


Now the ancient knowledge many adults have used to enrich their lives is available for children at Tao Garden. Why wait until they are older to benefit from the wisdom of these practices? Start them early for a lifetime of inner harmony and emotional clarity.
We have designed a holistic program that gives kids the instruction they need to understand that their peace of mind, body and spirit begins from within themselves.
Utilizing such practices as the Taoist 6 Healing Sounds, Inner Smile, Qi Gong, Yoga, Guided Meditation and Visualizations made fun along with Singing, Art, Drama, and other enjoyable activities, they gain confidence knowing they have valuable options to handle life’s challenges they face everyday.
As a practitioner of the Healing Arts for 45 years, Marin Brandenburg came to realize that many of the emotional blockages her clients were experiencing began in early childhood and were being painfully carried into their adult lives.
She knew having a good spiritual awareness and practice can help resolve such inner conflicts as they occur.
And if taught early in life one could avoid the collection of years of disharmony and ill feelings.
Seeing the need for such youthful lessons, she created Chi 4 Children and has been encouraged with how enthusiastically  children have responded. They are delighted to gain such practical and useful tools.

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