You can pass the evaluation and certification During Winter Retreat 2025 in Tao Garden or Online if the requirements are fulfilled.

  • To attend the certification path in Tao Garden, please contact our Senior Instructor Walter Kellenberger to be sure you fulfill the requirements: [email protected]
  • To become an Associate Instructor, attend weeks 1 & 2 in January (Pre-requirement 70 hours).
  • To upgrade from an Associate Instructor to a Certified Instructor, attend weeks 1 & 2 in January.
  • To become a Certified Instructor, you are required to take 4 weeks of Winter Training at Tao Garden (Pre-requirement 110 hours).
  • If you have any questions about certification, please contact [email protected]

To learn more about the certification steps to become an Instructor, please click here.
PLEASE NOTE: In summer retreats, there is no instructor training program. Evaluation and certification fees are not included in the Winter Retreat prices.