UHT Basic Certification Path

UHT Body, Mind, Spirit Path
The UHT Path is based on building a strong foundation of Basic core practices.
Those core practices provide the possibility to specialize in one or several UHT Branches.
Tao Energy Basics builds the Basic Foundation for all the Branches and all students need to study Tao Energy Basics and then a student may choose to specialize or upgrade in one or more fields.

Global Faculty
You are supported by an experienced faculty, well-grounded system and a globally renowned network of practitioners and instructors. In respect for our founder Grandmaster Mantak Chia we highly recommend to study and train with him whenever there is a possibility for you to do so.

Global Network
The UHT Foundation with its network of Council of 9, the 6 Continental Coordinators, a Global Faculty, Branch Leaders, Country Coordinators and Country Organizations or Associations are passing down the educational curriculums in alignment with the UHT Foundation principles.

Within the UHT System there are 5 Branches with their specific curriculums in how to develop mastery within the Branch. Business support and mentorship will be provided through local organizations and their websites. All prerequisites for becoming a UHT Instructor you will find on our on UHT Foundation and affiliated websites.

Certification in Tao Energy Basics Branch with Core Practices
For being certified as a UHT Associate Instructor and UHT Certified Instructor the following training hours are needed:

110 hr.             to become an UHT Associate Instructor

120 hr.             to upgrade from Associate to Instructor

260 hr.             to become a UHT Instructor

For details of Certification Requirements please see pages below.

Evaluation and Certification Procedures

  1. UHT Passport
    Please record in UHT Passport any hours of training in UHT seminars, courses, retreats etc. Those hours will count for the fulfilling of your prerequisites to attend a UHT Associate or Instructor Training.
  2. Structure of hours and workshops (1 hour = 60 min. ; 1 day max. 8 hours) 
    1. Retreat (4 – 6 days / 32 – 48 hr)
    2. Weekend Workshop (16 – 20 hr)
    3. One Day Class (6 – 8 hr)
    4. Weekly Classes or Ongoing Classes (1 – 2 hr)
    5. Individual Training (open)
  3. Interview/ Certification Test
    An interview is necessary for certification and upgrading, one on one during training or later by skype or telephone. Tested and given feedback by one Senior Instructor and one Certified Instructor.
  4. Testing Fee
    Pay testing fee to your Educator (check local country for certification fee)
  5. Certificate
    The Global UHT Foundation Certificate will be issued by Global UHT Faculty Asia and sent to you within one month after the completion of your training.
  6. Registration Form & Ethics Agreement
    Please sign all necessary forms such as: registration form, certification form and ethics agreement and give to your Educator.
  7. Membership Fees
    There maybe local and/or global membership fees, which will entitle you to listing on instructors websites and other benefits.
  8. Teaching and Business Support
    You will be offered coaching on how to proceed when you start teaching. Teaching support includes: recommended books and other resources, connecting with a mentor and local groups of instructors. You will be given an orientation to website (password and profile), logo, marketing, and networking.

The status key requirement list is a summary of the factors such as instructor accomplishments within a certain UHT Branch, length of time in the practises and the support given to the Universal Healing Tao System.
The certification key requirement list indicates what exactly the instructor has been evaluated in and is certified to share publicly.
The Founder of the Universal Healing Tao System – Master Mantak Chia is presently the only one able to certify on all levels within the system.

If you have any questions or feedback to the Universal Healing Tao Faculty please send us a e-mail to: [email protected]

Our instructors look forward meeting you.

Universal Healing Tao Foundation