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Chi Nei Tsang & Cosmic Healing

by Jutta Kellenberger
June 2011


The Universal Healing Tao system is a great tool of self empowerment for physical, mental and spiritual development. On the physical level we practice Chi Kung (Qi Gong) including Sexual Chi Kung (Healing Love for men and women), Tai Chi and Tao Yin (Chin. Yoga), on the mental level we learn and deepen different energy meditation practices such as the Inner Smile meditation, the Six Healing Sounds, Fusion of the Five Elements I, II & III followed by the immortal practices of Kan & Li in the dark room. These practices prepare our physical body and our soul and spirits to go back to the source, the Wu Chi in this life time.

Another way to step into the UHT (Universal Healing Tao) system is Chi Nei Tsang, organ detox massage and Cosmic Healing I. CNT is a very powerful technique that guides our awareness to our major organs and with a special massage technique releases, knots, tangles and tension. In Cosmic Healing I we learn a practice to channel cosmic energy (chi) through the whole body or into every organ that needs healing. Once we have access to the unlimited energy of the universe we can develop ourselves to masters in Cosmic Healing. Cosmic Healing I and Chi Nei Tsang is also a perfect match and I want to add this great tool into the Chi Nei Tsang training starting in 2012. I like to remind you to keep your Chi always in your lower TanTien, your second brain. In uncertain times like now this is more important than ever, be in your centre!

In Conclusion

…and last but not least – if you cannot feel Chi in your lower TanTien or if you have difficulties to keep your conscious mind focussed in your center, come and join us at Tao Garden and learn more and deepen your personal practice.

Jutta Kellenberger
Universal Healing Tao Senior Instructor, CNT Senior Teacher