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Emotional Wisdom

We live in an emotional world.  Negative emotions are here to stay and denying negative thinking causes more problems.  The solution is not to eradicate them but balancing them with the positive emotions.  Negative emotions are like wheat which grows faster so we focus on cultivating and nourishing the positive emotions so to keep our negative emotions under control.
Taoists’ technique of Inner Smile connects us to the earth force who in turn draws heavenly force down.
We “download” unconditional love from the universe with a simple smile.  We nourish our positive emotions, residing in the five major organs; love in the heart, trust in the spleen, courage in the lungs, gentleness in the kidneys and kindness in the liver.  As simple or as silly as it may seem, this technique is extremely powerful in healing not just our emotions but physical serious illnesses through the process of putting our body and mind in a constant self created mini bliss.

In Conclusion

Meanwhile, Six Healing Sounds handle our negative emotions, transforming them into our positive emotions. Just like garbage, we need to sort out and understand our negative emotions.  Is this really anger or is it actually fear?  Extreme toxic emotions must be released, others can be recycled.  Using the same principle of connecting to our five major organs, we transform hate into love, anxiety into trust, sadness into courage, fear into gentleness and anger in to kindness.   Not only our emotions are balanced, these five organs become strong and full of vitality.