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Grand Master Chia among top 50 gurus of the world

The Thai website, New Heart New World, placed Master Chia among top 50 gurus of the world.

Master of the Universal Healing Tao System, Mantak Chia

Teachings :

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar.
The Practice of Greater Kan and Li : Techniques for Creating the Immortal Self

Taoism aims to create the balance between Yin and Yang through daily activities including sex and healing.

Taoism has a long history of trial and error and has been the creator of the foundation for Chinese Medicine. It has eventually gained recognition as a profound logical science among the western universities in United States and in Europe. The teachings of Mantak Chia transmits such essence of the Tao, focusing on reviving sexual relationship through Taoist Secrets of Love and Healing Love Through the Tao, translated and edited by Ajahn Peera Boonjing. Tao means the path, formulated by a Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu, 60 years after the era of Buddha. One part of the science of the Tao involves secrets of love making that produces fulfillment, longevity and good health.

Master Mantak Chia is an expert in the science of the Tao, spending more than 15 years studying it profoundly. He became the first person to explain this secret and put the practices together to demonstrate it. The science of the Tao also talks about medicine and healing with life force energy. Taoist purification is considered to be a beautiful and greatest path of life, cannot be compared to anything. It is practiced from the mind into the mind, increasing the life force that is called chi in order to totally cleanse the heart. This chi energy circulates throughout the body, activating millions of cells with the Taoist power of yin and yang through the type of meditation that is a clairvoyance.

This condition creates the vibration at the atomic level within our body and mind that is the energy of the elector magnetic and the bio energy level. The highest of the status of the mind which is freed and full of bliss, reaching the higher layers of the mind or self within through the non attachment leads into the immortal happiness or nirvana or satoriใ

Master Mantak Chia studied the foundation of the Tao and is able to circulate the energy in the microcosmic orbit, open the six special channels, fusing the five elements, achieving Kan and Li, closing the 5 channels and using the technique of purification of the bone marrow as well as changing the tendons. Master Chia wrote Awakening Healing Energy Through the Tao : Taoist Secrets of Love : Cultivating Female Sexual Energy and Taoist Way to Transform Stress into Vitality.

Mantak Chia created the foundation of the ancient Tao with natural healing, making Taoism popular in the western and eastern world. As quoted by Ajahn Sarthittham Pensuk.

Master Mantak Chia laid the foundation of Taoism for health. He is a master whom is not well known in Thailand but is actually a famous person throughout the world, an important person of this century. He founded Tao Garden in Chiang Mai.

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