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Greater Kan & Li


Taoists started out with paths or map ways to get back to the root by balancing the energy through these maps (practices) for polarity. Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds, and the Fusion’s (I-II-III) are all maps (formulas). Polarities are opposites (Yin & Yang). The 5 Elements are 4 polarities and 1 central point (Core Channel); the 8 Extraordinary Channels, the Functional & Governor (- & +) Channels, Bridge & Regulator (4 – & +), Thrusting & Belt Channels, Tai Chi (Wu Chi, Yin & Yang), Love Healing (- & +) all have polarities in them. Lesser Kan & Li has the 5 elements but also 3 core elements (Wood & Fire (+), Metal & Water (-) and Earth (Neutral-Core) and is the Internal Practice as Greater Kan & Li is the External Practices working with larger forces (Sun-Moon-Earth). Greater Kan & Li is Microcosm to the Macrocosm or the Sun, Moon & Earth practices finding the Polarity of Heaven & Earth with extra practices following nature with the same polarity. With alchemy the Tao takes you to the source with Core Polarity. After harmonizing with the 1st level of the Healing Tao practices you reverse the natural process with the Tao alchemy and go back to the Source (Wu Chi) at the neutral point (Passage Way)- the third force (unconditional love) could destroy or create you. The Core Channel is the connection with all Three Realms and you can move from realm to realm once you make the connection to the neutral force like an elevator. Emptiness creates Essence (8 Grids/Forces) and Energy (Yin & Yang). These three forces are the three treasures and the three bodies of the Energetic Levels which is the Trinity of Father (Yang), Son (Yin), & Holy Spirit (Neutral-Jade Emperor).

The Spiritual Realm (Primordial Energy) is “Te” universal virtues, infinite intelligence, unlimited creativity, shapes of all energy (formless), in myths-creator gods, beyond time & space with a triangle (Original, Solar & Lunar) of Emptiness, Energy, and Essence in the Spiritual Body. Emptiness is the Wu Chi which is the Tao, pure awareness, universal witness, infinite “is-ness”, primordial presence (GodHead, All that is). Energy is pure energy, Yuan Chi, original chi, and the 3 forces: neutral force, potential yin, and potential yang (Primordial Chaos). Essence is original spirit, Yuan Shen.

The Energy Realm (Prenatal Energy) is a subtle body having a series of planes ( Dream Plane, Emotional Plane, Mental Plane (Ego), Soul Plane, Causal Plane) in myths-deities-gods becoming heaven or earth with the human (original man) as an interface, fluid time and space with a triangle of Tai Chi (Yin/Yang), Pauka (8 Forces), and the I Ching (64 Hexagrams) in the Subtle Body. Tai chi is the three forces (Neutral, Positive, & Negative) moving and creating. The pakua is the eight forces with heaven and earth reversed with fire and water. The I Ching is the changes of 64 hexagrams in an androgynous (individual) of original shen with the Immortal Child Light Body.

The Physical Realm (Postnatal Energy) is the 8 extraordinary channels giving birth to a meridian grid in which the physical body congeals which is fixed in time and space having 3 brains (Head, Solar Plexus, & Abdomen) with a triangle of Yin /Yang, 5 Elements/ 8 Channels, and the 3 Treasures (Shen, Chi, & Ching) a Microcosm of the Macrocosm in the Physical Body embodying the spirit body. Yin/Yang is the power of polarity. The 5 elements fire, metal, wood, water, & earth are 5 phases manifesting chi, sun, air, water, plants, & soil. The 3 Treasures are shen (spirit), chi (life force) & ching (sexual force). Shen splits (devolves) into male soul & female soul and evolves into an Immortal Child. The negative phase of male or female souls is false shen (ego), false chi (excess desires) & false ching male/female imbalances.

The key to the practice is to connect to the earth (child) sun (fire-earth’s core), moon (earth’s water) & the North Star (earth’s center) with the pearl, the channels and the paukas. The power of polarity is the force to send you through the planes by the core channel to the Wu Chi. LKL uses the sexual energy and emotional energy, while GrKL uses the moon and sun. The energetic action is female contracting the universe and male expanding the earth using the breath and rainbow colors. The Earth is gold & silver with 9 inhale breaths and 5 exhale; and the Heavens is purple & silver with 5 inhale breaths and 9 exhale. The Solar Plexus (Core Channel) is metallic colors of blue/gold .


The Sun controls the electrical fields of the earth, and the moon controls the magnetic fields of the earth (Electro-magnetic fields). In order to absorb more solar & lunar energy consciously through the energy body like the plants and water. Solar Radiation to earth & its atmosphere produces the heat connect with the earth, because the earth is a solar collector, we must open up the Crystal Room middle to the Middle (Mid/Human) Plane spiral back & forward then send pearl to sun then back to heart ( electrical ) & to moon back to kidneys ( magnetic ). Solar Plexus is the balance of all centers, the meeting place of all energies & all action comes from the center. The Power Animals are earth energies but the power is ours & we project the power back from any form we project it into. The animals are really connected to the earth and the animals are what they are, who have integrity and strength living off the earth. They do not judge you or themselves and they are at peace with themselves with 2 brain not 3 brains like humans who have the ability to change. Solar (Sun/Fire), Lunar (Moon/Water) & Stellar ( Star Center or Core Channel) which is the Neutral Force – the Infinity Force are the cooking process of Greater Kan & Li. To be an Immortal is to give the spirit substance reverse the process instead of the spirit being trapped in the body having the body trapped in the spirit. The sun regulates all the growth on earth by timing & DNA or cooking giving the consciousness of all beings. Sun storms have increased by 10x (30-40%) & earth has been controlled by solar winds but the magnetic fields are becoming lesser and the earth is beginning to change the poles from North to South. The weight of the water creates pressure from the oceans causing the earth plates to rise (volcanoes). This change of Reversing the Poles is a great Kan & Li reversing of the fire & the water and a great opportunity to connect with the greater core channel & go straight back to the Wu Chi (Immortal ) where new consciousness can be formed. How can you harmonizing with these changes? By moving to our energy body we can shaft to the next energy level with the earth changes. What is the yin in the Sun ? The radiation of light or the Wood radiating within the sun. What is the yang in the Moon? The reflecting the light or the Metal (Gold) is reflective light & sound. The Eclipse is an excellent opportunity to make this radical shift.


Draw the moon energy into the kidneys & sun energy into heart, then reverse the polarities in the core channel moving the sun to the perineum and the moon to the heart forming the cauldron at solar plexus. Then eclipse the Moon to navel drawing the sun and moon toward the cauldron connecting the Pituitary Gland to the Moon & draw it into the heart and Pineal Gland to the sun & draw it into the perineum. Timing to do the Practices in the Moon Cycle (I Ching): Moon 12:00 AM (Earth ), Sun 12:00 PM (Heaven), Fire 6:00 AM , Water 6:00 PM at Holidays, Solar Cycles, and Season Changings.


HAN (Sun)- Department Managers for Shen using imagination for Heavenly travel (Liver).
PO (Moon)- Sensory and feeling connection to the earth-Emotional & Sexual Drive (Lungs).
ZHI – Will Power to survive or will to be (Kidneys).
YI – Balance of all elements (Spleen).
SHEN – Power or authority from the Highest Spirit (Heart).
Master Lu Pin in New York who is very high in the Taoist Esoteric practices said that the pakua is the doorway to the energy shift of the physical body to the spirit body and that the 8 Immortals put their energy in the pakua as they shifted into the spirit body from human form to universal form (8 Forces/Pakua).


(Inner sounds in the Creative Cycle): Earth – YU (u) Hands above Head (A-Sharp), Fire – ZHI (bee) Hands at Crown (D-Sharp), Wood – JIAO (joe) Hands at Mideye (C-Sharp), Water – SHANG (shung) Hands at Chest (G-Sharp), and Metal – KUNG (gong) Hands at Solar Plexus (F-Sharp).


  1. Freedom happens by letting go when you experience love & enter in the void (core channel) & that’s the Tao. Love and Freedom can rarely come together unless as you experience love you let go out it & experience the Chi (Core Channel) from the Wu Chi; then nothing matters and all is forgiven and forgotten and you radiate gratitude .
    We need to let go or getting out of the way so you can feel love or pure Chi experiencing it heart to heart through the Core Channel.
  2. People who harmonize or balance themselves by opening themselves up to the Core Channel experience “love” which is just pure Chi from the Wu Chi through the Core Channel which is how the Immortal Child is born in the void of Core Channel manifested by the Pauka.


  1. Earth Goddess Strokes his/her Pregnant Belly: Feel the immortal embryo kicking inside the earth/body. Hands circle out from lower belly, and into upper belly (8x).
  2. Moon Goddess Fishes a Pearl from the Dark Sea: Feel moon pulling up ocean tide above the head (3x). Feel that the pale yellow full moon above the head is real bending Kua hands scoop up center line of body (6x).
  3. Earth Goddess Plays the Four Seasons: Using the Creation Cycle circle waist, hands pulling in pressing out – Inhale Summer heat – exhale cool dry Autumn air; then Inhale Winter cold – exhale warm moist spring air. Add color of each season once you can feel its temperature (5x). Reverse cycle focusing on colored pearls flowing into next organ. Add virtue of each element after you master feeling the colors (5x).
  4. Sun God sinks into the Sea: Red hot sun sets in ocean, sinks to center of earth. Bend kua, hands scoop down center line of body (9x).
  5. Earth Fire Erupts up the Core Thrusting Channel: Lava flows from below feet up through three tan tiens and out the crown. Waist is stable, hands scoop up center line of body (9x).
  6. Purple Rain of Heaven Cools the 3 Cauldrons: Feel Purple rain or flowers falling from night sky into your crown, cooling 3 tan tiens and core channel to below your feet. Waist is stable, hands scoop down center line of body (9x).