by Michael Winn

(10 Students-3 for all 3)

Lesser Kan & Li – Human Body- Organs – One with Yourself – Cauldron at Navel.
Greater Kan & Li – Earth Body- Elements – One with the Earth – Cauldron at Solar Plexus.
Greatest Kan & Li – Solar Body (Systems) – Planets – One with the Universe – Cauldron at Heart.
Three Tan Tiens: Shen – Chi – Ching (Between them are the Throat Center & Solar Plexus using Polarity to purify and grow ourselves moving our conscience into outer space or empty space. Three Centers are not physical – they energy fields. Through Taoist practices you learn how to manage the energies (phases or patterns). The Alchemist is not only to resurrect the soul but also the body (Light & Sound) using the Planets as a stabilizing force in Greatest Kan & Li with the Wu Chi by Expansion (Love – Yang Force), Original Chi (Stillness-Neutral Force), and Contraction (Fear-Yin Force).

Wu: Being Empty-Nothingness – Non Being – Anti Finite Shen: Being Aware – Non Finite
Chi: Being in Relationship – Infinite – Energy Body Ching: Being in Form & Substance -Finite- Body

We are the door to the Yang Macrocosms out into the Universe (Empty Space) and the Yin Microcosmsinward into the body. We can also create another dimension of ourselves in a Witnessing Body shifting our conscience to the Middle Plane watch the whole experience.

Five Soul of the Organs:

Po: Controller of immediate Desires – West – Metal – Gold – Lungs
Hun: Controller of long term Commitments – East – Wood – Liver
Yi: Controller of Intentions – Center – Earth – Spleen
Zhi: Controller of Will to do things – North – Water – Kidneys
Shen: Controller of Awareness – South – Fire – Heart

The Heart is the Imperial Fire ruling all the Elements with 4 chambers of the Aorta (Yang-Sun) push out and the Vena Carva (Yin-Moon) drawing back, while working with the Lungs coordinating and oxygenating the blood.
Heart controls the all the 32 channels of the body regulating the yin/yang pulsation (the Polarity of the Body) like a water faucet turning the hot & cold water on & off. The pulsation has 3 Parts: Push (Yang), Pause (Core Channel), & Pull (Yin) – Listen to the Heart (Sea of Chi). Energetic Heart is the center of Core Channel & to release the Heart do the Forgiveness Practices to your Parents, Relationships, & yourself.

The Sun the center of the Solar System as the Heart is the center of the Body.

Inner Orbit: Mercury (59d), Venus (225d), Earth (365d), Mars (687d)
Outer Orbit: Jupiter (12y), Saturn (29y), Uranus (84y), Neptune (165y), Pluto (250y)
Planets sing and communicate with each other harmonically with tones (orbits) & number (Secret Geometry)
Organs connect to the 5 Elements & then with the 5 Planets as well as with Harmonic Relationship of the Musical scale (5 Notes). There is a Polarity of the Planets in their orbits as Eclipses.

The Sun is like a Saturn with it’s rings (Planets), and has a great magnetic field (Solar Winds) to the Planets which moves them.

Physically: Mercury (Water), Mars (Fire), Venus-Pluto (Metal), Jupiter-Neptune (Wood), Saturn-Uranus (Earth).
Energetically: The Planets are Starry Beings that are moving (Orbits) on Higher Octaves in a series of vibrations or residues

The Sun is the Heart (Greater Shen) of the Solar Body and Saturn-Spleen, Earth-Stomach, Uranus-Pancreas, Mars-Small Intestines, Jupiter-Liver, Neptune-Gall Blabber, Venus-Lungs, Pluto-Large Intestine, Mercury-Kidneys.
Master Lin (Taoist Astrology) – 18 different systems, but the oldest one is based on 8 sides & center (9 points (Planets)-Pakua- I-Ching).

Harmonizing the Planets with the 5 Vowels (A-Fire, E-Metal, I-Wood, O-Earth, U-Water) connecting with the six directions spiraling into the Heart Cauldron at the Middle Tan Tein. Do Fusion of the Planets and digest the Planet energy connecting individually with the Planets as a being & then come together using the pakuas. Spirit of the Sun-Not all fire (Yang-Sunlight (Sun’s Aura); Yin-Magnetic/Gravitational Force) but it is the controller of Yin & Yang. Human Being has 3 Forces: Original (Neutral Force), Body (Yin Force), & Spirit (Yang Force); and the Sun Yin Side is it’s Energy Body (Black Body). To connect with the Sun connect with your Heart because the Sun is the Heart of the Solar System.

Empty Space: Lesser Kan & Li – space inside the cells of the body; Greater Kan & Li – space within the 5 Elements of the Earth; Greatest Kan & Li – Outer Space between the Stars and Planets. This is the space between objects – the Void Space (Wu Chi) where the original Shen came from which manifested something out of Nothing. The Virtue of Empty Space and the need for Space (Room) to create & manifest (Cauldron holding empty space to create).Gravity is the Cauldron of the Solar System (Zero Point Physics) – Find your center of gravity (Perfect Balance of Energy) & you will change or transform your universe; because you can than move your center or gravity point and change everything around you & move in different dimensions (Like death) effortlessly. (Gravitational Meditation)

The inner death experience or inner side of the Sun (Astral Heart) which is just the Fear of Death or Fear of Falling and the Past is our real gravity (Center Point) that creates the fear of death.

Gravity (Yin-Attraction-Connection) holds form, beauty & rhythm (sound). Hearing is always on (24hrs) with 3 ears (Inner Ear) and the eye opens and closes being selective; but hearing embracing. So you cannot only focus on the light in the higher level practices, but more important only the sounds (1st there was the Word) to guide your way through the void (Radar) with sound frequencies. You are a musical vessel or instrument and you can experience this with inner healing using your 3rd hear listening to the ring from the Sun and Planets. Sounds form geometric patterns that materializes the physical form (Video-Harold Geanny). There is an ascending, descending sound current and a core channel (the Highest Sound). Sacred Geometry is translated in harmonic tones and the microcosmic orbit is the Human Harmonic Scale (9 pts front & Back). On the subtle level there is a ringing (sound frequency) at the moment of conception from the Planets and light cannot penetrate matter but sound can and that is why we can navigate by sound our three bodies through the void. In the womb we can hear (voices-sounds) but not see. (15 Day Clinic in Toronto & Santa Fe energetically opens up your channels with sound)Water is inside the 3rd ear (Kidney) – Outer Ear, Middle Ear & Inner Ear (Sacred Drum).

Exercises to work the sounds of the Inner ear: Cup ears with palms (Ocean sounds); then plug ears with fingers (Ocean & ringing sounds)

Grounding Cooling Techniques:

  1. Place head on the ground and do microcosmic orbit into the ground.
  2. Take a cool shower and do microcosmic orbit into the ground.
  3. Lay on the ground and do microcosmic orbit into the ground.
  4. Get on your hands and knees and do microcosmic orbit into the ground.
  5. Bury yourself in the sand on the beach.
  6. Eat Meat to ground yourself.
  7. Do a cool colonic.
  8. Do the fanning and venting techniques.
  9. Do the Six Healing Sounds.