At Pakua Integrative Health Clinic our Chronic Pain Management, Detox and Stress Relief programs focus on different therapeutic bodywork modalities. Chi Nei Tsang Healing Harmony is one of them and it combines the ancient Chinese Chi energy healing Chi Nei Tsang  abdominal treatment with the traditional Thai Lanna Tok Sen. Energy Lines In all the Traditional East Asia Medicines (TEAM), the human body is treated as a whole communication network. The chi “energy lines” are communication pathways.

Any blockage in this information network will cause disease and pain. Some researchers have pointed out the connection between myofascial tissues and the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) meridians. It would appear that the chi energetic system of TEAM corresponds to myofascial lines, although further research is needed to investigate this relationship (see the article “How does therapeutic bodywork work?“).

Tok Sen is a unique Chi energy healing therapy developed in northern Thailand (Lanna) over 5000 years ago. Tok Sen literally means to clear the chi energy lines (Sen in the traditional Thai medicine). It uses vibration to release tensions and make energy flow along the myofascial meridians. “No free-flow=pain; free flow=no pain”. References:

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