High Vit C with Sunflower Lecithin

Healing Agent to the Human Body

Vitamin C is necessary for human bodies for several reasons. It is used to repair the body and it destroys viruses and unhealthy bacteria in the body. Hence, Vitamin C is useful for both wellness and to control disease. All animals manufacture Vitamin C in their liver; when they are ill or injured it is manufactured at a high rate to reverse their injury or illness. Unfortunately, man’s liver has a broken enzyme and it does not manufacture Vitamin C.

When raw Vitamin C (pills, capsules, dissolved powder) is ingested, only about 20% of the Vitamin C gets into the blood and the rest is passed through their intestines where it can attack friendly bacteria and cause diarrhea if large doses are taken. This is the so-called “bowel limit”.

New Technology

A new technology is now available called “encapsulated Vitamin C” This technology surrounds (“encapsulates”) the Vitamin C with Sunflower Lecithin; the encapsulated Vitamin C is then ingested and is absorbed and delivered to the liver, which opens the encapsulation and releases both the Sunflower lecithin and the Vitamin C into the bloodstream.

Better Absorption than Regular Vit C!

High quality Vitamin C, Sunflower Lecithin, and Distilled Water.

More positive health benefits, faster results using encapsulated Vit C:

  • Wounds heal faster.
  • Viruses and unhealthy bacteria are destroyed reversing sickness & illness.
  • The body’s regeneration is increases and improves.
  • General health and appearance is greatly enhanced preventing premature death.
  • No “Bowel Tolerance” issues from higher absorption.


  • Drink 1 oz (30 ml) twice a day as a general tonic.
  • Drink more often if suffering a more serious condition.
  • Small amounts over time are more effective than large dosages.

* Keep refrigerated for longevity.

Formula for Apple Cider Vinegar Drink:

Take Morning and Afternoon once a day 1 cup of the mixture 20cc of Apple Cider Vinegar, Tsp of honey & the rest of the cup with distilled water for 3-6 months Benefits: Removes Gout, Candida, and Fungus from the Body.

Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort, Pakua Clinic by Master Mantak Chia & Dr William